"Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (15/50)

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"Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (15/50)

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Hello everyone.

10 years ago, a collection of figure called "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" was released in Spain. Along with each figure, they included a short magazine. Honestly, I consider most of the content irrelevant, when not outright wrong, but there are three very interesting parts:

A) The modeller of each figure comments on the process of creating it. I don't think it is common to read something like this about DB figure.
B) Toriyama's section: Except from the first magazine, the rest of them have a section written by Toriyama himself, talking about a bit of everything. His favourite tools for drawing manga, his most influential movies... Sometimes, they come with pictures of his house and things like that.
C) Galleries of illustrations with information about when and why they were published.

As far as I know, these magazines were only released in Spanish and French, which is a shame, because there are some very interesting tidbits in the sea of mediocrity.

I tried to get in contact with Kanzenshuu staff several times (even when they were Daizex/Kanzentai) to see if they were interested in some of this material, but they didn't answer, so I took it as a no, and now I have decided to translate them myself.

The content of this translation is going to be mostly text. I am going to put some images when I consider them relevant, taken from the scans made by someone that goes by the nick Violinexperto. If you want to take the time to insert the text in the scans, be my guest.

My native language is Spanish, so if you notice any mistakes of any kind (grammar, spelling, collocation, even some things that don't sound natural) just tell me and I will edit the text.

Number 1.


Puzzles and superillustrations!

Toriyama's first steps are revealed!

The adventure begins!

Key scenes: the nyoibo and the Kamehameha technique!

Son Gokuh: Beware, Freezer!

Page 3:


Your collectible figure: Finish off Freezer, supersaiyan Son Gokuh!

Use your kamehameha!

Supersaiyan Son Gokuh. Higlights: Gokuh's spiky hair is typical of supersaiyans. Modelling the hair is especially difficult.

His stance is inspired by the fight against Freezer!

This supersaiyan Son Gokuh figure is inspired by the Son Gokuh vs Freezer duel from the 22nd kanzenban. ¡It perfectly portrays the climax of the scene in which Gokuh, after transforming into a supersaiyan for the first time, focuses all his anger in a kamehameha!

Modeller interview.

Gokuh's hair as a level 1 supersaiyan is simple, because it doesn't have as many locks of hair as he will have after the Cell Saga. However, simple shapes are the most demanding for modellers, and are also the chance to show off your skills. I put special effort on the gap between his bangs, so you could see his eyes. Creating this figure I always had in mind the idea of keeping the look as close as possible to a Toriyama Akira's character. Sometimes the clothing damage is not very noticeable, so I tried to emphasize those details. I recommend you to put this figure in an angle from which you could see how his hands, which are concentrating ki, are slighlty opened.

Supersaiyan Son Gokuh has been modelled by Nakagawa Hiroyuki, and the figure has been produced by Kimura Teruhiko (Proovy Co., Ltd.).

Page 4:

Toriyama Akira's World. Which are the origins of Toriyama's World?

Find out the road that Toriyama Akira followed up to the creation of Dragon Ball, his biggest worldwide success. You will laso enjoy a thorough analysis of Dragon Ball's story.

Toriama Akira's story.

He was born in Aichi, Japan.

Toriyama Akira was born and raised in Aichi prefecture, Japan. When he finished his profesional training in a school in Aichi, the artist started working for a marketing design company. After working as a designer for three years, he resigned and tried his luck with a manga contest in order to win the money that came with the first prize.

Toriyama Akira's debut as a mangaka was in December 1978 with Wonder Island. He likes cars, hsi pets and building scale miniatures.

Weekly Shonen Jump's contest.

Actually, Toriyama had no idea about how to draw manga, so he was based on other works to create the story that he would send to the contest.

His first manga is a parody of a famous science fiction film. That's why he couldn't win the prize, but his talent attracted the attention of an editor, who encouraged him to work as a professional mangaka. In only a week, Toriyama Akira finished the first sketches of his new manga, called Wonder Island.

The prefecture of Aichi is around 300km southeast from Tokyo, Japan's capital. Toriyama still lives in his home town.

Page 5:

His debut as a mangaka.

Wonder Island was published in Weekly Shonen Jump nº52, 19789. ¡That was the beginning of Toriyama's professional career as a mangaka! After publishing some short stories, his editor suggested him creating a story with a girl as the main character. That's how Dr. Slump, a manga with a robot girl as the star, was born.

At the left we can see the first page of Wonder Island, the work that marked his debut. At the right, the cover of the first Dr. Slump volume. Thanks to his pop character designs and his brilliant gags, the manga was an instant success, and a weekly chapter was published for four and a half years.

The birth of Dragon Ball.

In Japan, Dr. Slump's success was a social phenomenon. However, each chapter was its own story, and this format is not very appropriate for a long-running manga. Consequently, Toriyama's editor thought that a new manga should take Dr. Slump's place. After a well thought reflection, he thought that a manga inspired by martial arts movies, which the author enjoyed, could be the answer. That's how Dragon Ball was born!

In the following page you will discover Dragon Ball's universe!

Page 6:

Discover every secret.

Dragon Ball Saga!

Discover the seven big sagas that form Dragon Ball manga. Meet Gokuh's enemies and the main combat techniques.

1. Kid Gokuh. Gokuh goes on an adventure.

Son Gokuh, a kid that live deep in the mountains, meets Bulma, and together they travel looking for the Dragon Balls. After defeating Pilaf and his gang, who wanted to conquer the world, Gokuh becomes a pupil under the teaching of Kame Sennin. To see the fruits of his training, Gokuh takes part in the World Martial Arts Tournament, ranking second.

2. Red Ribbon Army. A harsh battle against an evil organisation.

Looking for the Dragon Balls, Son Gokuh fights against the evil Red Ribbon Army. After some hard training, he defeats Colonel Blue and Tao Pai Pai, among others, and puts an end to this organisation. Three years later, Son Gokuh enters the World Martial Arts Tournament again, but he is defeated by Ten Shin Han in the final and ranks second again.

3. Piccolo Daimaoh. The king of the demons must be stopped.

Son Gokuh faces the diabolical Piccolo Daimaoh, who plans on conquering the whole world. Gokuh is defeated in their first fight, but thanks to the sacred water he powers up and defeats his enemy. After three years of training in Kami-Sama's palace, Son Gokuh must fight against Piccolo Daimaoh Junior in the World Martial Arts Tournament. After a dreadful duel, he finally gets his first title!

Page 7.

4. The saiyans. The threat comes from outer space!

The belligerent saiyan race attacks the Earth! Gokuh sacrifices his life to defeat a fearsome enemy, but a year later Vegeta, the most powerful saiyan, arrives and finishes with the earthling warriors. After training with Kaioh-Sama and coming back to life thanks to the Dragon Balls, Gokuh comes back, stronger than ever, and defeats the saiyans, though ending severely injured in the process.

5. Freezer The most powerful space enemy!

Son Gokuh arrives in plaet Namek looking for the Dragon Balls so that he can bring his fallen friends back to life after being killed by the saiyans. But then, Freezer, the most frightening being in the universe, appears before him. Gokuh collects the Dragon Balls and make his wish come true, but has to fight a tenacious adversary. The supersaiyan within Gokuh wakes up and finishes Freezer off!

6. Cell. What is the ciborgs goal?

Trunks, the warrior that comes from the future, predicts the arrival of some ciborgs created with the purpose of killing Gokuh. And this is only the beginning of the nightmare! Gokuh and his friends take part in the Cell Game, with the existence of human at stake against the frightening Cell. Gokuh and Gohan, with their father-son Kamehameha will work the miracle!

7. Bu. We must finish off the embodiment of evil!

Some years after the Cell Game, the wizard Babidi resurrects Bu, the most powerful demon in history. Every supersaiyan from Gokuh's and Vegeta's families fight against a Bu whose power does not stop increasing. The final duel will be Son Gokuh against a pure evil Bu!

Page 8.

Dragon Ball Summary . Episodes 1 to 15. Adventure begins! Kame Sennin's incredible power!

Gokuh decides going on a journey with Bulma in order to improve his training. The meeting of Gokuh, the kid of the forst, and Bulma, the young inventor, marks the beginning of this story.

Let's look for the Dragon Balls!

Gokuh lives isolated from te world in the mountains. But, just by chance, he meets Bulma, and together they travel in order to find the Dragon Balls. In their journey, they make some friends, like Kame Sennin and Wooling, and they collect the precious balls one by one. But then, Yamcha, the desert bandit, appears before them, and challenges Gokuh!

Page 9.

Gokuh meets his first friends.

His fight against Yamcha ends up in a tie, and the bandit joins the group. Gokuh and his friends arrive at Frypan mountain, where they find the chishinchu, but inside a castle on fire! The location of the magic fan, the only thing that can extinguish that fire, is unknown, so they seem to be forced to give up. But a surprising technique called Kamehameha, invented by Kame Sennin, manages to extinguish the flames and they get the seven stars ball. There is onnly one ball left, the one star ball, iishinchu.

Yamcha the bandit put Gokuh in a predicament with his Wolf Fang Fist, an ultrafast deadly technique. He was the first strong adversary for Gokuh. His companion, Puar, can shapeshift. Woolong and him knew each other from when they were kids.

Zoom. Kame Sennin, master of the martial arts.

Despite acting like and old perverted man, Kame Sennin is actually the strongest martial artist in the world, also known as Mutenroshi (which means "old master of the heavenly fight"). Watching Gokuh, his pupil, we can see his knowledge. He taught Gokuh how to fight using his ki, and the Kamehameha is part of this style. Kinton and the orange gi that Gokuh wears are both presents from Kame Sennin. He is probably the character who has influenced our main character the most.

Kame Sennin focusing his ki. Gokuh and the others were shocked seeing this!

Page 10.

Dragon Ball games.

Gokuh's quiz! How many questions can you answer correctly?

Q.1. Which one is the correct symbol?


The first quesiton is about Son Gokuh's gi. This gi was a present from a certain person and has the symbol of a japanese character – kanji – in its chest. At the left you have six of these characters, do you know which one is the correct for Gokuh?

Q.2. Choose three Son Gokuh's items.


Among the eight items down below, choose three of them that belong to Son Gokuh. There is a weapon, a means of transport and also something very special...

Q.3. Who is Son Gokuh's friend?


Among this four monsters there's a friend of Gokuh's. Let's see if you know who! This is a difficult question, that requires a detailed reading of the manga!

Page 11.

Illustrations gallery.

Magnificent colourful illustrations!


Chapter 149 cover, published in Weekly Shonen Jump nº49 1987. The Dragon Ball logo on piccolo Daimaoh's head was designed by Toriyama himself. At the left you can see the illustration as it was published in the tankobon.

Page 12-13:



This illustration was created for foldable poster-calendar that came with the Weekly Shonen Jump 3/4 1995, and was drawn directly on some kind of wrinkled cardboard called shikishi. In fact, it was a left over sheet which was going to be used for another manga.

Page 14:


This illustration was made for a contest in which the readers suggested slogans for every series in the magazine. It was published as a poster in Weekly Shonen Jump nº26 1993.

Page 15.

Dragon Ball Games. Gokuh's quiz is back! The answers. How many have you got correct?

Q.1. Which one is the correct symbol?

Gokuh is Kame Sennin disciple. The martial arts style that Gokuh practises is called Kamesen-ryu (that is, "Kame Sennin's school"). That is why he has the kame symbol in his chest. It is the number 5, and means turtle.

This gi was a present from Kame Sennin to participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament. Son Gohan, Gokuh's son, carries the character nº4, ma (demon), because he is Piccolo's disciple.

Solution: 5.

Q.2. Choose three Son Gokuh's items.

The four stars Dragon Ball is a memento of his grandfather.

Gokuh's weapon is the nyoibo, and his personal vehicle is kinton. They are, respectively, numbers 6 and 8. The last is number four, the sushinchu ball, which has four stars.

It was Son Gohan, his deceased adoptive grandfather, who gave the four star ball to Gokuh. When Gokuh grows up, he gives it to his son, also called Son Gohan.

Solution: 4, 6, 8.

Q.3. Who is Son Gokuh's friend?

Woolong is the king of transformations!

None of the characters looks like a friend of Gokuh's, but among them you can see Woolong transformed into a monster. The first time Gokuh and Woolong met, he transformed into a giant bull!

Woolong can take any shape for 5 minutes. He wanted to scare Gokuh and the villagers turning into an enormous bull, but Gokuh was not fooled...

Page 16.

Manga characters. Here you will find out everything about kid Son Gokuh!

He fights evil with his inner strenght!

Son Gokuh. He trains as he looks for the Dragon Balls.

Son Gokuh is the main character of this story. Son Gohan, a martial arts genious, found him abandoned in the middle of the mountains and decided to adopt him. He is very talented for martial arts and his body is like iron. He loves fighting strong people! During his journey to find the Dragon Balls, he faces many fearsome enemies.

Page 17.

Nyoibo. It is the staff that Gokuh inherited from his adoptive grandfather, Gohan. It elongates and shrinks following the wish of his owner, and it is very useful during fights. In the manga, Gokuh uses it a lot when he was a kid. When he learns how to use his ki properly, he stops using it.

Kinton nimbus. It is a nimbus that Gokuh receives from Kame Sennin as a token of gratitude for helping the turtle. He can surf the skies faster than any plane, and answers to Gokuh's voice, appearing when his owned calles. It is a very useful vehicle, but only those with a pure heart can ride it.

The tail. Gokuh has a secret: he turns into a big ape when he looks at the full moon. In this shape, called ohzaru, Gokuh cannot control himself and destroyes everything he sees. His only weakness is his tail, and he can come back to his human form if the tail is cut.

Zoom. Lethal tecnique. Kamehameha.

An attack with the oriental inner energy!

The kamehameha is a technique from the Kame Sennin school that allows the user to shoot his ki, that is, the energy from his body. It normally requires several years to be controlled, but Gokuh could use it only after seeing it once.

Page 18.

Key scenes. Extend, nyoibo! Kame Sennin's power!

Best scene 1. Yamcha the fearsome! Manga vol. 1, cap. 08.

This is the first Dragon Ball fight scene! Yamcha, the desert bandit, attacks Son Gokuh and his friends in order to steal the Dragon Balls from them. It is also the first time we see how Gokuh uses, skillfully, his nyoibo, and also the first we see how it extends. Gokuh holds in own against Yamcha, an exceptional fighter. This chapter allows us to get an idea of the Gokuh's real strenght.

