Cards against humanity Dragonball edition

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Cards against humanity Dragonball edition

Post by Hades » Sat May 23, 2015 8:27 am

If there was a Dragonball expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity, what cards would you like to see?

Question Cards

Eternal Dragon, I wish for _______
What's Vegeta's Guilty Pleasure?
Goku is no longer pure of heart because of _____
What's the new torture in hell?
Thanks to _____, Goku can do _____

Answer Cards

Getting so mad you blow up a planet
King Enma's stamp
Bulma's panties
Killing somebody by licking
Taking 5 minutes to blow up a planet
Get a dye-job.
TrunksTrevelyan0064 wrote:
Scarz wrote:Like using a flamethrower to kill an ant.
Hey, a lv.100 Charizard vs a wild lv.4 Caterpie. It happens.