[Fan Fiction] Tournament of Power Remix - Ch. 3: A True Saiyan's Power! (In-Progress)

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[Fan Fiction] Tournament of Power Remix - Ch. 3: A True Saiyan's Power! (In-Progress)

Post by Ziegander » Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:55 pm

Tournament of Power Remix
Chapter 3: A True Saiyan's Power!
Tournament Standings
[spoiler]73/80 fighters remaining!

Universe 2 members: Brianne de Chateau • Hermila • Dr. Rota (Eliminated) • Prum • Rabanra • Sanka Ku • Su Roas • Vikal • Zarbuto (Eliminated) • Zirloin
Universe 3 members: Biarra • Borareta • Koitsukai • Maji Kayo • Narirama (4 eliminations) • Nigrisshi (Eliminated) • Pancea • Paparoni • Pescadilegati • The Preecho
Universe 4 members: Caway • Damom • Dercori • Gamisaras • Ganos • Majora • Monna • Nink • Shantsa • Shosa
Universe 6 members: Botamo • Cabba • Campden • Caulifla • Frost • Hit • Jimeze • Kale • Megetta • Saaz
Universe 7 members: Android 17 • Android 18 • Frieza • Gohan • Goku • Krillin • Master Roshi (1 elimination) • Piccolo (1 elimination) • Tien Shinhan (1 elimination) • Vegeta
Universe 9 members: Basil • Bergamo • Chappil • Comfrey • Hop • Hyssop • Lavender • Oregano • Roselle • Sorrel (Eliminated)
Universe 10 members: Jilcol • Jirasen • Jium • Lilibeu • Methiop (Eliminated) • Murichim (Eliminated) • Murisam • Napapa • Obuni • Rubalt
Universe 11 members: Cocotte • Dyspo • Jiren • Kahseral • Kettol • Kunshi • Toppo • Tupper • Vuon (Eliminated) • Zoiray[/spoiler]

In our last chapter, Gohan led his small troupe of warriors from Universe 7 to victory against a combined assault by members of four separate universes, eliminating three enemies without any losses of their own! But can Gohan and Tien hold out on their own, exposed and on the edge of the arena? And how will Goku and Caulifla make their way out of the Dark Dimension! This chapter promises a full-scale assault of free-for-all action!
With a glowing orange straightsword made from ki, the warrior-princess of Universe 4 deflects a barrage of small ki blasts delivered by the same red-skinned warrior of Universe 10 last seen hanging from Vegeta's fist! With each parry she inches a step closer to her enemy, then drives him back with a jumping flurry of kicks, transforming her ki sword midair into a pair of ki-armor gauntlets!

"That's my Caway-Chan!!" shouts Kuru, Universe 4's Supreme Kai, turning to tell Quitela, "Though her father, King Samaku forbade it, Princess Caway has taken it upon herself to master many forms of martial arts!"

Caway presses her advance against the Universe 10 warrior, switching to a boxer's stance, scoring a quick jab, but the warrior of Universe 10 smiles and settles into a similar stance himself. It would seem that, in this particular style, the Universe 10 warrior has the greater experience, and the advantage.

