Brolly Gohan Fusion!

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Brolly Gohan Fusion!

Post by Arugela » Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:03 pm

I had a cool idea a while back about if brolly became cannon and eventually joined the heros for part of the series.

It revolves around the heroes trying to help brolly control the out of control nature of his powers. This ultimatley leads to gohans trying to teach him mystic powers. Eventaully getting the idea to use fusion to let him experience it. They do this after exhausting all other options even going to the lengths to give him a new control item, like his fathers, but one he can turn on and off. This lets him calm down more often and make him more normal. In then end they try to teach him mystic abilities to allow him to control his powers at will more easily. Everything they do fails up to even the old kai and others trying to impart him the same abilities given to gohan among other things potentially. They all fail in the end because his abilities already surpass this and are merely a similar ability stretched to it's limits. In the end they try the fusion dance as brolly shows the ability to learn anything he sees instantly. They fuse and he ultimately learns mystic powers to control his energy. (although it may take time and multiple fusions.)

At some point before brolly learns mystic powers he runs into the heroes. In the process they keep goku away and others he is angered by so vegeta ends up confronting him. In his arrogance vegeta shows him his strength and turns SSJgod. In the confrontation brolly, shows his ability to learn from things around him and instantly turns to a form of SSJ god and starting beats vegeta nearly to death. But as a result brolly wears out his power much quicker and is forced back into normal mode. His nature make him consume power so quick he cannot use it long and is cannot maintain it. because of his lack of ki control and his legendary powers nature.

Either way, there are 3 fusion:

Goof dance fusion: Ultimately called, "Golly!"
Named when they are in this mode running through the city near bulmas house. Bulmas mother sees him or at some point says golly in the conversation. The wording confuses the fusion character, who seems to act like a new being and is learning everything in the world from scratch. He thinks it's his name and it sticks. Because gohan has to do the dance originally with brolys most base form at fusion for this goofup(including the power limiter being active) it only has the most minimal physical an power abilites. It is stronger than humans and many things in the universe, but cannot do strong attacks. It does have the ability to heal nearly instantly like it were constantly eating sensu beans, learn any attack, and regen energy instantly to fire attacks at will. Although only at the level of gohan or broly at their base forms. He cannot use any SSJ form, but he can possibly a white mystic god form(it cannot use SSJ version like other forms) and it has the same weakness(fairly frail weak looking) and is not relatively that strong because of the base form used... when transformed he acts a lot like a new being and only partially realizes he is a fusion. But has the intimate knowledge of what he was intending to do when fused as if it were his own idea and related to him as a new being.(Over time, as they use this fusion, his personality traits slowly become more uniform and representative of both characters.)

He is frail and looks like nerdy gohan combined with frail effeminate brolly. Even if he goes into into god mystic form.

In the end he is kind of a christ figure or like a nerd(always from a position of weakness.). He at one pointed, or at several points, uses this form to get beaten to gain powerups to strategically get on par power wise to an enemy and then change fusions. He literally taunts the enemy to beat him to death repeatedly to gain power ups which translate to the other forms. If beaten enough he might unfuse. But he may partially heal in the process depending on how hard he's beat. The healing makes him capable of taking abuse much more safely even though he's weak.

He may also have a tendency when using more power(of what he can use) to show some of brollys original attitude. Especially when combine with near instant healing and recovery can get an enemy to attack him and simply take it beyond what they would expect. So he may act kind of like brolly but always in base form. And with different more concentrated powers. Albeit weaker ones. Golly as a name also depicts the surprise when he uses such tactics or other parts of his character. BTW, if he acts like brolly it is in the reality of him not really understanding who he is completely. He will also show tendencies to act like gohan in other ways also. It may be a bit like subtle multiple personalities. But where they are partially combined but stick out in odd ways at odd times. A fusion where it tries to be a person and thinks it is but shows it's origins those who know how he is made up of..

He will also have both brolly and gohans full set of abilities. And may more likely, as he learns to cope, use some of the seemingly weaker ones more often. Like wizard or in an intelligent way. Although he will ultimately be able to be fairly balanced, but with the limits of a messed up fusion. The heroes ultimately learn to unfuse at will as it still technically shares their desired even if not seemingly understanding it. Or something like that. As they use it more they can control it more normally.

This form is purposely used several times to deal with various situations(like needing to look different, Possibly also wearing glasses. like superman. Possibly having them taken off as they actually make someone think they recognize him but don't after they rip them off his face.) it is used for reason both related to and unrelated to this forms powers. But the powers do evolve from nearly nothing(Brolly's limiter active) to a white Ultimate(mystic)god form(But still weaker as it's a messed up fusion.). (Non SSJ) (Maybe in the end gohan or brolly from this form sacrifice themself saving the other and possibly those around them.)