Best scene 2. Kame Sennin's Kamehameha!! Manga vol.1, cap. 14.

Kamehameha is the most iconic technique from Dragon Ball. The user focuses his ki while he says "ka-me-ha-me-ha" and then, with the last syllable, he frees it. The person who created this technique, Kame Sennin, uses it to stop the fire in mount Frypan. The master is unrecognisable! With his muscles swollen, his aura is overwhelming. When he launched his Kamehameha, Gokuh and his friends were open mouthed by pure shock. Kame Sennin made the fire disappear... along with the mount and the castle. He apologises: "I went a bit too far".[/spoiler]

Number 2.


Puzzles and superillustrations!

Dragon Ball sketches!

Shenron first appearance!

Five superwarriors try to go beyond their limits!

Vegeta: I am the strongest!

Page 3:


Your collectible figure: Evil Vegeta figure!!

Take this ki blast!!

Vegeta. With his defying gaze and his disturbing smile, Vegeta shows a truly malevolent aura! The figure represents the character when he is launching his ki attack, and special attention has been put modelling his hair and battle armor.

Freezer saga clothing!

Looking for the Dragon Balls, Vegeta finishes off a Namek village! This figure is inspired by the evil side of Vegeta. He is wearing his battle armor with shoulder pads, the one he used during the Freezer saga.

Modeller interview:

This time I put special care in the mouth of the figure. His lips are slighlty opened, and the mouth is barely risen to the left, as if he was showing a smile of superiority. This was the main element of the character's facial expression, and it was very hard to portray. I would like you to focus in that grimace of absolute evil. I recommend you to put this figure in an angle from which you can see either his left hand or his face. Vegeta's main appeal is his obsession of becoming stronger and stronger; for good or for bad, that's his defining trait.

Vegeta has been modelled by Nakagawa Hiroyuki, and the figure has been produced by Kimura Teruhiko (Proovy Co., Ltd.).

Page 4:

Toriyama Akira's World: Preliminary Dragon ball Sketches!

We present some concept arts for Dragon Ball, when the manga was nothing more than a work in progress. You can see Son Gokuh's changes until the final version!

1st sketch: Does he just looks like a monkey?!

2nd sketch: That's a fancy Son Gokuh!

3rd sketch: Son Gokuh's final design!

Dragon ball roots are to be found in the fantasy chinese novel Journey to the West, and that's why Son Gokuh looks like a monkey in the first sketch. Lately, they considered that it would be better to have a human main character, and that's how the second sketch was made. Finally, a tail was added as a defining feature of the character, and they arrived to the third sketch! The idea of looking for the Dragon Balls also came up at that moment.

Page 5:

Toriyama Akira: Pictures and letters.

My hobbies (cars)

This is the beginning of a section in which Toriyama Akira himself, Dragon Ball's creator, shows us his hobbies and passions!

An original text written by Toriyama sensei!


I designed a car (QVOLT)

For starters, I introduce you the QVOLT, a car that I designed. Even if we use the word "car", actually it is a small electrical vehicle for a single passenger, and only 9 units were made. It was requested by a company called Choro Q Motors and, as I love every work related with designing, I worked on it between pages from the manga. Finally, it took me two years to finish it. Due to the amount of legal restrictions, I had to sacrifice a lot of original ideas, but I really love the final result. QVOLT was manufactured by a first class company that creates, for example, cars that are used in the Le Mans race. When I went to see them, I was surprised by their professionality! I love the QVOLT, but it would attract attention because I live in the middle of the countryside, so I almost never use it to avoid being embarrased. At most, sometimes I drive it at dawn, when no one can see me.


This is a picture of the QVOLT that is stationed at Shueisha's lobby, the company I work for. It also has some stickers from Dragon Ball 20th Anniversary that I designed".

Page 6:

Dragon Ball Summary . Episodes 16 to 23. Shenron first appearance!

Who made their wish come true?

Pilaf gang took the Dragon Balls from Gokuh and his friends, after everything they did to gather them! And that's not all, because they are now imprisoned inside Pilaf's castle. Will Son Gokuh retrieve the Balls and ask for a wish?

Pilaf gang wants to gather the Dragon Balls and conquer the world. They have combat robots and a castle full of traps.

Page 7:

Escape from Pilaf's castle!

Gokuh and his friends manage to hinder Pilaf's intentions thankt to Woolong. They are imprisoned in an almost indestructible cell, when Gokuh transforms into a giant monkey, destroys the whole castle, cell included, and they escape. Later, Gokuh leaves Bulma and his friends and goes with Kame Sennin, where he wants to train.

Son Gokuh and the rest do everything they can to escape from the cell, but the walls and the ceiling are very resitent and they don't even make a notch. If Gokuh hadn't transfromed, would they all have died?

Zoom. The group disbands!

Gokuh and the group finally escape from the castle, but they find out that, once a wish has been granted, the Dragon Balls turn into stones for a year. They have no other option than to stop their search for a while and resume their old lives. However, the adventure has created strong bonds among them, so Bulma, Yamcha and the others will help Gokuh in other occassions in the future.

Page 8:

Dragon Ball Games.

Who marries who?

Son Gokuh: What is "marry"?

Join the couples!

Over Dragon ball's long story, a lot of character end up forming happy couples. We have chosen four of them, the most famous, but it is up to you to join them! There are some unexpected relationships, so be careful, and don't create any cheating situation!


Page 9:

Illustrations gallery.

Let's go, Dragon! Let's run together!


This drawing was made for the cover of the first illustrations book made by Toriyama sensei in 1990, called Toriyama Akira – The World. There are two versions of it with different colouring, after copying the original drawing in Kent paper. The small illustration at the left was also used to decorate phone cards.

Pages 10-11:


This illustration, one of the first ever made, was used for a special poster that came with the Weekly Shonen Jump nº13 1985. At that time, Toriyama sensei was very interested in China, that's why the background shows a Chinese style.

Page 12:


This illustration was published in Weekly Shonen Jump nº5/6 1995 to show the result of a character popularity poll. Gokuh was first, followed by Vegeta, Trunks, Gotenks and Piccolo.

Page 13: Who marries who? The answers.

Son Gokuh: Oooh... my goodness!

The correct couples are...


Gokuh's wife is... Chichi!

They got married as they promised when they first met. Well, Gokuh didn't exactly know what was the promise about...

Krillin's partner is... Nº18!

Even if they didn't seem to have a lot of chemistry, Krillin's kindness and details softened her heart...

Gohan's wife is... Videl!

They went to highschool together. Of all these couples, this is probably the most normal.

Vegeta's partner is... Bulma!

A couple that nobody expected. Despite not being formally married, they have two children.

Page 14:

Manga characters.

Gokuh's friends.

Bulma. A beautiful yet conceited scientist!

The wish that she wants to ask for is...

Bulma is an attractive girl that looks for the Dragon Ball because he wants "a handsome boyfriend". The meets Son Gokuh during her journey and they decide to travel together. She is extremely intelligent and her inventions are a big help for Gokuh and the other.

The Dragon Radar.

It is one of Bulma's inventions, a pocket radar that can locate the Dragon Balls. It is very effective, as it gives a very precise location of the Balls.

Hoi-Poi capsules.

Useful items developed by Capsule Corporation, the company of Bulma's father. They are used to reduce any kind of object.

Yamcha. A desert bandit who is afraid of girls!

He attacks Gokuh and his friends to steal from them, but...!

Yamcha used to be a desert bandit, who robbed those who crossed his territory and took any valuables they may carry. He finds out about the Dragon Ball's when he attacks Gokuh's group when they are crossing his territory, and he decides to follow them. Yamcha is not that evil, and the proof is that he ends up joining Gokuh's group and fights with them elbow to elbow.

Zoom. Lethal technique. Wolf Fang Fist.

A multiple attack that is almost invisible.

A technique created by Yamcha! It is an attack consistent on punches and kicks, as a wolf who jumps to hunt its prey. In the World Martial Arts Tournament, Yamcha used his Neo Wolf Fang Fist, an improved an even more effective version.

Page 16:

Woolong. Are his transformations useful?

A perverted supernatural being!

Woolong is a being that looks like a pig. He is very depraved, and used to kidnap girls using his transformation techniques. After Gokuh made him learn his lesson, he reforms himself and follows the main characters in their journey.

Woolong's transformations.

Woolongs powers allow him to take the shape of everything in an almost perfect way. However, he can only transform for five minutes each time, and his strength, so he doesn't normally end up well...

Puar. Woolongs rival?

The adorable Yamcha's partner!

Puar is a strange animal that lives with Yamcha. It seems that both Woolong and him went to the same nursery. He seems to look over Woolong's shoulder because he is only thinking obscenities.

Puar's transformations.

Puar is also able to use transformation techniques, which he learnt from the "transformation nursery" Woolong and him went when they were kids. His skills are equal or maybe even superior to those of Woolong.

Page 17:

Key scenes: A wish for Shenron! Gokuh's big transformation!

Best scene 1: A wish for Shenron! Manga vol.2, cap.20.

Within Dragon Ball's history, the first wish granted by Shenron is a true milestone, and was preceded by the shout of "I wish some girl panties!". However, if Woolong hadn't asked for that wish, Pilaf's ambition of conquering the world would have bcome true... We don't know what kind of world would have been under Pilaf's rule, but it would have been horrible that everyone had to worship him. Woolong's perverted wish was actually helpful for human peace!

Best scene 2: Gokuh's big transformation! Manga vol.2, cap 22.

This is the first time we see Gokuh turning into a monkey, as he destroys Pilaf's castle. At this point in time, Toriyama sensei had not decided that Gokuh was a saiyan, but this saiyan power will be a very important trait in the story. As a giant monkey, Son Gokuh loses his mind and not only attacks Pilaf, but also Bulma and the others. However, his weakness is the same he has before the transformation. If someone cuts his tail, Gokuh (as every other saiyan) recovers his normal aspect. Gokuh won't know that he turns into a giant monkey when he sees the full moon until the arrival of saiyans on Earth, ten years later.[/spoiler]

Number 3.


Puzzles and superillustrations!

Supersaiyan's explosive power!

Q&A about Son Gokuh (Part 1) We reveal all his secrets!

Key scenes: Kame Sennin style training!

Piccolo: The strongest Namekian!

Page 3:


Your collectible figure: Piccolo, the most powerful Namekian!

Sorry for making you wait, Gohan!

Piccolo. Piccolo has achieved more power after merging with Nail, the Namekian warrior! Full of confidence, Piccolo arrives to help Son Gohan, who is in trouble fighting against Freezer. This figure has been inspired by that scene.

A stance filled with power!

This figure has been designed having this scene from the Freezer saga in mind. The designer recommends looking at it from the same angle as you can see him in the cahtper 295. Piccolo has multiplied his power by five, and his stance is full of strength!

Modeller interview:

I put special care in his stance. Piccolo has his chest swollen up and his chin low, and if you look the figure from a side, you can see that his body makes the letter "S" (among the japanese professionals of this field, this is called "straight S stance"). I was trying to create a Piccolo full of pride and decision, as the one in the scene in which he, full of energy, comes to rescue Gohan. Piccolo is not the main character of the story, but I consider him someone you can trust, that makes you think "If he's here, there's nothing to be afraid of!". The relationship of master and pupil that is established between Son Gohan and him is wonderful. When you are holding the figure, make sure to look at it from every possible angle.

Piccolo has been modelled by Yamaguchi Noriyuki (Sawada Kobo), and the figure has been produced by Kimura Teruhiko (Proovy Co., Ltd.).

Page 4:

Toriyama Akira's World: Q&A. Son Gokuh (Part 1).

Son Gokuh is Dragon Ball's great main character! We will reveal hidden secrets and curious trivia about this heroe created by Toriyama sensei.

P.1. Where does his name, Son Gokuh, come from?

Dragon Ball's original idea is based on the Chinese fantasy novel Journey to the West and, as a tribute, the same name of the main character was used: Son Gokuh (Sun Wukong in the Chinese original). However, nowadays it is possible that more people think about Dragon Ball when they hear that name!

P.2. Why do supersaiyans have blond hair?

In the original manga, blond hair is shown as white. It was done this way so readers could differentiate transformed Gokuh with just a mere glimpse... However, it was also done this say because "then you don't have to colour the black hair" while drawing the manga. Who would have thought that!

P.3. Why is Gokuh's gi orange?

The origin of Dragon Ball's story is influenced by Chinese culture, so the color is a direct reference to the orange of Chinese budist monk's robes when they achieve a superior rank.

Page 5:

Toriyama Akira: Pictures and letters.

My hobbies (animals).

Dragon Ball's author, Toriyama Akira, personally shows us his hobbies and passions!


I love newts!


I have pets such as dogs, cats, mice, fish, turtles, frogs and geckoes, buy my favourite are the newts, specifically the Japanese fire belly newt (Cynops pyrrhogaster). They are least than 10 centimetres long, their body has a fantastic shape and I love their design. I always gawkat them. Reading my mangas you can immediately tell that I like them, isn't it?

You can buy them in pet shops by 180 yens. It is very easy to take care of them, you only have to make sure that their water is always clean. Besides, they are not afraid of people. I have had newts at home for the last five years, but people say that they live between 20 and 30 years. They are not very successful in the shop, so sometimes I buy them out of pity. Consequently, I have around 30 of them right now. They procreate inside the aquarium, so every once in a while I find a small one (like the one in the picture).

I used to see them along the streams, but they can only live with very clean water, so you can only see them in the wild if you go to very distant places. It's a shame.

Look, there it is!


Page 6:

Dragon Ball Summary . Episodes 24 to 32. Kame Sennin style training!

The beginning of the training!

In order to become stronger, Son Gokuh visits the god of martial arts, Kame Senning. With Krillin, another candidate to be a disciple of the master, the pass their first test. But Kame Sennin's training is so harsh that even Gokuh ends up exhausted! Both train really hard with no intention of giving up so that they can participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Gokuh and Krillin end up torn apart after the first day of training... Later, everything will be even harder, as they will have to carry with 20 kg turtle shells all day long.

Page 7:

An enormous improvement!

Gokuh and Krillin continue with the intensive training for 8 months. Without even noticing, they achieve so much strentgh that they can move a gigantic rock with their bare hands! They have not learnt fighting techniques, but they have a basic strength that makes it almost innecesary, and both are very happy. Then, they happily travel to the World Marital Arts Tournament with Kame Sennin.

After dropping the heavy shell, they can jump several metres high! Finally, the results of their training can be seen.

Zoom. Looking after girls as part of the training?

