Buu/Uub and beerus combos!

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Buu/Uub and beerus combos!

Post by Arugela » Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:08 am

This is a form made out of buu eating beerus... Not sure if it makes sense. Might need to be uub.

If it's buu and we let the name reversal happen:(Uubeerus)
Someone tries to make an ass out of beerus by tricking him to sit in the last of the pudding. This is a joke because to get the pudding you make beerus lick(french kiss) is own rear end. This is a cruel way to get back and him and of course he will likely desintegrate you.The trick is to not let him know who did it. And of course whis will likely go along and not tell him because it's funny. Then the obvious happens. As you wait to see if beerus will taste the pudding. He probably does with his finger as it's that good. and a joke in the oposite direction. Whis might reply wow you really dont' think your own shit tastes bad huh? A take on your shit don't stink. Beerus says: Nope! Along comes buu who say: OOHH PUUDINGG!! and tries to eat it. This pisses off beerus. He grabs him and tries to threaten him with elimination. Buu threatens to turn him into candy. Lets assume beerus starts to disintegrate him. Buu laughs and say: You funny! That not hurt Buu. You turn to candy! Turns him into pudding and eats him gaining his powers. He becomes Uubeerus. Although this may be an ironic name at this point. with buus stupidity and beerus powers he would at some point become victim of his own hubris. Maybe a cool backstory about buus past comes out of it. He probably gets tricked with food making him vomit out beerus to reverse this. AKA his hubris.

Buubeerus or Buubeer:
The other alternative could be buu and beerus are buubeerus or buubeer. Either a joke about boobs or the berbers. Either the ones from spain or the ones from thundercats. Don't know what it would be about. If it's a boob joke beerus food habits instantly mix with buu which in turn makes a massive metabolism reversal making anything he eats instantly make him hugely fat. This gives him boobs. He looses his ability to eat without detrimental side effects. Basically a pointless fusion(As he constantly wants to eat everything). He's also basically a boob in every meaning of the word.

If it's fusion between uub and beerus:(Uubeerus)
This is probably more appropriate. Either dance or ptera fusion. Powerful as all get out, but has obvious problems and always looses. He is Uubeerus. Hubris!
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