Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

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Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by Herms » Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:14 pm

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General Discussion for Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, aired 7 January 2018


Onore no Hokori wo Kakete! Bejīta Saikyō he no Chōsen!!
Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!

With the destruction of Universe 3, now only Universes 7 and 11 remain in the Tournament of Power. As the Omni-Kings wonder which will win, the Great Priest notes that the bleachers look a bit desolate with only two teams left. He uses his powers to shrink them down so that the gods and defeated contestants from the two universes (plus the gods from the exempt ones) are all now sitting side-by-side. Marcarita asks why Vados is sitting with the U7 team, and she replies that with U6 gone she plans to stick with them.

In the arena, Goku powers up into Super Saiyan Blue and begins trading blows with Jiren, rather to Vegeta’s annoyance. Goku is impressed as ever at Jiren’s power, and Jiren asks Goku why he seeks greater strength. Even Goku isn’t sure why; he just does. He asks if Jiren wants to grow stronger too, but Jiren says he wants something more than strength. While the Great Priest says Goku and Jiren’s battle will be key to the tournament’s outcome, Vegeta suddenly barges in and starts fighting Jiren himself, demanding that Jiren show him his power.

Elsewhere, Dyspo dodges Freeza’s finger beams while he brags about being the fastest fighter in any universe. Freeza dismisses Dyspo as simply being good at running away, and Dyspo replies that Freeza must want to die again. Meanwhile Gohan and 17 go up against Toppo, with Gohan warning that they need to steer clear of Toppo’s big arms; they even gave Goku trouble!

As Vegeta battles Jiren, he knows that he’s never seen anyone with such tough, heavy ki before. Nevertheless, Vegeta vows that he will defeat Jiren and obtain the Super Dragon Balls. When Jiren knocks Vegeta away, Goku rushes in to fight him, though he is likewise overwhelmed by Jiren’s rapid-fire punches. Vegeta seizes the next opportunity to take Goku’s place fighting Jiren again, and this time he manages to successfully dodge Jiren’s punches and close in to land a punch of his own square on Jiren’s chest.

Everyone is amazed that Vegeta broke through Jiren’s ki to land an attack. Piccolo realizes that Vegeta observed Jiren’s attack pattern when he knocked Goku away (and so used that knowledge to dodge Jiren’s attacks the next time around). The U11 Kaioshin Khai isn’t too concerned though; this just makes things a little more interesting! Vegeta goes on to attack Jiren again and again, impressing the Omni-Kings. Shin think Vegeta may even have the upper hand, but Khai asks if he’s blind.

Watching Vegeta’s movements, Whis wonders if he is trying to test out Ultra Instinct against Jiren. Meanwhile Vegeta can tell that Jiren was stronger and faster when he fought Goku; indeed, Jiren starts hitting back against Vegeta and suddenly nails him with a blast that sends him flying far off into the distance. Vegeta struggles against the blast, but it’s no use; at this rate he will be blown out of bounds! The blast explodes just as it reaches the edge of the arena, enveloping everything in a cloud of dust.

Meanwhile Dyspo tries to trip Freeza up by using his speed to create a series of afterimages, but Freeza doesn’t fall for such an old trick. Freeza uses his tail to grab hold of Dyspo, but Dyspo turns the tables by throwing Freeza around by his tail. Gohan and 17 struggle against Toppo, with even Gohan’s Kamehameha proving ineffective. Toppo tells the two to prepare themselves for his own attacks now, and Belmod laughs at Beerus that his own universe is clearly superior.

Whis though is certain Vegata isn’t out of the game yet; Jiren’s blast probably only served as his trigger. Sure enough, when the dust from Jiren’s blast clears, Vegeta is still in the arena. Battered and bruised, Vegeta is deeply irritated to see that Jiren isn’t even out of breath. Jiren assures Vegeta that there is no way for him to win, and that his fighting style is arrogant, conceited, and impure. While Vegeta agrees that he is arrogant, he says this is simply his Saiyan pride. Charging up a Final Flash attack, Vegeta says that he will leave Ultra Instinct to “Kakarot” and defeat Jiren in his own way. Goku can’t believe Vegeta’s ki is rising so high, and Belmod and the Omni-Kings can likewise tell he’s growing stronger than before; it seems that through Vegeta’s own pride Jiren has awakened Vegeta’s dormant power.