Normal dance fusion: Grolly
This is the proper dance fusion. It is basically brolly near full power enhanced by gohan but controlled to not go out of control. It lacks the full potential of brolly and gohan but has more power and a lot of other benefits. It is characaterized by a light green aura. It is a combined green and white. The ammount of white showing how much or little control is being applied by gohan and brolly's mystic powers given the circumstances. Ultimately this form can go LegendaryMysticSSJgod(Green with white or light green). And his powers always reflect the indivisual abilities in proportion of the two character(including if brolly knows mystic fully)The fusion has the unique ability to go into all previous ssj forms(1through3) while in ssjgod mode. Or it does this along it's path to the max amplifier. It however cannot go SSJ3 long in god mode as it is lacking the ability to maximize it's power because of trying to control brollies power madness. If it does let go it will burn through energy finally and stop being god mode.

Grolly in non ssj form looks like a combo of a more buff brolly with a more buff gohan. He can look like buffed up brolly and any other brolly or gohan form also. this form has some natural healing like brolly would. He simply recovers well.

Petera fusion: Brohan
Stupid name but it's from trunks and goten.... This is the ultimate version and is brolly enhanced by gohan with no control or limits. And combined with influence from gohans more aggressive anger induced side we saw as a child endlessly more angry and out of control than broly every was. In fact it amplifies it and he attacks everything indiscriminately(friend or foe) and attacks full force against everything with no regards to those round him and never stops doing so until stopped. He has the slightest bit of ability to recognize others with a strong emotional tie to gohan. But it is almost non existent. This form can go SSJ mysticle gendary god also. But instead of green with white it's a darker green and has no control. It can do everything broly can but at it's fullest and amplified to the extreme with gohans angrier side and power. He can go any form of SSJ in god mode representing instant ability to use SSJ and god simultaneously(Extreme level of Legendary powers plus smplified mystic focus). This form does the opposite of grolly and the mystic training makes him go out of control in the extreme amplifying all problems with brolys powers instead of helping. It is probably only used when first tried and once of twice after when in absolutely dire straights. In the end, after several uses and needing to stop/unfuse brohan, it finally goes completely and utterly beyond their capabilities to stop.(poetic justice!)

Brohan looks in his nonssj form immediately like a fully buffed up broly with small trappings of gohan. He also looks like his power is bulging like he's on steroids and very angry with veins pulsing.(more than the normal broly!)

This form is like the devil(And obviously extreme alpha male!). In the end he may, in his strongest form, even push his way up to heaven in his out of control form and take down angels and try to kill zeno or something interesting.

The brolly story would be intermixed with gohan finishing his mystic powers,learning god form along with brolly learning the same. They avoid fusion with goku because it makes him angry and they think it won't work or try it and run into issues. Gohan also learns to get more of his, "fighting spirit," back as a result of getting to sense and experience the nature of brollys legendary powers in fusion.

This also assumes gohan learns ssjgodmystic and obtains a white aura version.

Brolly finally learns mystic powers from successfully fusion with gohan in the fusion dance. He learns it from finally experiencing it in the fusion. He may or may not learn it immediately from golly form and learn it from grolly form better. Or they are in golly form and train in the fusion form until he gets it. The ability to control his ki is the single most difficult task brolly ever has to learn. The fusion with brolly also helps teach gohan what the legendary power feels like and helps his mystic form become more powerful or him to use more of it.

Brolly, on his own, after mystic can go any SSJ form with his normal Legendary powers. But he has a lighter green aura signifying how much control he's applying. He can look like SSJ-3 because he has ultimate key abiiltes and power. He can do things with ki on demand. He is a prodigy.

Gohan on the other hand trains for ultimate ki control and mastery.

Another difference between golly and grolly. Golly only has the ability to use Mystic god because it is the extreme of gohans mystic power controlly brolly and suppressing his Legendary powers nature. This is why he has good healing and wizard like powers and enhanced energy, because it is all that side of him can do. He has no part of the Legendary powers available except his internal recovery and in essence manna and to varying degrees as they uses the form with more abilities and experience.. It cannot work outwardly except via attacks(which are never green unless they are normally) and in a limited way.

Grolly is on the other hand balance. It's mystic combined with legendary powers. It can be made to go back and forth between more controlled to less controlled but it has some limits because of the control. When grolly goes into god mode it is called LMSSJgod or ULSSJgod. Legendary mystic or Ultimate Legendary. the more the mystic side is relaxed the closer and more weird grolly gets like he did as brolly.

Brohan is the extreme opposite. It is the extereme of the combo with the mystic powers enhancing his power and out of control nature. Everything about it is out of control and as dangerous as possible at all times in all ways.

At one of the final brohan confrontation they ahve two issues. Gohan is part of it. 2. It doesn't matter and he's to powerful to start and is nearly destroying the earth and anything they take him too(goku has to start getting in instant transmition to take him random plaes.) It could end up on beerus planet, like he did with cell. And beerus and whis have to deal with him before possibly being stopped,(maybe later breaking out again.) At some point he may kill or beat up beerus and/ or whis and storm to xenos home(after learning of it's existance somehow.) in a mindless rage to take down heaven and flaunt his power to the highest powers in existance.

Edit: Does anyone think the most powerful mortal or the Saiyan from beerus visions might be broly or made to appear to be related to broly at some point.
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