Kame Sennin accepts his disciples under one condition: they they bring him a hot girl! The master insists in the fact that is part of the training... But Gokuh has not seen many women in his life, so he doesn't know which of them are pretty. This was the most difficult task for the poor Gokuh!

Page 8:

Dragon Ball Games:

True or false?

Choose the correct option!

It seems easy, but it really isn't. Test your knowledge with this game of Dragon Ball questions! Read the sentences and, if you think they are correct, say "True", and if they are incorrect, say "False".

Gokuh: I don't know... Which one?

P.1. Son Gokuh won the 22nd Edition of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Throughout Dragon Ball story, we see several Martial Arts Tournaments, but Gokuh only wins one edition, the 22nd specifically. True or false?

P.2. Only Kame Sennin's pupils can use the kamehameha.

It is not crazy to say that the kamehameha is the flagship of the Kame Sennin school! By the way, is it true that only the pupils that have studied under Kame Sennin's order can use it?

P.2. Damn! So Krillins has no nose?!

We find out a shocking fact about Krillin! The rumour says that he has no nose... But, are there really people like that?

Page 9:


Illustrations gallery.

Three supersaiyans assembled!

Illustration used for a poster for Weekly Shonen Jump nº 16 1992. In the story, Gokuh and Gohan had just entered the Time and Spirit Chamber so as to train for the battle against Cell. Gohan had not achieved the supersaiyan level yet.

Page 10-11:


Illustration for the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump nº7 1995. This number was the celebration of Dragon Ball chapter 500 (About ten years!), so a special foldable cover was made, as a rectangular poster. In the story, Bu had just absorved Gohan, which made impossible for Gokuh to fuse with Gohan using the pohtala.

Page 12:


Illustration for the cover of chapter 93, published in Weekly Shonen Jump nº43 1986. In this chapter, kid Gokuh bursts in the Red Ribbon headquarters. The highlight is the magnificent treatment of the colour in the frame of the flying motorbike, possibly manufactured by Capsule Corporation.

Page 13:

Dragon Ball games. True or false? The answers.

P.1. Son Gokuh won the 22nd Edition of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

The answer is... FALSE.

Gokuh won the 23rd edition!

The first edition in which Gokuh participated was the 21st, and he got the second position, as he did in the next on. In the 23rd, Gokuh finally achieved his long desired victory.

P.2. Only Kame Sennin's pupils can use the kamehameha.

The answer is... FALSE.

Yoy can learn it through practice!

It seems that anyone able to dominate ki cane use it. For example, Ten Shin Han, who is not part of Kame Sennin's school, could dominate if only after seeing it once. Maybe it is not such a complicated technique after all...

P.3. Damn! So Krillin has no nose?!

Tne answer is... TRUE.

He has no nose, so he is not affected by scents!

Yes, it's true: Krillin has no nose. We found out about this shocking truth when he faced the dirty Bacterian in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Page 14:

Manga characters. Good and evil characters.

Kame Sennin (Mutenroshi)

He turns out to be a legendary fighter!

Kame Sennin is a grandpa who carries a big turtle shell on his back, very horny... But he actually is the great fighter Mutenroshi, famous all around the world! He accepted Gokuh as his pupils and taught him the basis of fight.

A funky and a bit perverted grandpa.

At first sight he does not seem a big deal, but he is a totally different person when things get serious! Seeing what he is capable to do, nobody would say that he is an old man!

Zoom. Lethal technique. Kamehameha.

The definitive technique from Kame Sennin's school!

This technique was created by Kame Sennin after years of training. It focuses the ki from the whole body and, after taking a particular stance, throws it to attack enemies from the distance. Its strenght is such that it is even capable of destroying the Moon with a single hit!


Her personality changes every time she sneezes!

Trying to fulfill Kame Sennin's condition of "bring me a hot girl!", Gokuh and Krillin finally find this young beautiful girl. She usually has a sweet and airheaded personality, but when she sneezes she turns into another person with a much, much violent character...

Her double personality makes her as dangerous as attractive.

When "violent Lunch" takes control, she turns into a dangerous girl that can even rob banks! When Gokuh and Krillin met her, she was running away from the police. By the way, when her personality changes, the color of the hair does so, though the reason is unknown.


The sea turtle that lives with Kame Sennin.

A sea turtle leaves with Kame Sennin in Kame House (Turtle House), a lonely island. Gokuh finds it unconscious after a journey and helps it. It was the turtle who introduced Kame Sennin to Gokuh.

Page 16:


Deep inside he is a good man!

The frightening king of Mount Frypan!

Gyuma is an evil king whose castle is in Mount Frypan. He actually is a disciple of Kame Sennin and an old friend of Gohan, Gokuh's grandfather. Looking for the Dragon Balls, Gokuh arrives to Mount Frypan and, after getting along with him, Gyuma gives him the Chishinchu, the seve stars ball.

After Gokuh and his only child, Chichi, get married, Gyuma stopped hiding his true personality and became a great father-in-law and grandfather.


Gyuma's only daughter.

She is terrible when she is angry!

At first sight she might seem a cute girl, but she can be very scary, and if you make her mad she can do anything... Her heart is pure, but she is stubborn and even forced Gokuh to promise her that he would marry her, despite the fact that Gokuh didn't even know what was the meaning of "getting married". Later, when Gokuh had grown up, both meet again in the World Martial Arts Tournament, and she reminds him of their promise... and end up getting married. After their first son is born, she stands out because of her nearly unhealthy obsession with Son Gohan's studies...

She can throw her helmet and even attack with some kind of beams... Be careful if you speak with her, because, if she is in a bad mood, you may regret it...

Page 17:


A small big king who wants to conquer the world!

The evil guy that looks for the Dragon Balls!

Pilaf is as small as evil, and wants to control the world using the Dragon Ball's power. After the failure of his first plan, he creates more plans (none of them good). For example, he tries to conquer the world through Piccolo Daimaoh's power...

Pilaf managed to steal the Dragon Balls that Gokuh and his friends had found and he almost made his wish come true.


Pilaf's loyal servant!

One of Pilaf's subordinates, who helps him achieve his ambitions. Despite being dressed as a ninja, his fighting skills are not particularly good...


A beautiful Pilaf's subordinate!

The other loyal Pilaf's servant. She is really pretty, but she is outspoken and says very vulgar things,
which causes Pilaf to reprimand her.

Page 18:

Key scenes: A rival appears! Lunch's sneezes.

Best scene 1: A rival appears. Manga vol.2, cap. 25.

Krillin is a good friend of Gokuh's, almost a brother, and he is the person who has spent most time with him. He appears for the first time in chapter 25. At the beginning, he is a despicable character who tries to get rid of Gokuh through quite dishonest strategies, but with time both become friends. Even after the end of the training, he continues his relation with Gokuh and helps him with his adventures, even fighting severely against the saiyans or Freezer's army. Gokuh considers Krillin a great friends: for example, he achieved the supersaiyan state due to the intense rage caused by his friend's death at the hands of Freezer. Their strong bond must exist due to the fact that they went through the harsh Kame Sennin's training together.

Page 19:

Best scene 2: Lunch's sneezes. Manga vol.2, cap. 27.

Lunch is the hot girl that Kame Sennin demands Gokuh and Krillin. She is sweet and honest, and accepts living with him, Kame Sennin jumps out of pure happiness! However, the girls turns out to be quite peculiar: when she sneezes, she becomes a violent outlaw! Kame Sennin himself, after ending up riddles, decides not to try anything... After joining Gokuh and his friends, it looked like Lunch would become the new heroine of the story and Bulma's replacement, but some years later, she leaves Kame House looking for Ten Shin Han... By the way, the fact that she turns blonde after sneezeing does not implies that she is a supersaiyan...[/spoiler]

Number 4.


Number 5.


Number 6.


Number 7.


Number 8.


Number 9.


Numbers 10, 11 and 12.


Numbers 13, 14 and 15.

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (01/50)

Post by FoolsGil » Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:52 pm

Maybe try VegettoEX and Herms on twitter? I don't know what to tell you on that, but this is still pretty interesting, I hope you'll keep translating and posting these. I like the page 14 image, people usually forget about King Piccolo, so it's great to see him in an image with Freeza and Cell, instead of Vegeta, Freeza and Cell.
Dragonball Exiles Chapter One. Chapter Two In Production.

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (01/50)

Post by Nafno » Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:09 pm

FoolsGil wrote:Maybe try VegettoEX and Herms on twitter? I don't know what to tell you on that, but this is still pretty interesting, I hope you'll keep translating and posting these. I like the page 14 image, people usually forget about King Piccolo, so it's great to see him in an image with Freeza and Cell, instead of Vegeta, Freeza and Cell.
They still can take the content from this thread if they want. I didn't mention that meaning "it's your loss guys", more like "I want this information to get to the fandom one way or another".

And as I said, some (most) of the content is pretty dull, but the Toriyama section in the following magazines is pretty interesting, he goes on talking about specific drawing techniques.

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (01/50)

Post by Nafno » Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:39 am

Updated with number 2. The highlight is the beginning of Toriyama's section. He starts talking about cars.

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (01/50)

Post by Nafno » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:08 pm

Updated with number 3, Toriyama's passion for newts and some trivia about Gokuh.

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (04/50)

Post by Nafno » Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:34 pm

It turns out there's a limit of characters per message that I was not aware, so I will post every new magazine in a new message, and put the link to it in the first one.

Here's number 4.

Number 4.


Puzzles and superillustrations!

I will never forgive you!

Gokuh's anger!

Q&A about Son Gokuh (Part 1) We reveal all his secrets!

The story: Gokuh's first attempt in World Martial Arts Tournament!

Page 3:


Your collectible figure: Freezer, the emperor of evil!

If you resist, I will kill you all.

A disturbing and cruel tyrant!

Freezer, who declares himself the most powerful fighter in the universe, is the embodiment of evil. This time, the figure shows the first look of the character, on his first level and sitting in his transporter. The figure has a shocking preence, as if it was going to say "I am going to kill you all!" sooner or later.


Freezer's disturbing smile is another detail that has been taken the utmost care by the modeller. The exclusive Freezer transport has been faithfully recreated from the original design from the manga.

Modeller interview:

I have chosen to shows Freezer sitting to further his imposing and terrifying presence. The shape of the transporter is both round and oval, so I've strived for a balance between both options. The best angle to look at the figure is from below. If this transporter came to you flying through the sky, it would be very scary! For me, the greatest appeal of Freezer is that, despite not looking like it, he is so strong that even Vegeta starts trembling just be hearing his name. If that is not enough, we don't really know how strong he is. If someone like hime came to Earth, he would destroy it! Don't come here, please!

Freezer has been modelled by Sawada Keisuke (Sawada Kobo), and the figure has been produced by Kimura Teruhiko (Proovy Co., Ltd.).

Page 4:

Toriyama Akira's World: Q&A. Son Gokuh (Part 2).

Son Gokuh is the most powerful hero of the universe! We continue revealing the surprising secrets and tidbits that this charismatic character hides!

P.1. Who was Gokuh's based on?

Gokuh was not created following a particular model. However, when Toriyama-Sensei drew his look and facial expression of supersaiyan Gokuh, he had Bruce Lee, the famous action movie star, in mind. Well, knowing how Toriyama.Sensei loves kung-fu movies, it is not that surprising, isn't it?

P.2. Why does Gokuh grow in the middle of the story?

In chapter 166, a rainy day that precedes the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, adult Gokuh appears for the first time. Toriyama-Sensei thought that the charming kid was not enough for the battles that were getting more intense and harsh and had became a staple of the manga. Fortunately, adult Gokuh became as popular as kid Gokuh, but changing the physical appearance of such a beloved character for Japanese readers was a risky decision that could have meant a change in the perception of the story and its success.

P.3. Where does Kakarotto, Son Gokuh's saiyan name, come from?

Gokuh's saiyan name, Kakarotto, cames from the English word carrot. In fact, the root saiya- (from saiyan) is a change in the order of the syllables from the word yasai, that means vegetable in japanese.

Page 5:


Toriyama Akira: Pictures and letters.

My hobbies (miniatures)

Toriyama-Sensei's column, Dragon Ball's author! This time, he talks about model kits!

I've built model kits since I was a child.

I've been fascinated by modeling since I was a kid, but now I am so busy that I¡ve close to no time to dedicate to modeling, that are piled up. I have so many that I would need like three life to build all of them. I don't care what is the model about as long as I like its design: I have tanks, planes, cars, motorbikes, boats, scifi vehicles, etc... Those pics on the right are the mountain of model kits that I have in a box room, and I also have in the corridor, because I can't fit more in the box room. The picture below is of a small room (2 by 2 metres) that I use as a workshop. The curious thing is that, as I put the aquariums for my pets in my original workshop, now I have no choice but to work in this small room. It is untidy and full of stuff, in this picture is relatively clean. This forces me to put the working tools away every time, and I usually can't find some of my drawing tools. However, this small room makes me feel comfortable and I quite like it...

Page 6:

Dragon Ball Summary . Episodes 33 to 45. First attempt in a World Martial Arts Tournament!

Kame Sennin's school superiority!

Gokuh and Krillin participate for the first time in the World Martial Arts Tournament, where the best fighter of the world is chosen! After passing the preliminary stage easily, they win the first round of the final stage and reach the semi-final. On the other hand, Yamcha, who put Gokuh against the ropes, indisputable falls against the mysterious elder Jackie Chun!

Gokuh wears Kame Sennin's school gi. Throughout his life, Gokuh will face his enemies wearing it, though with different symbols.

Page 7:

Red hot semi-finals!

In the first semi-final fight, we see the clash between Krillin and Jackie Chan, Yamcha's executioner! Krillin offers some resistance, but he retires after the elder shows that he is clearly superior. In the second semi-final, Gokuh faces Nam, a rival that uses a powerful technique: "the x hit from the sky"! Both have an intense aerial fight, but Gokuh finally manages to send Nam out of the ring and get a position in the final.

In his semi-final, Krillin has a great battle against Jackie Chan (who is actually Kame Sennin!), but he is defeated, though he earns the praise of his rival and the support of the audience. The veteran fighter suffers from cold sweats seeing how Gokuh continously strongly wins his battles...

Zoom: What is the World Martial Arts Tournament?

It is a competition in which the strongest fighter of the world is decided. It takes place once every five year (every three years after the 22nd edition). Out of the more than 100 contenders, the best 8 take part in the final tournament. Everyone can participate, no matter their age or sex, and the price for the winner is half millon zenis. Along Dragon Ball, we see several editions of the tournament, and the jury and announcer is always the same character.