"Never surrender, Rubalt!!" roars Universe 10's God of Destruction, Rumsshi, his intense voice causing those in the spectators' seats to cover their ears in pain. The Daishinkan turns him a cold glare. "I must ask you to keep it down, Rumsshi. If one of your outbursts were to cause a competitor's elimination, your entire Universe would be erased without hesitation." Rumsshi throws his hands up in surrender, his eyes wide with fright! He covers his mouth with both hands and falls to his knees mumbling something about forgiveness.
Universe 9's Basil tears a path through a variety of foes, his speed and power making him a menace across the arena. He punts a small, floating armed and legged blue blowfish sort of creature from Universe 4 across the stage and creates a ball of fiery energy, giving it a powerful bicycle kick speeding toward another red-skinned warrior from Universe 10, this one more nimble, wearing white shoes and shorts and sporting a pyramid of tight, black curls for hair. The warrior of Universe 10 seems well versed in fighting with one's feet, raising his leg to stop the ball with one foot, though the effort shoves him several feet closer to the edge, then kicking it up, and turning 360 degrees, roundhouse kicking it to smash it hard into another combatant, Universe 3's only fleshy warrior, a purple-skinned man in a fancy, white coat, and wearing a red scarf. Before the tournament began, the man carried a cane, but like Roshi and his walking stick, the man had to relinquish it as per the rules. The finely clothed man is knocked end over end far away finally landing sprawled onto his face where he is quickly joined by three green-colored mechs, also from Universe 3. Basil laughs hysterically and then charges at the warrior from Universe 10 and the two exchange an intricate dance of kicks, neither connecting solidly. Dyspo, the lithe, purple cat-man and Pride Trooper from Universe 11 takes note of Basil's speed from across the arena, smirking briefly before he takes off in a flash!
Powering out of his ultimate form, Gohan lands in front of Tien. Noticing he's ringed out Universe 3's modified lizard-man, Gohan is impressed. "Nice work, Tien! You must have been holding back when we sparred earlier." Exhausted, Tien smiles half-heartedly, "Yeah, well," he breathes, "That's about all I've got for a few minutes. I need to catch my breath." "No worries," Gohan says, "I'll make sure you have time to pull yours--" But Tien interrupts Gohan, "Wait! Something's coming!" Gohan follows Tien's eyes... "I don't see anything..." All of a sudden, a burst of power like an aura, with no body to accompany it, comes flying at Gohan! "Look out!" Tien cries, but to no avail. Gohan is struck by an invisible force and knocked back. With a grunt of pained effort, Tien dashes over to the edge and grabs Gohan by the wrist, hurling him back into the arena just before his whole body could cross the threshold. "Gohan we have to run!" Tien yells as he takes off in a blast of white ki, putting distance between himself and the edge of the ring. Gohan quickly follows suit asking, "What was that??" "It looked like... a bug," Tien answers. "A bug?" Gohan asks, "I couldn't see a thing..."

Out in the spectator's seats, Quitela, Universe 4's God of Destruction narrows his eyes, watching Gohan and Tien fly from the edge, a devilish smirk drawn across his face. "Tch tch tch!" he chortles.
Universe 3's Narirama struggles defending itself against a trio of fashionable young women from Universe 2, the girls getting the better of the battered and hole-ridden machine fighter, steam rising out of the wounds it suffered at the hands of Universe 11's Toppo... "Grab its arms, girls!" the green-haired girl tells her two friends, "Make sure that 'bot can't spin anyone else out of the ring!" "On it, Brianne!" shouts the purple-haired girl in glasses as she takes hold of one arm. "We've got this, now take care of business!" shouts the brown-haired girl with more ferocity than her appearance might suggest. "Okay!" Brianne readies herself, making a heart with her hands before sliding into a battle stance and charging up ki between her hands now held at her hip. "Let it be known throughout the multiverse that Love can triumph over all! Haaa!!" She pushes her hands forward unleashing a tremendous blast of glowing pink energy that vaults Narirama out of the fighting stage as tiny hearts of pure energy and motes of glittering light trail in the machine's wake. "You did it!" the purple-haired girl shouts. "Yes, Su!" Brianne replies, slapping her right fist into her left palm, beaming with pride, "Su? Sanka? I think the machine fighters of Universe 3 must be our first targets! They fight without compassion or remorse. If they cannot be moved by our love, then let's move them with a little muscle!" She winks. Sanka Ku grins mischieviously, an almost frightening fire alighting behind her eyes as she makes fists excitedly and squeals, "Let's do iiiit!!" before flying off to find a new foe! Su's eyes go wide, and Brianne blushes as a bead of sweat appears on her brow.

(This chapter is, obviously, not completed...) :wink:
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