Vegeta taunts Jiren into taking his Final Flash head-on, and he lands a direct hit. When the dust clears, Vegeta is thrilled to see Jiren flat on the ground, but before he can laugh too much, Jiren is suddenly right in front of him. Jiren compliments Vegeta on the force of his attack, then blasts him at point-blank range. As Vegeta goes down, Khai boasts that Jiren always surpasses his opponents, while the Omni-Kings are amazed to see that Vegeta’s attack had no effect against Jiren.

8 minutes remain in the Tournament of Power.
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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by Chuquita » Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:18 pm

Takahashi's artwork is so beautiful! He is a gift to this series.

Loved getting some "Vegeta laughs maniacally, thinking he's won" this week. :mrgreen:

Mixed thoughts on the ssjblultra instinct Vegeta gets in the ED animation. Will wait and see how it looks in-episode.
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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by JulieYBM » Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:28 pm

Shida Naotoshi doesn't usually include big callbacks to old Dragon Ball stuff, but I have to wonder if it was his idea to draw Vegeta's reaction face to Jiren's surprise attack similarly to the face he had when the Genki-dama was sending him flying into the sky?
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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by Birusu16 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:32 pm

Loved the episode. My absolute favorite episode of the ToP so far and probably my favorite of Super. Loved how Vegeta showed his brilliant battle prowess with seeing through Jiren's moves like that. Him dodging Jiren's punches and proceeding to gut punch him was absolutely amazing. The music during that scene was phenomenal as well. And the final flash scene. I just can't say enough about that. The music with Vegeta powering up and the extreme build up to it was absolutely amazing.

Vegeta put on a stunning show. They gave him the best treatment they could without allowing him to actually win. And it's still not over since next episode he'll be getting a new and very powerful transformation according to Goku. I can't wait! :D

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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by Saturnine » Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:41 pm

And the power scaling wasn't that bad either. Dyspo being able to handle Freeza is perfectly consistent with him handling SSj God Goku. Overall the episode was quite fantastic, a real feast to the eyes. I'll go and watch it once again even :D

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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by Kanassa » Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:47 pm

Vegeta is the first one to get a good hit in on Jiren, and he's so happy about it. Almost comical how Jiren follows it up, just teleport in and energy balls him. I think my favorite scene inn this episode is Dypso taking Frieza for a fucking ride, and then ending it with Frieza twitching on the ground, probably trying to hold in vomit.
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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by TheUltimateNinja » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:01 pm

Seems this episode was overhyped after all, nothing happened.

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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by cuartas » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:07 pm

I just wanna know what just happened when the watching area was shrunk, how the majority of the gods of destruction and the kaioshins of the eliminated universes are there?

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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by RedHeat » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:10 pm

TheUltimateNinja wrote:Seems this episode was overhyped after all, nothing happened.
Nah, the hype filled me up and I'm askin' for seconds.
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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by fadeddreams5 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:12 pm

Just noticed that Vegeta's new form appears in the outro. His SSB form has pupils. >.>
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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by WittyUsername » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:17 pm

This definitely came across as one of those Vegeta-jobber episodes, although the fact that he hasn’t been eliminated, and will apparently get a new form of his own next week should satisfy his fans, although I’m not too crazy about the idea of yet another transformation in the series.

All in all, not a bad episode. There was some amusing banter between Vados and Marcarita, and it’s cool seeing Toppo finally get to do something, although I feel that it would’ve made more sense for him to be the one who fights Freeza.

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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by Torturephile » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:18 pm

Unlike other episodes, I don't like it or dislike it. I'm somewhere in the middle ground, leaning positive.

-I came to notice this episode didn't seem as consistent art-wise as 114 was. I would sacrifice some of the neat art of some scenes to make others look a bit better, though oddly, the action scenes looked better than the calmer ones when it's always the opposite case.

-So, did Goku achieve some variation of SSJB in the first half of the episode? His hair stood up the same way it does when he turns SSJ2. I hope it's an animation mistake and nothing else.