Page 8:


Dragon Ball Games:

Dismantled puzzle challenge!

This is so confusing...

Do you know what piece is unnecesary?

Wow! This Dragon Ball picture is totally broken! But... isn't there something weird? It looks like, among the pieces from A to P, there's one that was not in the original drawing.

Page 9:


Illustrations gallery.

Supersaiyan's anger!

Illustration used for the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump nº21/22 1991. In the story, the battle between supersaiyan Gokuh and Freezer got to its climax. This illustration has a lot of strenght, so it fits the moment.

Page 10:


Illustration for the cover of chapter 255, published in Weekly Shonen Jump nº5 1990. In this number, two Dragon Ball chapters were published, so this illustration was thought as a couple together with the one on the right. The situation is funny, as it shows us Piccolo at the dribing school, trying to get his driving license. Do you think he got it?

Page 11:


Illustration for the over of chapter 256, published in Weekly Shonen Jump nº5 1990. It was created immediately after the one on the left and it was partially planned in order that Toriyama Sensei could save time. However, the color is different and there are small differences between the pictures.

Page 12:


Illustration published in the extra Autumn Special (on sale in Autumn 1985) of Weekly Shonen Jump. In this illustration we can see Son Gokuh, his friends Krillin and Yamcha, and the rest contenders of the 21st Tournament: Jackie Chan, Nam, Baterian, Giran and Ranfan.

Page 13:


Dragon Ball games.

Dismantled puzzle challenge!

This is the illustration assembled!

Hey, There was a picture of me as a child...

The answers is... L.

If we pay attention, there are two Gokuhs in different pieces. Consequently, one of those pieces is out of place!

Page 14:

Manga characters: World Martial Arts Tournament Contenders.


He gives his all training under Kame Sennin's orders!

Gokuh's best friend!

Krillin was accepted as a disciple of Kame Sennin together with Gokuh and he learnt martial arts with him. At the beginning, his motivation was questionable, but after a harsh training and an obvious improvement, he becomes a good fighter. A strong bond of friendship is created between Gokuh and him, and both end up being excellent friends. By the way, Krillin is not bald, he shaves his head. Though we don't know why he doesn't have a nose... maybe he is an alien?

Krillin and Gokuh fought in the World Martial Arts Tournament. After an intense clash in which both showed their strength, the battle ended up with Gokuh's victory.

With Kame Sennin.

Originally, Krillin was a bad user of Chinese martial arts, but after Kame Sennin's teaching he even dominates the kamehameha.

His personality.

At the beginning he cheated in the midst of the training. But as his teachings advance, he traings body and spirit and becomes a "good guy" who worries about his friends.

Page 15:

Jackie Chun.

Acutally, he is Kame-Sennin!

The mysterious fighter of the tournament.

A not very serious elder that is hard to read. This big martial arts master fights at the final of the 21st Big Tournament against Gokuh and gets his victory. He turns out to be Son Gokuh's master, kame Sennin, also known as Mutenroshi. At the end, he never revealed to his pupils that he really was the good old Jackie Chan.

He disguises and takes part in the Big World Martial Arts Tournament to stop Gokuh and Krillin from considering themselves stronger than they are. Time shows that his worries were not needed, as both ended up being noble fighters.

Zoom. Lethal technique: Deadly shock. Jackie Chan secret ace!

Bankoku bikkuri sho, which literally means "hands that amaze the world", best known as "deadly shock", is an attack that launches ki through the palms of the hands in a way that is similar to an electric shock, and is Jackie Chun's deadliest technique. Those who receive his technique are paralized due to the intense pain. Gokuh surpasess it by looking at the Moon by chance and turning into an ohzaru,

Page 16:


He fights for his people!

He is in the tournament to get some water!

He participates in the Big Martial Arts Tournament with the goal of winning the prize and buying water for his town, that is suffering a severe drought. He has a hard battle against Gokuh, but loses.

Despite not being able to win the prize, Mutenroshi helps him get water.

Zoom. Lethal technique: The x hit from the sky.

A formidable technique in which he jumps very high and then falls over his rival with his arms making the shape of an X. If he lands the hit, the impact is able of leaving his rival unconscious for several days.


He put Gokuh in trouble with his most effective technique...

The monster that fought against Gokuh.

Another contender in the final stage of the 21st Big Martial Arts Tournament. His dinosaur appearance makes him look like a monster. He fights against Gokuh in the first round, but gives up after seeing him fighting seriously.

Giran is able to immobilize Gokuh with his most lethal attack, glue glue gum. It looks like he will get his victory, but...

Zoom. Lethal technique. Glue glue gum.

A technique that Giran uses to immobilize his rival throwing a gum-like substance through his mouth. Glue glue gum is very flexible and is almost impossible for a normal person to escape.

Page 17:


As strong as dirty.

One of the contenders of the final stage in the 21st Big Martial Arts Tournament. He has a gigantic body and a colossal strenght. His most powerful weapon is his disgusting body that sends out a sickening odor that makes his rivals lose the will to fight. However, that doesn't work against Krillin, who has no nose.


She confuses her enemies with her charms!

Ranfan is a beautiful contender in the final stage of the 21st Big Martial Arts Tournament. His strategy is being as sexy as possible so her man rivals low their guard, and use that moment to launch lethal attacks. He makes the shy and reserved Nam have a hard time, but is easily defeated when he gets serious and attacks.


He is the one who puts some order in the Big Tournament!

The man that wears sunglasses is both announcer and judge in the final stage of the Big Martial Arts Tournament, a true profesional who does not abandon his job even if his life is in danger. By seeing them fight over and over, he becomes one of the few people who know the true strenght of Gokuh and his friends.

Page 18.

Key scenes: Gokuh's tail. The mysterious Jackie Chun.

Best scene 1: Gokuh's tail. Manga vol.3, cap.40

Gokuh solves a difficult situation thanks to his tail, that grows for the first time since it was cut during the escape from Pilaf's castle! And it looks like the tail makes him stronger, to the point of being able to destroy Giran's glue glue cum! While Krillin feels surprised, Bulma and the others worry a lot... Because with the tail, Gokuh can turn into an enormous monkey if he looks at the full Moon! So those who know this fact are more than worried.What they don't know is that their fear will become true in this precise tournament... By the way, if saiyans tails are cut, as happened to Gokun, it grows again, but the time required is unknown.

Page 19:

Best scene 2: The mysterious Jackie Chun. Manga vol.3, cap. 43.

When Krillin's kick throws Jackie Chun out of the ring, it seems that all hope is lost for the elder! But in that moment, Chun uses a kamehameha, that supposedly only Kame Sennin knows, to come back to the ring and save himself from such delicate situation. He really is Kame Sennin, so he obviosly can throw a kamehameha, but the audience is left open-mouthed. Krillin, his rival, gets paralyzed. By the way, the kamehameha, the most iconic Dragon ball technique, is so powerful that is useful even against rivals as trong as Freezer of Cell. Probably, Kame Sennin never thought that his technique could save the world. Another curious thing: during the tournament final, Jackie Chun's kamehameha will end up disintegrating something very big! What could it be?![/spoiler]

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (04/50)

Post by ciccioDM » Mon Mar 05, 2018 12:18 pm

I remember this collection! It was released in Italy too!
Unfortunately I only had the first number, but someday I think I might buy the complete thing (also for the cool figures) on eBay, so maybe I can help you too with this project!
You are doing a great job, anyways. I hope all this material gets the spotlight, someday. It's a shame only we europeans know about it.

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (04/50)

Post by Nafno » Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:56 am

Number 5 marks the beginning of a series of articles in which Toriyama tells us about his working tools and how he uses them.

Number 5:


Puzzles and superillustrations!

The warrior that came from the future!

Gokuh's anger!

Toriyama Akira's shows us his working tools!

Manga characters: Red Ribbon's villains!

Page 3:

Your collectible figure: Trunks, the kid that came from the future!

No mercy against the androids!

He draws his sword in his first appearance!

Doctor Gero, a member of the Red Ribbon army, has created some terrible androids! To defend mankind from this threat, Trunks arrives from the future using a Time Machine. The figure is inspired by his first appearance. This scene, in which some henchman of a reconstructed Freezer are defeated in an instant, is something we will never forget.


The figure represents his first appearance, in chapter 331. We can see the smalll Capsule Corporation logo included in his left shoulder. The model has a severe facial expression that represents Trunks stoic character perfectly.

Modeller interview:

In the manga, you can only see the upper half of his body, so I had to imagine the position of his legs. Seeing the figure, one can only think that he is about to draw his sword... right? An interesting aspect of this figure is his wardrobe design, very detailed, and typical of Toriyama sensei. This design creates a contrast with the simple clothes that the other characters used at that time. This time I have put special care in his boots. I think that a good way to enjoy this figure is to compare it with the scene in the original manga.

Freezer has been modelled by Nakazawa Hiroyuki, and the figure has been produced by Kimura Teruhiko (Proovy Co., Ltd.).

Page 4:

Toriyama Akira's world.

Toriyama sensei's lesson! How to draw Gokuh – Basic level.

Toriyama Akira, Dragon Ball's creator, teaches you how to draw Son Gokuh! The basic level is very simple, so you will be able to draw him in an insant!

Hello, I am Toriyama. You can also draw Gokuh, it's quite easy!

Toriyama sensei says: "You will nece only paper, a pen, a marker and an eraser. The first step is to draw an egg shaped figure using the pen, as well as a cross that will be a reference to know where to put eyes and mouth. In the second step, you will outline the silhouette of his hair. Drawing Gokuh means imitating his hair correctly. To finish up, outline the drawing with the marker and erase the pen lines that bother you. That's it!

Extra: Son Gohan.

To draw kid Son Gohan properly, you have to emphasize his youth. Be careful! If you draw his hair too long, he will look like a girl. Toriyama himself gives us this tip: "The silhouette of his face is almost circular. To make him look like Gohan you should place his eyes slightly lower than those of an adult".

Page 5:


Toriyama Akira: Pictures and letters.

My favourite tools.

Toriyama Akira himself shows us his hobbies and passions. He has taken the photos!

Ruler. Brush, Eraser.Ink. Pen holder. Leadholder.

My beloved work tools!

These are the tools I use to draw manga. That I specially requested for me, but I've tried some kinds of paper that you can find in any stationery shop, even those that are close to home, and I've found that they are way better! Oda Eiichiro, One Piece's author, was the one who told me about it. The eadholder is a cheap one, and uses 0,5 mm 2B leads. The erases is a normal plastic one, those which don't leave debris. I sometimes use a longer ruler, depending on the needs. I used the brush to give colour using coloured ink. Be careful when choosing the brush: you need a good one to do the job It has to properly absorb the pain, and drop it little by little through the tip. For the dip pen I use indelible ink, water resistent, but a bit thick, which makes it difficult to use. Actually, using normal chinese ink is the best choice, but it isn't water resistent. I messed up some originals once because I spilled the tea on them, so now I always use this kind of ink, just in case. I've always used dib pens from a brand called Zebra. In the next issue, I will tell you more things about the pen holder.

This is pretty worn-out!

Page 6:

Dragon Ball Summary . Episodes 46 to 54. Gokuh vs Jackie Chan, the great battle!

An even match!

Gokuh manages to get to the final round of the 21st Great Martial Arts Tournament, and he has to fight against Jackie Chun! The match is even, but Chun start losing his patience, and uses the dangerous technique "deadly shock"! The user of this technique can torture his rival with a powerful electrical shock! Gokuh can't move... But right when he was about to give up, the Full Moon appears and Gokuh turns into a giant monkey! Gokuh starts destroying everything... How will Chun solve this...?!

Afterimage vs afterimage! Gokuh vs Jackie Chun, this is sparking! Until Gokuh suffers a monstruous transformation and forgets about the combat...!

Page 7:

Gokuh is defeated!

Jackie Chun destroys the moon, and Gokuh returns to his normal form! As both are exhausted, the winner is chosen with a hand to hand clash, in which Chun's experience shows up, making him the winner of the Great Tournament. Gokuh decides to look for his grandfather's Dragon Ball and train to become stronger.

The last clash ends with both laying on the ground. After the tournament, Gokuh starts a new adventure to look for the sushinchu, the Ball that his grandfather gave him.

Zoom: Experience is the key to win.

It was a brutal clash between Son Gokuh, the wild genius, and Jackie Chun (Kame Sennin's alter ego), with hundreds of fights of experience. The fight could only be ended with experience. Chun took the intelligent decision of taking the combat to the air, because Gokuh was not as skillfull as he was on the ground. However, this loss motivated our heroe to continue training and to become stronger. Losing this tournament was the last lesson that Kame Sennin gave to his pupil.

Page 8:


Dragon Ball Games:

Whose technique is this?!

Join each technique with its user!

Do you know which one is my technique?

In Dragon Ball you meet every kind of matial artists, which allows use to witness a great variety of different techniques! Here we have chosen some of them.. Could you join each one of them with the character that uses them? The silhouettes in the pictures can be used as hints!

Crusher Ball. Four supernatural fists. Big Bang Attack. Hell Flash.

Page 9:


Illustration gallery:

The bearer of future and hope!

Cover of the side story called Trunks story: The last warrior, published in the double issue Weekly Shonen Jump 36/37 1992. A drawing that defines Trunks' loneliness, being the only one capable of facing the androids in a future in which Gokuh has died. The manga was in the point in which supersaiyan Trunk challenged Cell, who has recently achieved perfection.

Pages 10/11:


Illustration used for the poster of Weekly Shonen Jump nº21 1987. It was also used as a cover of the chapter 120. It shows Krillin vs Chaoz during the 22nd Great Martial Arts Tournament. In the drawing you can see the main contestants.

Page 12:


Illustration used for the July and August page of a 1990's calendar that came with Weekly Shonen Jump nº5 1990. The plot in this moment was focused on Freezer and Vegeta looking for the Dragon Balls in planet Namek. In this illustration Gokuh and the others are shown chasing the Dragon Ball, probably to reflect the spirit of that saga.

Page 13:


Dragon Ball Games:

Whose technique is this?! The answers.

Who uses what?!

The one who uses the Crasher Ball is... jeice!

Crusher Ball is Jeice's technique. He is a member of the Ginyu Tokusentai. What an awesome energy ball!

The one who uses the Big Bang Attack is... Vegeta!

A lethal technique that Vegeta uses as a supersaiyan. This attack finished A-19 off immediately!

The one who uses the four supernatural fists is... Ten Shin Han!

Ten Shin Han can grow two extra arms... which put Gokuh in severe trouble!

The one who uses the Hell Flash is... A-16!

A-16 can launch two powerful energy waves from his arms! He managed to hurt Cell using it!

Page 14:

Manga characters: Red Ribbon's villains!

General Red.

Red Ribbon's leader!

His height is a small but big flaw!

Here we have the undeniable leader of Red Ribbon's army, the evil troops that plan to conquer the world. This man sends his soldiers to gather the Dragon balls to fulfill hsi wish. He is cruel and merciless, and gets rid of every henchmen who thinks differently, so he is not exactly beloved...

He wants to be taller by using the Dragon Balls.

He is so evil that is willing to use evert possible resource to achieve his goals. For example, he even hired Tao Pai Pai, the most renowned assassin in the world.

Zoom: The Red Ribbon Army.

The Red Ribbon Army, directed by General Red, is the biggest private military organisation in the world. Its soldiers, well-armed and well-trained, look for the Dragon Balls. However, they can't do much against titans such as Gokuh or Kame Sennin.

Page 15:

Assistant Black.

He betrays General Red!

Black, General Red's assistant and number 2 of the organization, obeys his boss' orders at first. When he finally knows his ridiculous goal, he murders him and takes control of the organization. Gokuh arrives to the base and defeats him.

He gets furious after discovering that General Red's wish is something that absurd, being taller.

He can defend himself in hand to hand combat and even challenges Gokuh, but obviosuly ends up being defeated.

Zoom: The robot counterattack!

Surprised by Gokuh's enormous strength, assistant Black uses a Red Ribbon robot to finish him! As you can expect from a military robot, it is armed to the teeth. However, Gokuh kicks the giant missiles back at him and confirms his defeat.

Page 16:

Major Silver.

Officer of the Red Ribbon Army.

Silver is a captain of the Red Ribbon Army that looks for the Dragon Balls. They are difficult to find, so he loses his patience.

He faces Gokuh while both are looking for the Dragon Balls. He challenges him, but is utterly defeated.

Major Yellow.

He takes Upa as hostage!

An officer of the Red Ribbon Army who looks for the Dragon Ball that is in Karin's sacred land. Bora, the protector of the sacred land, stops him.

Major Violet.

Beautiful and dangerous soldier.

An officer of the Red Ribbon Army who uses Bulma's Dragon Radar, which was brought by Colonel Blue. She finds one of the Balls.

Page 17:

Colonel White.

The lord of Muscle Tower!

He attacks Gokuh with his men!

An officer of the Red Ribbon Army who looks for the Dragon Balls in the northern land. He threatens the inhabitants of the place from his Muscle Tower and forces them to look for the Dragon Balls.

He is a coward and takes a hostage as soon as he realized he can't defeat Gokuh.

Zoom: The Muscle Tower.

Colonel White's base is a six-floor tower. Each floor is defended by a prominent soldier from the Colonel's troops, who is on the last floor, where he gives orders. Several traps and stages, such as a ninja house and a labyrinth, are prepared to stop enemies.

Page 18.

Key scenes: The troubled Great Martial Arts Tournament. The climax.

Best scene 1: The troubled Great Martial Arts Tournament. Manga vol.5, cap.51.

Jackie Chan launches an enorumous full powered Kamehameha against Gokuh, who was a threat after transforming into a giant monkey when he saw the Full Moon during the final. Everyone thought that Gokuh had died, but... No, there he is, laying on the ring in his normal child form! Chun has destroyed no other than the Moon itself! The simplest way of turning Gokuh back to normal is cutting his tail, but it grows back with time. Chun's choice, destroying the Moon, is the most effective solution to stop Gokuh from transforming into a giant monkey. Of course, a normal person would never think about that, and it would be impossible to execute such plan. This scene shows again Chun's (or rather, Kame Sennin's) incredible strength, being capable of destroying a celestial body with his own ki. As the story progresses, tons of enemies capable of destroying planets with ease appear, but in this moment, Kame Sennin was the most powerful character.

Page 19:

Best scene 2: The climax. Manga vol.5, cap.53.

The final moment is here: both fighters clash in the air! They are suffering so much they can't even get up before the judge counts to ten... At this point, the rules of the Great Martial Arts Tournament establish that the first to get up and claim his victory shouting "I am the winner!" will be victorious. As fresh as a cucumber, Chun gets up with a brilliant smile in his face and proclaims his victory! This is the first time that Gokuh loses a fight We think that the reason was that the sensei had a clear goal, while Gokuh fought for no particular reason. We wonder if Ten Shin Han or Piccolo would have complied with this peculiar rule... What do you think?[/spoiler]

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (05/50)

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Number 6, Toriyam's first penholder that he still uses nowadays, and some connections between Nº8 and the future androids.

Number 6:


Puzzles and superillustrations!

No one will be able to stop me!

Chapter's summaries: The terrifying Muscle Tower battle!

Key scenes:
Buyon's conquest!
The end of Muscle Tower!

Page 3:

Your collectible figure: Boo, a strong and innocent enemy!

I will turn you into candy!


The figure with its left hand raised shows Boo's childish innocence, a cheerful posture that creates a contrast with the evil look in his eyes. The figure portrays both his naivety and his wickedness.

Inspired by a cover.

Chapter 461's cover has inspired this figure. Throughout the story, Boo undergones several different transformations, but this figure shows the fatty shape he shows when he is liberated from the egg that kept him imprisoned. Pay close attention to the folds of his cape are perfectly reproduced, despite not being in the illustration.

Modeller interview:

Characters with thin limbs require a delicate approach. But in chubby figures such at this one, it is easy to include a resilient frame, so they are easier to make. In my opinion, the most interesting thing of this figure is the contrast between the upper part of the body, with soft lines, and the lower part, the pants and its folds. If you compare it with the cover, the left arm is even more raised, making his belly more prominent, in a similar way to what he showed when he fought Mr. Satan. The best angle to look at it is face to face, but from the side you can appreciate its prominent belly.

Freezer has been modelled by Nakazawa Hiroyuki, and the figure has been produced by Kimura Teruhiko (Proovy Co., Ltd.).

Page 4:

Toriyama Akira's world.

Toriyama sensei's lesson! How to draw Gokuh – Basic level.

In this section, Toriyama Akira teaches you how to draw Son Gokuh. You only need paper, a pen, a marker and an eraser.

Hello, I am Toriyama. Have fun drawing.

Toriyama sensei says: The first step is the same as the one in the basic level, draw an egg-shaped circle and a cross. The neck is thick and strong, so you should draw wide shoulders. In the second step, use the chin as a point of reference in order to draw his electrical hairstyle. To finish up, use the marker to fill the balack parts and that's all. He is far from a thoughtful character, so you should draw him in a way that makes him seem happy. To be honest, the steps to draw Gokuh's, Vegeta's and Piccolo's faces are mostly the same. If you take Gokuh and change his hairstyle and his eyes, you will have Vegeta and Piccolo (smiles).

Extra: Vegeta.

Even if Vegeta's faces is nothing like Gokuh's, the steps are mostly the same. If you keep those evil eyes that Vegeta has but change the hair, you can also draw supersaiyan Gokuh.

Page 5:

Toriyama Akira: Pictures and letters.

My favourite tools (Penholder).

Toriyama Akira tells us about his inseparable pen holder that he has been using since he started drawing manga, and used it to create Dragon Ball.

I have always used it.

A 40-years-old pencil holder!

I would like to show you the pen holder that I've been using for four decades. He has been my loyal teammate since I started using it when I was 14 years old. As a kid, I was not really interested in drawing manga, so I bought it almost by accident. I normally cut the holders, because my drawings are worse with the long ones. This one has been modified so you can put the pen inside. Since I started working as a professional draftsman, I have had to buy several pen holders, but I always came bock to this one, so I have used it in every maga I have drawn. And I have used it carelessly, and I was always looking for it because I didn't know where I had left it. As I don't draw as much lately, I have had to move Heaven and Earth to find it. I was looking for it more than half an hour in order to make this photo.

Page 6:

Dragon Ball Summary . Episodes 55 to 67. The terrifying Muscle Tower Battle!

The battle against the Red Ribbon Army begins!

Looking for the sushinchu, the ball that his grandpa gave him, Gokuh starts an intense and exciting fight against the evil Red Ribbon Army. During his adventure, Gokuh suffers an accident and lands in the middle of a snowy place, where he is rescued by Sune, a kid from Jingle town. When he finds out that the mayor has been kidnapped by the Red Ribbon Army, Gokuh heads towards the Muscle Tower in order to save him.

Gokuh is rescued almost frozen. Then, he heads up towards Muscle Tower in order to set the mayor free. Android 8 appears here too!

Page 7:

Countless enemies await!

Several powerful enemies await inside the Muscle Tower, such as Sargeant Metallic and Captain Murasaki. Thanks to the help of Android 8, Gokuh finally gets to the last floor of the tower and faces the man in charge, Colonel White. After rescuing the mayor and also getting the ryanshinchu, Gokuh sets off to West City to have Bulma repair the Dragon Radar.

Zoom: Muscle Tower terrifying structure!

The Muscle Tower is a six-floor building, and each floor hosts strong assassins that keep intruders from entering. As you go up, the guardians are more and more powerful, and the monster that is in the last floor, Buyon, can even deflect kamehamehas. According to Captain Murasaki, the guardian of the fourth floor, not many pass through floor three, that is guarded by Sargeant Metalic. Consequently, Murasaki and Colonel White don't normally have a chance to fight. It is also important to mention that the fourth and fifth floor are a labyrinth and, if not for Android 8's help, Gokuh would have had serious problems.

Page 8:

Dragon ball Games: The supersaiyans in order of appearance.

Put them in order of appearance!

Remember the story!

Only the chosen saiyans can awake the supersaiyan that lies inside them. The five characters that you can see in the picture are warriors that turned into supersaiyans in a certain moment of the story. Remember the story and arrange them in order of appearance!

Page 9:

Illustration gallery: What a strong guy!

Illustration for the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump Nº17 1995, in which the chapter 512 was published. In this chapter, good Boo faced evil Boo (the wickedness expelled by the first one) in order to defend Mr. Satan. The illustration shows Majin Bu holding Gokuh and the other characters.

Pages 10-11:

Illustration included in Weekly Shonen Jump Nº23 1986 and also used in the Catch Phrase Grand Prix contest, in which they ask their readers to create a slogan for the manga. The chapter shows the showdown against Colonel Blue, and in the illustration you can see an air combat against Red Ribbon's planes.

Page 12:

Illustration for the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump Nº7 1985. At the right you can see Bulma and Shenron in the background of the cover. Those illustration were also original, of course, and combined during the assembling phase of the cover.

Page 13:

Dragon ball Games: The supersaiyans in order of appearance. The answers.

The correct orders is...:

1. Son Gokuh. He turns into supersaiyan fighting against Freezer, and he is the first one to achieve it.

2. Trunks: He comes from the future to defeat the androids and is the second one to show himself as a supersaiyan.

3. Vegeta: In his fight against Nº19, Vegeta turns into supersaiyan.

4. Son Gohan: He turns into supersaiyan while training to fight against Cell.

5. Son Goten: Training with Gohan, Goten easily turns into supersaiyan, to his brother's surprise.

Page 14:

Manga characters: The powerful enemies of the Muscle Tower.

Sargeant Metallic!

The guardian of the third floor of the tower!

He protected the third floor of the Muscle Tower and fought against Son Gokuh following Colonel White's order. His face was expresionless and was definitely not a man of words, but his resilient body allowed him to endure Gokuh's attack without moving an inch. In fact, he was a robot, and tried to counterattack even after beind partially destroyed by Gokuh's kamehameha. However, he ran out of energy and turned off in the most critical movement.

A robotic sargeant hard to crack!

Gokuh's kamehameha destroys his head. Despite that, he continued his fight, surprising Gokuh, who didn't know that he was a robot. If he had had enough energy, our heroe would have had serious problems.

He launches missiles through his mouth! An extraordinary attack that only robots can do. He is literally armed to the teeth.

Page 15:

Captain Murasaki.

A skilled ninja!

A bit scatterbrained guy?

The guardian of the fourth floor of the Muscle Tower is Murasaki, a ninja as skilled as you can get, and could also be considered Colonel White's right hand. He is a bit crazy, and made a ridiculous performance against Gokuh, which was disappointing for his boss. They actually were actually quintuplets, and all of them faced Gokuh with fatal consequences.

He tries to act as a proud ninja, but against an unorthodox adversary as Gokuh, he can't show his habilities. Gokuh found out while he was using his best concealing technique.

Zoom: Lethal technique. Ninjutsu. He used several different ninja techniques!

Murasaki is a master of shuriken, katanas and other bladed weapons, and is an expert in techniques such as walking over the water. But Gokuh can easily jump it, so his honour as a ninja is called into question.

Page 16:


A monster with bubble-gum body!

Cold is his weakness?

He is shut in the fifth floor of the Muscle Tower. His body is flabby and elatic, so every attack used against him has no effect. Despite being able to finish off any intruder, Gokuh has a spark of genious and freezes him, destroying his hardened body with a single hit afterwards.He doesn't talk and doesn't seem to be very intelligent.

Buyon throws devastating attacks with his tail. In terms of strenght, he is powerful and flexible rival. He can use his long tongue to catch and devour his preys.

He doesn't only bounce physical hits, but also the kamehameha. Gokuh was completely lost when he remembered that cold hardened the body, so he broke one of the walls of the tower and froze Buyon.

Page 17:

Number 8.

He helps Gokuh! A good-hearted android!

An android created by the Red Ribbon Army and imprisoned inside the Muscle Tower. When Gokuh cornered Captain Murasai, he set him free from a dungeon so he could fight against our heroe. However, he hated fighting, so he betrayed the Red Ribbon Army and befriended Gokuh. He had a bomb inside his body.

He was created for evil, but maybe due to a mistake during his making, he turned into a kind a good-hearted android. He normally has a quiet personality, but if he gets angry, he can be terrible! To Gokuh's surprise, he could knock out the coward Colonel White with a single hit.

Zoom: The android series.

Number 8 is, as his name indicates, the 8th android in a series of androids created by Doctor Gero, who would secretly improve his skills afterwards in order to create a whole range of androids, more powerful and outstanding.

Page 18:

Key scenes: Buyon's conquest. The end of the Muscle Tower!