-Freeza gets beaten around by an opponent that was afraid of him earlier. Either lack of communication between writers or Bugs Bunny Dyspo (who surprisingly looked evil in this episode) was acting.

-How many times did Goku scream "Vegeta!"?

I don't like the new ending that much. Vegeta awakens a new power in the next episode? He probably learned from Future Trunks and awakened the magnificent power of "super saiyan blue anger".
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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by sailorspazz » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:18 pm

It set my fangirl heart on fire, that's for sure. Loved getting to see Vegeta give it his all, making cocky speeches all the while, even prematurely laughing when he thought he'd won. That's the cocky son of a bitch I fell in love with all those years ago :wink: Even if he can't win this fight, I'm enjoying watching him.

I felt like I noticed the music usage more in this episode than I have recently (in a good way!). Many of the pieces added well to the tension and excitement. I'm not sure if any were new pieces...some seemed new to me, but then again I haven't paid close attention to the music this arc, so probably I just didn't notice them before.

New ending song doesn't leave much impression so far. We'll see if it grows on me, but as of now I definitely don't see it reaching into my top tier of Super endings (dear god there's so many now :lol: )
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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by Super Saiyan Swagger » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:24 pm

I did not want that episode to end. Probably one of the best episodes of Super that was just dedicated to straight-up action. Takahashi killed it.

One thing I noticed was that the aftermath of the Final Flash was pretty much a call-back to the original Final Flash against Cell. Vegeta's reaction was exactly the same.

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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by dbzfan7 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:28 pm

I want to fully comment, but Crunchyroll is inaccessible to me and I can't reach the episode. Didn't need translations to see that blatant Cell arc homage though :lol:
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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by puar » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:35 pm

if you saw the leaked pictures you basiclly saw the whole episode. yes nothing really happend

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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by precita » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:37 pm

The animation of course is the real highlight of the episode. If it was any other animator, this would just be an average episode. Seeing Vegeta get two hits on Jiren and also somehow survive the last attack is good though.

I also laughed when Dyspo was grabbing Freeza by the tail and smashing his face in rocks.

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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by TheShadowEmperor8055 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:38 pm

dbzfan7 wrote:I want to fully comment, but Crunchyroll is inaccessible to me and I can't reach the episode. Didn't need translations to see that blatant Cell arc homage though :lol:
The amount of angry fans on Crunchyroll's twitter is quite something, really.

On the actual episode... Takahashi killed it in terms of art. Other than that... it was ok. Lots of staredowns and extra stuff. As to the fight between Vegeta and Jiren, it wasn't bad. I think the art was the one great thing the episode had going for it, and then everything was either ok or meh. Maybe because I'm impatient. What would the episode have been without Takahashi's art?

New ending isn't bad. Liked the last one quite a bit though.

And Vegeta appears to awaken a bluer(?) Super Saiyan Blue in the NEP? Maybe it's completed SSB. Or SSB2? SSB Full Power/Fourth Grade? A multiplier of SSB like SSB KK? (Just guessing here) Hair appeared to be spikier, but that could just be how it's drawn. EDIT: OK, just realized that Vegeta's eyes in SSB have pupils. What is this form?
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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by OLKv3 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:39 pm

This episode was pretty much Vegeta vs Perfect Cell, complete with Vegeta laughing thinking a Final Flash won. Very unoriginal

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Re: Super Episode 122 (7 January 2018)

Post by sintzu » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:40 pm

It was a really good episode with next week possibly being better. Vegeta seems to be closer to UI then I thought and now I think he might use it for a split second if he already hasn't when he went through Jiren's punches. It looks like he'll get completed Blue next week to be on Kaioken Goku's level so at least he won't be behind in that regard.

The fighting all around from Vegeta's to Freeza's was really well handled and makes me wish DB would get an episode every other week instead.
precita wrote:I also laughed when Dyspo was grabbing Freeza by the tail and smashing his face in rocks.
I thought Vegeta would be the best thing about this episode but Freeza getting dragged by the tail is on a whole other level. :lol:
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