Best Scene 1 Buyon's conquest. Manga vol.6, cap. 65.

You can't say that Gokuh is clever, not even as a compliment. However, while fighting, he can come up with the most amazing ideas in order to escape from a dangeroussituation. In his fight against Buyon, a monster with soft body that could receive physical attack and the kamehameha with no harm, Gokuh created an intelligent strategy. Despite being between a rock and a hard place, I kept calm. He rememberd his experience being frozen and broke the wall of the tower to freeze his enemy! After that, he only had to break the monster's frozen body to finish him off. This is an example of how Gokuh can turn the tables of a battle against all odds. He might be a genious after all!

Page 19:

Best scene 2: The end of the Muscle Tower! Manga vol.6, cap 66.

Number 8, the kind android, hates fighting. However, the power inside him is way higher than Gokuh's. His true intensity is shown when Colonel White shoots Gokuh with his Powered Gun, leaving him KO. He is unscathed after taking a bullet, and punches the colonel sending him beyond the horizon! The prototype of other androids that would appear in the second half ot the story, with the strenght of Cell or Nº17, was already perfectly developed![/spoiler]

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (06/50)

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Have the pages concerning how the various SS forms work coming soon?
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How the Black Arc Should End (by Lightbing!):

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (06/50)

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ekrolo2 wrote:Have the pages concerning how the various SS forms work coming soon?
I don't really remember if those pages are in this collection, but if they are, yes, I will translate them sooner or later.

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (06/50)

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Number 7. Toriyama shows us his library and we can see the only color illustration in which he drew Son Gokuh wearing the saiyan armour.


Puzzles and superillustrations!

Come on, guys... Let's have fun!

Toriyama Sensei's master class: Draw Gokuh – Advanced level.

The exciting fight against Colonel Blue!

Kid Gokuh: A hopeless adventurer!

Page 3:

Your collectible figure: Kid Gokuh riding Kinton!

Uaaah! I can fly through the sky!

Kid Gokuh.

His posture, full of strength and energy, make you almost hear him screaming out loud. Kinton is painted using a color gradient to give a 3D sensation. The introduction of Kinton added a few positive elements to Dragon Ball. On the one hand, aerial shoots became more frequent, and on the other hand, the ability of instantly arriving to their destiny added dynamism to the story.

Gokuh gets on Kinton!

The figure faithfully postrays the scene when Gokuh gets on Kinton for the first time in chapter 4. As it happened before training with Kame Sennin, his gi is blue. Kinton was formerly owned by Karin Sennin, who gave it to Kame Sennin and then ended up being Gokuh's. Its ability of flying through the blue sky makes it a perfect complement for someone like Gokuh, who lives his life with no strings attached.

Modeller interview:

I recreated a happy and young Gokuh when he had just met Bulma. This facial expression is that of a kid, with an open mouth that let you see his perfect teeth, and it is a very common trait in every Toriyama's character. To model Kinton I considered its size and the position of every wave, so as to avoid a monotonous result. The vortexes change direction alternatively. I recommend look at this figure from the front side and the left diagonal; if you look it from a slightly lower angle you can appreciate Gokuh riding Kinton in all his might.

Kid Gokuh has been modelled by Nakazawa Hiroyuki, and the figure has been produced by Kimura Teruhiko (Proovy Co., Ltd.).

Page 4:

Toriyama Akira's world.

Toriyama sensei's lesson! How to draw Gokuh – Advanced level.

You will be able to recreate a young and well-proportioned Gokuh with great realism. His creator, Toriyama Sensei, teaches you how! Don't miss out his lessons!

Hello, I am Toriyama. Do you have the courage to draw a perfect Gokuh?

Toriyama sensei says: You need the same tools that you used in the basic and medium level; that is, a sheet of paper, a pen, a marker and an eraser. Actually, when I was drawing the manga, my outlines looked very much like this. Facing this level seems a little premature, so we will only focus on the shape of his face. The steps are the same than those from the medium level, and then you have to add the details. He is a manga character, so the position of his eyes, nose and mouth is different from those of a real person: they are a bit lower if you look at his face as a whole.

Extra: Freezer.

He seems easy to draw at first, but Toriyama says: Those characters that look apparently simple as the hardest for me to draw. Consequently, special attention must be paid to them. The eyes are the most difficult part.

Page 5:

Toriyama Akira: Pictures and letters.

My favourite tools (bibliography).

There are a lot of books, don't you think?

For a manga artist, documentation is important. Toriyama shows us his professional library.

Look how many books!

This time I would like to show you my archive, or rather, my library. I am not the kind of person who relies a lot on bibliography, but, if the situation requires it, looking some information up is very useful. I have books with landscapes from different countries, about the middle age, monter encyclopedias, movies, people, and even books with some nudity pictures, though most of them are my wife's, the most refined ones! (haha). I barely read any manga, most of the mangas are from other members of my family, or my works. For some time now I have been documenting myself through the Internet, as I save time. The small picture shows some books that I use as a reference for models and work; I have a lot of old numbers of miniature magazines. I also save military magazines and books about planes, tanks and weapons. I obviously despise war, but my interest on mechanics has made me appreciate the beauty and functionality of this kind of military vehicles. The other picture shows bookshelves with books about bikes, motorbikes and other means of transport. I normally put my books on the shelves and pile them up. When the shelves are full, I put them on the ground. I am planning to expand the room soon.

Page 6:

Dragon Ball Summary . Episodes 68 to 83. The exciting fight against Colonel Blue!

Traps in the pirate base!

Gokuh meets Bulma and Krillin again in Kame Sennin's island and they all head towards the pirate secret base, where the Dragon Ball is located! On the way, they come across Colonel Blue, from the Red Ribbon army, and the pirate's traps. Gokuh defeats Colonel Blue and our heroes get the Dragon Ball. But the breather is not longer than an instant, because the pirate secret base starts collapsing...

A pirate robot which acts as a guardian that banishes the intruders, a cave that breaks down after getting the treasure... A series of horrible traps put Gokuh and his friends in danger.

Page 7:

Chase to Penguin village!

After working hard in order to get three Dragon Balls, Colonel Blue steals them from Gokuh! He chases him without a rest and they fight again in Penguin Village. Thanks to the aid of its inhabitants, Gokuh recovers the magical spheres, though Colonel Blue escapes with the Dragon Radar.

Kinton, the cloud that Gokuh uses for transport, has nothing to be ashamed of in terms of speed against the Red Ribbon planes they are so proud of. Even though it seems that Colonel Blue is cornered, he takes Arale, one of the villagers of Penguien Village, as a hostage. However, the kid has an superhuman strenght that surpasses even Gokuh's...

Zoom. Who is this kid?

A kid wearing glasses rides Kinton alongside Gokuh. Her name is Norimaki Arale, and she is the main character of Dr. Slump, a manga that achieved great success in Japan and was created by Toriyama Akira before Dragon Ball. She is actually an android! Dr. Slump tells us, in a comedic way, the life or Arale and her neighbours who live in Penguin Village. In this story arc, both characters share some memorable scenes. Several other characters from Dr. Slump also have their stellar moment, are you willing to look for them?

Page 8:

Dragon Ball Games: Lookalikes.

Pay attention to the hints!

What do all these characters have in common?

We have made two groups with some Dragon Ball characters that have something in common. What do you think that is? Maybe that is something difficult to discover, but if you read the hints carefully, it's a piece of cake! Don't miss out the character that tells you those hints!

Q1. Kame Sennin, Bulma and Yajirobe.

Gokuh's hint: They fall after having bad thoughts!

Q2. Colonel Blue, Chaoz and Ghourd.

Krillin's hint: Ugh! My body.. What a coward technique!

Page 9:

Illustration gallery: Festival and fun!

This illustration is the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump Nº37 1987. The characters are wearing a happi, a traditional piece of clotthing, and Woolong has an uchiwa (a paipay) with the word "summer", the season in which most of these festivals take place.

Page 10-11:

Illustration included in Weekly Shonen Jump Nº25 1992, and also used for the contest Catch Phrase Grand Prix, in which the readers where asked to make a slogan for the manga. It shows Son Gokuh, Son Gohan, Vegeta and Trunks when they enter The Room of Spirit and Time in order to fight against Cell. This is the only coloured illustration in which you can see Gokuh wearing the saiyan combat uniform.

Page 12:

Illustration used for the cover of chapter 178, published in Weekly Shonen Jump Nº28 1988. It is the fifth fight of the final stage of the 23rd Great Martial Arts Tournament, in which Ten Shin Han uses his shishin no ken to fight Gokuh. They are rivals in the manga, but the illustration shows them sharing a jeep, portraying a funny sensation.

Page 13:

Dragon Ball Games: Lookalikes. The answers.

Q1. The answer is... None of them can ride Kinton!

Their point in common is a bit ridiculous... These characters can't get on Kinton. In order to do so, you need a pure hard, as Gokuh's, and it seems not everyone can achieve it...

Despite being its owned, Kame Sennin could not get on it anymone. Becoming a dirty old man was his doom.

Bulma is a little bit selfish, she mostly thinks about herself. It is no that she is a very evil person, but she doesn't have a pure heart either.

In Karin's tower, when Yajirobe wants to ride Kinton, the Sennin calls a spade a spade... though we never see him trying.

Q2. The answer is... They all can use superpowers!

They can use superpowers to paralyze their rivals, with unpleasant results. By the way, Krillin is the only one with the misfortune of facing all of them.

Colonel Blue, from the Red Ribbon army, can completely paralyze his rivals just by looking at them.

In the 23rd Great Tournament, Krillin was paralyzed by Chaoz. He also used his psychic powers to meddle with the pairings of the tournament.

Page 14:

Manga Characters: Red Ribbon Saga characters.

Colonel Blue.

He makes things difficult for Gokuh!

A big misogynistic.

He has extraodinary abilities and tries to get Gokuh's Dragon Balls. His fighting skills are undeniable, but he is effeminate and despises women.

He is the strongest Red Ribbon soldiers, and puts Krillin in a predicament. He returned to the base after getting the Dragon Radar, but...

Zoom. Lethal technique: Superpowers.

He blocks your movement!

Colonel Blue is able to block the movements of his rivals just by looking at them, and he can even use telekinesis to manipulate ropes at will.

Page 15.

Doctor Brief.

Genious but distracted.

The inventor of the Hoi-Poi capsules!

He is Bulma's father. Inventor of the Hoi-Poi's capsules and founder of Capsule Corporation, and one of the richest man in the world. Carefree, he infuriates even his daughter, but he has been her invaluable partner in the shadows.

Repairing Kami-Sama's spaceship to go to planet Namek. In Gokuh's ship, he put a device to manipulate gravity.

Bulma's mother.

She is very calm.

A beautiful woman, but even more laid-back than her husband. Even after almost stepping on her daughter, she is completely calmed. Does Bulma have such bad temper because of their calmed parents?

Page 16:

Guardian robot!

The guardian of the treasure!

Is it stronger than he looks?!

It continues defending the treasure from intruders, even without an owner. It looks gloomy and skeletal. It hunts our heroes, but is finally destroyed by Son Gokuh, who tackles him through the air.

It has a machinegun in one arm, an attacks any intruder. It can produce electrical shocks with its tail, as Gokuh could personally experience.

Norimaki Arale.

Wearing her trademark glasses, she is happy, innocent and shows great curiosity. She pretends to be Sembei's little sister, but she is in fact an android he built. Her strengts is unbelievable and knocked down Colonel Blue effortlessly.

Page 17:


Mysterious winged beings that live in Penguin Village, and inseparable friends of Arale, who calls them Gatchan. They use a strange language, love metal and are always hungry. They can gobble up any metallic object that stays in their way.


Sembei and Midori's son. Despite being a baby, an accident made him develop a prodigious intelligence and superpowers. He is as big a genius as Bulma, as he proves by rebuilding the Dragon Radar after seeing its inner mechanism just once.

Sembei and Midori.

Sembei is a clever inventor who built Arale. Gokuh asked him to repair the Dragon Radar, but he couldn't due to is complexity. Midori is his wife, as beautiful as calmed.

Zoom: The inhabitants of Penguin Village.

Colonel Blue ended up in Penguin Village by mistake. Some of the characters of Dr. Slump had no direct role in the plot, but appeared as a simple cameo for fans of both series.

Page 18:

Key scenes: The great scape!! Run, run!!

Best scene 1: The great scape!! Manga vol.6, cap. 78.

Colonel Blue's superpower are his most lethal and effective technique. Alongside his paralysis technique, which he uses to make Gokuh and Krillin sufer, he also has telekinetic skills that make him able to control ropes. However, these powers have an unexpected weakness: Colonel Blue cannot stand mouses. The shock of seeing one of them makes him unable to use his techniques, so Gokuh can retaliate... Actually, Colonel Blue was the first Dragon Ball enemy with superpowers. Gokuh, saved by the mouse from a certain death, was thankful and saved if from the breakdown of the cave underwater.

Page 19:

Best scene 2: Run, run!! Manga vol.6, cap.79.

The cave is falling apart. Gokuh and his friends manage to get on the submarine and, when they believe they are safe, the submarine stops: it has no fuel left. Then, Gokuh uses his kamehameha and they miraculously escape. Originally, the kamehameha is an offensive technique, but it has others uses, such as destroying walls of changing direction due to its thrust. As far as this technique is concerned, could we say that the pupil has surpassed his master?[/spoiler]

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (07/50)

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Number 8: A cool Christmas illustration way ahead of time and Toriyama's glasses (yep, seriously).

Puzzles and superillustrations!

Hang on, Gohan! I am coming!

Toriyama Akira explains the names of the characters (1st part)

The end of the battle against the Red Ribbon army!

Bulma: Gokuh's first friend!

Page 3:
Your collectible figure: Teen Bulma, a genious inventor.

I will find the Dragon Balls!

The first meeting.

The figure recreates a young Bulma as she first appeared in the manga. She already was a brilliant inventor, not only for developing a whole range of vehicles but also for creating the Dragon Radar that she is holding in her right hand. When she met Gokuh, she was 16 years old, and could not imagine that that little boy would turn out to be a big heroe who would save the world in countless occasions.

The name on her chest, the crease of her skirt, the belt pouch and every other accesory has been faithfully recreated. Her hair, upsweed in a braid, has a realistic touch. It is an attractive figure, with a colorful face that is full of charm.

Modeller interview:

The figure recreates the second strip in which Bulma appears, in chapter 1. The gun she is carrying creates a bit of a contrast with her pop style, and says a lot about his personality. Weapons are a constant in Toriyama's work, and its presence is appropriate considering the exciting adventure that is about to begin. In the manga we can only see the bult, but it could be a Walther PPK/S, and I have recreated it that way. Whereas figures such as Gokuh's, with a very idiosiycratic hair, only look good from a few positions, Bulma has a realistic hairstyle that accepts several angles. However, the best one is the original.

Teen Bulma has been modelled by Nakazawa Hiroyuki, and the figure has been produced by Kimura Teruhiko (Proovy Co., Ltd.).

Page 4:

Toriyama Akira's world.

The origin of the names of the characters.

Several Dragon Ball characters have a name with a particular meaning in japanese or they are a pun. Toriyama sensei tells us the origin of such names.

Son Gokuh: To make Dragon Ball, Toriyama Akira was inspired by the epic chinese tale called Xiyóuji (Journey to the West). The name "Son Gokuh" is the name of the main character of the novel, the monkey Sun Wukong.

Yajirobe: Before thinking about the name, Toriyama Akira had decided that Yajirobe should portray the image of "a japanese person". That's why he decided of giving him a name with typical japanese features.

Bulma: Toriyama didn't want a attractive name for her only because she was a girl. As he has fun with puns, he adapted the English word bloomers, a piece of lingerie.

Lunch: The author says that he doesn't remember why he called her like that. Ten Shin Han, her love, has the name of a chinese dish created in Japan. They are a gastronomic couple!

Doctor Brief: The origin of Bulma's father's name is easy to guess. As his daughter, it comes from underwear: briefs.

Page 5:
Toriyama Akira: Pictures and letters.

My favourite things (glasses)

Toriyama Akira tells us his thoughts in this section. This time he talks about his glasses.

Glasses are a part of me!
Out of the three glasses that you can see in the lower photograph, I use the ones below to drive and any other daily activity. Those above the first pair are used to see things up close, when I am drawing or using the computer. The last pair are those that I use to build miniatures, a task that requires to see very small details. So I use different glasses for different tasks.

The picture on the right shows a pair of glasses I use to see from different angles. They can be used to cure presbyopia, and I could not do anything without them. I suffer from myopia and, without glasses, I could not see beyond my own nose.

Using glasses has an effect on your visual skill through the years, so I have around 20 glasses, counting the old ones that I don't use anymore. By the way, I started using glasses when I was 17, and I had 0,2 diopetres. Now, I even suffer from presbyopia. In terms of shape, I like them squared. Plastic glasses can be an obstacle for your vision, so I only use metallic frames when I work.

Kame Sennin, a Dragon Bal character, never takes his sunglasses off. Sadly, I don't have any in this particular moment:

Shen: I also wear glasses.

Page 6:

Dragon Ball Summary . Episodes 68 to 83. The climax of the fight against The Red Ribbon Army!

¡¿Gokuh defeated?! Tao Pai Pai, the assassin.

Gokuh gets the sushinchu from Bora and Upa, who live in Karin's sacred land. But Bora is killed by Tao Pai Pai, The Red Ribbon's hitman. When Gokuh fights against the biggest killer of the world, he barely survives. That's when he decides to climb Karin's tower in order to drink the sacred water, that would multiply his strenght.

Tao Pai Pai travels to Karin's sacred land flying on a column that he threw from the Red Ribbon's headquarters.

Page 7:

The destruction of the most despicable army.

To maintain his reputation as a lethal killer, Tao Pai Pai use the most dirty tricks. However, Gokuh has improved enough to dodge his assault. After finishing off his fierce enemy, Gokuh is ready to fight against the Red Ribbon army.

Tao Pai Pai uses every trick under his sleeves in order to save his honour of assassin, but Gokuh completely defeats him. This is the beginning of the end for the Red Ribbon.

Zoom: The pupil overcomes the master?!

To drink the sacred water, Gokuh must take the jug from Karin Sennin. Kame Sennin needed three years to do so, but Gokuh only needed three days. Karin is amazed! In this moment, both were equally strong, but Gokuh's youth and reaction time, Gokuh had already surpassed his master. The reason is obvious: while Kame Sennin prefered to surprise his enemis when they lowered their guard, Gokuh prefers frontal attacks.

Page 8:
Dragon Ball Games: Gather the Dragon Balls and summon Shenron!

Travel across the maze and gather the Dragon balls!

This maze is shaped as a Dragon Radar. Look for the exit as you gather the Dragon Balls along the way. Read the rules carefully, and good luck!

- You have to step on every square once.
- You can only step on every square once.
- You must gather the Dragon Balls in order.

Page 9:
Illustration gallery: Hurry up, Gokuh!

Illustration from the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump Nº36-37 1991. The fight against the androids began, and the image shows the moment in which Gokuh heads towards the place where they appear. The picture shows Gokuh's determination as he gets close to the battlefield.

Pages 10-11:
Illustration from the November and December pages of the calendar that was included in Wekkly Shonen Jump Nº3-4 1991. Every illustration of the calendar was made by the authors of the magazine. As a way of receiving the christmas season, Gokuh's gang is dressed as Santa Claus, whic is certainly extraordinary. Look at Piccolo in that winter environment, he is the only one embarrased.

Page 12:
Illustration for the cover of The world of Akira Yoriyama Special, an artbook published in 1990. Toriyama's drawings are full of dragons and, if you look closely, none of them look alike. In this occasion, Son Gohan comes back home carrying a wounded dragon.

Page 13:
Dragon Ball Games: Gather the Dragon Balls and summon Shenron! The answer.

There are other possible routes... Find them!

Page 14:

Manga characters: The characters of the Karin Towers fight.

Bora: The warrior that defends the sacred land.

Defeated by Tao Pai Pai.

Bora is a warrior of a tribe that protects Karin's sacred land. His muscles are so hard they can endure bullets. He loss his life against Tao Pai Pai, Red Ribbon's assassin, but Gokuh revived him with the Dragon Balls.

Bora faces those Red Ribbon Army soldiers that enter Karin's sacred land looking for the Dragon Balls. A normal soldiers has no chance against him.

Upa: A brave and promising warrior.

He looks like a girl.

Upa is Bora's only son. Despite being small, his courage is enormous, and he even faces Tao Pai Pai so as to avenge his father. In Uranai Baba's palace he took part in a fight alonside Puar, and they won.

Page 15:

Karin: The lord of the tower.

The cat sennin that trained Gokuh.

Karin is a cat sennin that lives in the op of a tower named after him. He is a martial artist master, and the guardian of the sacred water. If someone climbs the tower and wants a taste of such miraculous liquid, he must take the jug from him, for what you must be extremely fast. That is the secret of his intense training.

Kame Sennin also climbed Karin's tower. He needed three years to catch Karin and drink the sacred water.

Zoom: The misterious sacred water.

It is a liquid that gives great power to those who drink it. To get it, you must catch the cat sennin. Actually, it is just plain and simple water. The strenght comes from the fact that those who manage to get the jug have obtained an amazing speed in a natural way.

Page 16:

Tao Pai Pai: The best in his work.

The Red Ribbon is looking for the best assassin.

He is a vicious fighter that many consider the biggest assassin in the world, and the Red Ribbon Army hire his services in order to get rid of Gokuh. He defeats Gokuh, but after he visits Karin's tower, the tables are turned.

Gokuh lost his first fight against this fearsome master of the martial arts.

When he is cornered, he uses the most coward tactics.

Zoom. Lethal technique: Dodonpa.

He shoots energy with the tip of his finger.

It seems to be a lethal technique from Tsuru Sennin school. Despite being slower than the kamehameha, it is very dependable. When Tao Pai Pai used it against Gokuh, it knocked him out.

Page 17:

Zoom. Karin's tower.

A tower that can be found in the sacred land.

It is the most noticeable thing of Karin's sacred land. Rather than a tower, it looks like a tall, thin and endless rafter, as you can't see the top from the base, and it is impossible for a normal person to climb it. Many martial artists have heard about Karin, but they normally think that he is a legend.

Key item: Senzu.

Karin grows them and they completely recover one's energy and even heal people in critical condition.

And what lies beyond Karin's tower?

The top of Karin's tower is very high, but there's something if you go way beyond: the floating palace where Kami-Sama lives. You can only reach this place using the nyoibo or flying.

Page 18:

Key scenes: Dodonpa. The big triumph!!

Key scene 1: Dodonpa. Manga vol. 6, chap. 86.

Up to this point, Gokuh had only lost against Jackie Chun, but it was a very balanced fight. However, Tao Pai Pai defeated him with almost no effort, which was a shock for a lot of readers. The scene in which Tao Pai Pai hits Gokuh with his dodonpa was the proof that in Dragon Ball story Gokuh could be critically damaged by a strong enemy, despite being the main character. This scene was a turning point from which the manga became a fighting manga. Tao Pai Pai was also the first completely evil character in Dragon Ball and his role would have a big influence in the series.

Page 19:

Key scene 2: The big triumph!! Manga vol. 7, chap. 96.

This is the scene in which Gokuh destroys the robot piloted by Black. His defeat marks the end of the long fight against the Red Ribbon Army. More than a fight against Black, it would be more precise to say that this moment is the climax of Gokuh's fight against this evil organisation. Black's vehicle has trully impressive offensive capabilities, and can even launch missiles able to obliterate a mountain. But it is no rival for Gokuh, thanks to Karin's training. After this, Gokuh rarely fought against normal characters using gadgets like this. Black's defeat was also Red Ribbon's, but this organisation had an unexpected resurgence in the future.[/spoiler]

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (08/50)

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Number 9: Computer techniques and the secret of the invisible man's defeat.

Number 9:

Puzzles and superillustrations!

I won't let the evil guys escape!

Toriyama Akira explains the names of the characters (2nd part)

Meet Uranai Baba and the fighters in her palace!

Young Gokuh: Gokuh prepares his Genkidama!

Page 3:
Your collectible figure: Gather energy, Son Gokuh!

Please, give me your energy!

Gokuh is facing dire straits: he can't defeat Freezer in his definitive form, despite having used the Kaioh-Ken. The figure shows in a dramatical way the damage caused through the fight, and shows details that cannot be seen in the manga (like the boots).

Kaioh's Genkidama.

The Genkidama is a ki sphere made out of energy given by every living being of each planet. Kaioh taught Gokuh this lethal tecnique. As the figure shows, you need to raise your hands to gather energy. This time, we have recreated the scene in which Gokuh uses this technique as a last resource against Freezer in Namek.

Modeller interview.

The figure is a representation of Son Gokuh, seriously injured after his fight against Freezer. Fitting his hair between the narrow space that his raised arms left was a complex task, but I wanted to shows his shaken face after the violence fight, highlighting his damaged clothes. The best angle to look at the figure is frontal, maybe right diagonal. In his fight against Bu, Gokuh takes the same posture and even shows a similar face of distress, so I also used that part as a reference.

Young Gokuh has been modelled by Nakazawa Hiroyuki, and the figure has been produced by Kimura Teruhiko (Proovy Co., Ltd.).

Page 4:

Toriyama Akira's world.

The origin of the names of the characters (2nd part).

We continue where we left it in the last number, revealing the origin of the names of various characters that appear in the first stages of the manga, according to some comments made by Toriyama Sensei.

Krillin: The name was inspired by his looks. When he first appeared in the manga, he didn't know that he was going to be one of the main characters of the story.

Mutenroshi: Kame Sennin is actually called Mutenroshi, that is, "the god of martial arts". Toriyama was simply looking for "a bombastic name that evokes power".

Mr. Popo: Mr. Popo is Kami-Sama's servant. Toriyama Akira had no hidden reason to name him this way. It simply sounded good.

Karin Sennin:

Karin Tower, Karinto in japanese, comes from a sweet called Karinto, made with brown sugar. Karin is the guardian of the tower.


One of Toriyama's assistants had a dog called Upa.

Toriyama: Most of the names have a particular reason of being, though some of them are randomly chosen!

Page 5:
Toriyama Akira: Pictures and letters.

My favourite things (Computers).

Dragon Ball's creator shows us his hobbies and tastes. His computer is a necessity in order to colour.

A very useful colourin tool!

Lately, I barely draw any manga, so I used the computer almost exclusively for designing purposes. I use a Macintosh G5. I have an external HD, a DVD player (the Mac has both broken) and a magneto-optical drive device on top of the CPU. The wallpaper is a plante that I drew just for fun. I frequently change the wallpaper.

As far as drawing software is concerned, I use Photoshop (C2 version) almost exclusively. When I draw on the computer, I really appreciate not having to take out and then put away all the tools each time and, as you can make as many corrections as necessary, I can draw without being afraid of making mistakes. Making color gradients is simple, and the zoom tool is the biggest pro. I admit that using a computer simplifies the task considerably, but I still use the papen when I draw manga. I could not give my personal touch nor my characteristical flavour to my drawings without pen and paper, so I have never used the computer for making a manga, only for signboarding, patterns and colouring. However, I believe that colouring has a more intimist touch if done by hand using the usual tools. On the other hand, to show works of design to your clients, computer are the best. Besides, I can send the pictures from home! (LOL).

Are you that good with computers?

Page 6:

Dragon Ball Summary . Episodes 97 to 104. The last trial! Uranai Baba's palace.

Five brave warriors.

Gokuh has gathered six Dragon Ball's, but he can't find the last one using the Dragon Radar. To find it, they travel to Uranai Baba's palace, because it is said that she all her predictions are on point. However, to have a free service they will have to defeat five powerful fighters. Krillin and Yamcha lose easily, so Gokuh will have to fight the three rivals that are left by himself.

Yamcha fights the third warrior, the mummy, but has to forfeit, overwhelmed by the speed of his attacks using the bandages.

Page 7:

Gokuh is unstoppable.

Gokuh's team seems to be on the ropes, but the strenght he achieved after defeating the Red Ribbon Army by himself is extraordinary. He knocks out the mummy with a single hit and has no problems against Ackman, the next rival Angered by Gokuh's power, Ackman uses weapons to attack him, which forces Gokuh to release his true might. Gokuh finally eliminates Ackman using a speed that not even Kame Sennin himself is able to see and waits for the fifth fighter.

Gokuh's improvements are so spectacular that surpass the wildest Kame Sennin's expectations. Baba is speechless.

Zoom. Upa and Puar: an unexpected strenght.

Upa and Puar played a surprising role in Uranai Baba's palace, being able to fight against a fighter such as Draculaman, who had defeated Krillin. Using his weaknesses (garlick and a cross) and Puar's transformations, they achieved the victory. Puar showed a transforming skill superior to that of Woolong.

Page 8:

Dragon Ball Games:

Dragon Bathematics.

Face these addition is you dare!

These three additions are a bit special, as they do not use numbers. Calculate the result that comes from the following phenomena.

P.1. Saiyan + Full Moon = ? Show what you know!

P.2. Cell + Nº17 = ? Do you know it?

P.3. Karin's tower + Nyoibo = ? Is is too difficult?

Page 9:
Illustration gallery: Burst in the enemy base!

Illustration used for a poster of Weekly Shonen Jump 1986 Spring Special. It is unusual to see Gokuh riding a vehicle instead of Kinton.

Page 10-11:

Illustration for a foldable calendar included in Weekly Shonen Jump Nº12 1993. The picture shows a happy and relaxed mood, with Gokuh and his son spending their days as supersaiyans before the Cell Game. Ironically, Gokuh loses his life to protect the Earth in the next issue.

Page 12:

Gohan's illustration for the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump Nº33 1993. In this number, the story was focused on his improvements, and the text that came with the picture was also pretty eloquent: I won't be less than my father!

Page 13:

Dragon Ball Games:

Dragon Bathematics. The answers.

P.1. Answer: A giant monkey.

Saiyans are a warior race capable of transforming into an ohzaru (giant monkey) when they see the Full Moon. A basic question for every Dragon Ball follower!

Gokuh transformed for the first time when Pilaf imprisoned him.

P.2. Answer: Cell second form.

Cell, the android created by Doctor Gero, is able to improve by assimilating Nº17 and Nº18. Cell abandones his first form and turns into his second after absorbing Nº17.

P.3. Being able to go to Kami-Sama's palace!

Nyobi, the pole Gokuh inherited from his grandfather, hides an incredible secret. If you put it in the top of Karin's tower, it can lead you to Kami-Sama's palace. In order to do so, you need Karin's permission.

In subsequent events, the characters can fly, so this method is not used anymore.

Page 14:

Manga characters: Uranai Baba and the fighters of the palace.

Uranai Baba. A precise fortune teller.

You can pay by fighting?

Using his unmatched seer skills, she can see everything she wants through her crystal ball. You must pay 10 million zenis, a completely abusive price, or fight and defeat her fight men and receiving a prediction for free.

Baba looks for and immediately finds the Dragon Ball that the radar could not.

Zoom. Kame Sennin's sister.

Baba and Kame Sennin are siblings. As he is hunderds of years old, Baba must also be pretty old, considered that she is, in fact, his older sister. Despite their connection, Baba is not willing to apply a discount.

Page 15:

Draculaman. A vampire figther.

He fights against Krillin!

Draculaman is the first fighter that our heroes face. This kickboxer vampire is very fast, and can turn into a bat and escape flying.

Krillin fights him, but he turns into a bat, surprises him from behind and bites his head. Krillin must abandon.

The invisible man. He can't be seen!

A bit coward?

The invisible man is Baba's second fighter. Being invisible, no one can see him, so it is a troublesome adversay. Despite that, his fighting skills are not really extaordinary.

He made Yamcha suffer, but is defeated thanks to a plot schemed by Krillin.

Page 16:

The mummy. A giant with bandages.

He defeats Yamcha.

The mummy is the third fighter. He is completely covered by bandages, giving him a strange look. He is very fast considering his size, which makes him a very capable rival.

The mummy shows his potential by defeating Yamcha with a single hit. However, he is no rival for Gokuh.

Ackman. A warrior from hell.

Champion of the Great Martial Arts Tournament.

Ackman is the fouth fighter. He was the champion of the Great Martial Arts Tournament twice. He normally is the fifth fighter. He loses against Gokuh due to his defensive strategy.

Zoom. Lethal technique: Diabolical beam.

Ackman's technique can make grow any sign of wickedness in the heart of his adversary and hurt him from the inside. But he didn't expect Gokuh's purity!

Page 17:

Son Gohan: Gokuh's grandfather.

He comes from heaven.

Kame Sennin recognizes the techniques of the masked fifth warrior, as he is Son Gohan, Gokuh's adoptive grandfather.

A warm smile is hidden behind the mask. Surprised, Gokuh shed tears of joy.

As he was an old Kame Sennin's pupil, his fighting style is completely different from that those of the other fighters. That's why Baba puts her hope on him.

Zoom. Uranai Baba's discovery.

The reunion of a deceased Gohan and Gokuh was possible thanks to Baba's ability to freely move between the world of the living and the world of the dead, which allows her to bring expert deceased fighters to her palace, but only for a day.

Page 18:

Key scenes: A "bloody" fight. Ackman's beam.

Best scene 1: A "bloody" fight. Manga vol.9, cap.100.

In this scene, Yamcha uses his Roga fufuken against the invisible man. It is not a simple victory: as Yamcha did not last long in the Great Martial Arts Tournament, he is considered a weak character. But in this fight against the invisible man, he defeated a renowned rival for the first and only time in the manga (leaving the young Chichi aside, as it was a surprise attack). Besides, he has not many chances of properly using his technique. That's why this is one of the few scenes in which Yamcha can show off, but let's not forget the help of Krillin, Bulma and Kame Sennin.

Page 19:

Best scene 2: Ackman's beam. Manga vo. 9, cap.104.

Several lethal techniques are shown in Dragon Ball, such as the Kamehameha and the Genkidama. Among them, Ackman's diabolical beam is possible one of the most terrifying up to this point. If the rival has the smallest hint of malice, this technique makes it grow until the rival explodes. If this tecnique was used not only against Kame Sennin, but even against Freezer or cell, he could finish them off (but Ackman would probably fall before having the chance of using it). But Son Gokuh received this attack, that could mean his end, and had no effect on him whatsoever, thanks to having a heart as innocent as baby. For Gokuh, that pure heart is an advantage.[/spoiler]

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (09/50)

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From the lack of participation in this thread I would say it is not unreasonable to asume that not many people are interested on it. And I don't blame you; as I said in the first message, most of the content is far from interesting.

Nevertheless, I still find Toriyama's section pretty interesting, and even if only one person reads it, it is worth the work. So from now on I am going to focus only in Toriyama's section, which mean that my work is going to be faster (I hope...).

Number 10:


Toriyama Akira's world.

The origin of the names of the characters (3rd part).

In this section, the meaning of some characters from the beginning of the manga is explained, according to Toriyama sensei's insight.

Yamcha: Yumcha is the name of a Chinese habit consisting on eating a snack (dim sum) such as small empanada to go with tea. When Toriyama started the manga, it was not frequent in Japan.

Ten Shin Han: Tenshinhan is a Japanese dish inspired in a Chinese one: boiled rice with crab omelette. According to the sensei, "Weird names look good on cold and strong characters".

Oolong: His name comes from a type of Chinese tea called oolong. Toriyama Akira says that both Oolong's and Puar's names were invented at the same time, inspired by two types of Chinese tea.

Chaoz: His name comes from a type of chinese small empanada called jiaozi. Seeing that Ten Shin Han and Chaoz are inseparable, it is easy to guess why this is his name.

Puar: This cat-looking character, Yamcha's faithful partner, gets his name from a type of Chinese tea called pu-erh. Oolong and him were classmates in the shapeshifting school.

Gokuh: Isn't it interesting to know where our names come from?


Toriyama Akira: Pictures and letters.

My favourite things (Peripherals).

Toriyama Akira, Dragon Ball's author, shows us his peripherals.

Peripheral for artists.

I use a Wacom graphic tablet A4 sized (Are they called like that in other languages?). I have used it since I have a computer, for more than ten years. It has become an essential tool because, without it, the sensation of "drawing" is not there. Anyway, I am not completely satisfied with it, since it can make drawing difficult depending on the direction. When I worked with paper, I constantly turned it to fit any particular position that made the process of drawing more comfortable, but doing this with an image on a screen is tedious. As far as I know, a graphics tablet with a screen that allows you to turn the picture easily has been recently released, but I have not bought it because the screen is not big enough. The screen I use is a 30 inches screen. The wallpaper I have is a blueprint I made for a miniature which, despite all my efforts, was not created (lol). I use the scanner to digitalize the manga originals. It would be exhausting to retouch the pictures if the original does not fit completely, so I use a scanner that is slightly bigger than A3. It is so big that it gets in the wat, so it is always on the floor and I use it to put my feet on (lol).[/spoiler]

Number 11:

[spoiler]Toriyama Akira's world.

Full color illustrations.

How are Dragon Ball full color illustrations made? Toriyama Akira explains the colouring procedure he used to follow before the dawn of the digital era.

1. Sketch: In order to establish the composition of the drawing and the characters that are going to appear, you must sketch a general image. Once the overall structure is decided, the next step is the outline.

2. Outline: From the sketch, sensei made an outline on Kent paper. Sometimes he drew it directly on paper without the previous sketch. He even used coloured paper every once in a while.

3. Inking: He used the G Pen from the Zebra company. Sometimes he also used markers. He used normal indelible ink created by Pilot, also made in Japan.

4. Copy: After inking, sensei made a company of te original so the black ended up well defined and corrections became less apparent. He used a fixative so the outlines wouldn't look smudged.

5. Colouring: He normally used Luma ink, Toriyama's favourite brand, because it spreads nicely. However, it was very difficult to find in Japan those days. And even today you need to thoroughly look for it.

6. Testing: Before the finishing touch, he had to make sure that there were not places without colour. To retouch the parts in which the ink had moved, Toriyama used a white corrector made by Lume, because if wasn't easily smudged.

7. Finishing touch: After letting the white corrector dry, he could finish up the illustration. To avoid smudgeds, he sprayed it with a fixative again. Once dried, the illustration was finished and could be sent to the editor in charge.


Toriyama Akira: Pictures and letters.

Colouring before the digital era.

Toriyama Akira tells us his impressions about the colouring process before computers made it simpler and remembers the time when he used ink.

Independently of the introduction fo computers, since I began working as an artists, everything started with the sketch using pencils, then inking with indelible ink and, finally, coluring. But you could not made a mistake during that process, so I developed my own method, the one you can see in the previous page, through numerous tests. Therefore, I copied the marked original on paper Kent and then I coloured it. Despite that, the printers of that time were pretty bad, and the outline of the drawing could end up smudged, so I had to be careful while colouring. I normally start at the face, and then I continue with the rest of the skin. If the result of the face is pleasing, the final result tends to be pretty good even if I make a couple of mistakes (lol). After the face and the skin I colour the clothes. When the illustration has some kind of machines, I leave them for the end. This Gokuh's illustration you can see below is in the first stage of colouring, with only face and skin coloured. The clothes and the motorbike are coloured by the printer during the printing process. I have the colour distribution more or less decided in the outline phase. However, I remember that sometimes I changed the colour of the background to see how it would look along with the tone of the characters and machines that I had already coloured, as it would improve the global result.

Gokuh: Toriyama started his colouring process with the face and skin.[/spoiler]

Number 12:


Toriyama Akira's world.

The origin of the names of the rivals (1st part).

The origin of some of the first rivals of Gokuh and his friends will be revealed. What funny and surprising secrets are hidden behind their names?

Jackie Chun: This martial artists champion is actually Kame Sennin, who hides his identity using a name inspired by the popular Chinese actor Jackie Chan.

Tsuru Sennin: The turtle and the crane are symbols of longevity in japanese culture. If we had a Kame Sennin, we needed a Tsuru Sennin.

Nam: This honest and devotee man that took part in the 21st Great Martial Arts Tournament gets his name from the prayer namu amida butsu, according to Toriyama.

Bacterian: The name of this disgusting fighters comes from "bacteria". Toriyama apologises: "Now that I think about it, we could not live without baterias. I made a disservice to those microorganisms.

Ranfan: It is the name of a certain type of japanese corset when Toriyama worked in a design company. Therefore the name of this attractive fighter.

Giran: This monster looks like he is a creature from a japanese B movie, so his name is inspired by the monsters that appeared in them.


Toriyama Akira: Pictures and letters.

My favourite things (Colored ink).

This time, Toriyama Akira tells us about the types of colored ink he used when he was drawing Dragon Ball.

This ink's colour is wonderful!

At the beginning of my career as a mangaka I used colored ink, as I lived in a rural area and colored ink was very difficult to find. Markers gave a light tone, very appropriate for Dr. Slump's mood, which I was publishing in Weekly Shonen Jump back then. However, colouring big landscapes with inkers as a difficult and troublesome task.

A mangaka that I met told me that Luma's colored ink was the best choice. They were expensive, but I could use them my whole life. And he was right: 20 years have passed since I bought them and the jar of the colour I used the most is still half full.

The colour they give is wonderful, and it can be reproduced by printing. It is a dense ink, that is extracted with a dropper in the lid of the jar in order to regulate the concentration of colour by watering it down. Even if you put it on a palette and it gets dry, it always recovers its beautiful original colour after adding water. My white ink is also made by Luma. I think I started using this ink two years after I started Dr. Slump.

I have every single colour available back then (around 90), though I normally use around 30. The jars are placed in boxes, as you can see in the photos, so I can carry then anywhere. Apparently, this ink is difficult to find nowadays.[/spoiler]

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (09/50)

Post by Vertical » Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:33 pm

Nafno wrote:From the lack of participation in this thread I would say it is not unreasonable to asume that not many people are interested on it. And I don't blame you; as I said in the first message, most of the content is far from interesting.

Nevertheless, I still find Toriyama's section pretty interesting, and even if only one person reads it, it is worth the work. So from now on I am going to focus only in Toriyama's section, which mean that my work is going to be faster (I hope...).
Just letting you know there's at least one person out there that is very interested. <points to self>

Thank you for all the work you've been putting in.

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (12/50)

Post by Nafno » Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:54 am

Vertical, thanks for commenting. Here you have three more issues, just for you :D .

Number 13:


Toriyama Akira's world.

The origin of the names of the rivals (2nd part).

This is the second issue in which we reveal the origin of the names of some of the rivals that Gokuh faced at the beginning of Dragon Ball.

General Red: This General, who wants to gather the seven Dragon Balls, has the highest rank in the Red Ribbon Army. Needless to say he gets his name from the organization he rules.

Red Ribbon Army soldiers' names: Among the Red Ribbon soldiers you can find Black, Commanders Sivler and Violet, Colonels White and Blue, Captain Murasaki (purple) and Sargeant Metallic. All of them are named with colours. Toriyama chose a color related to each character. For example, Colonel White lives in a snowy area.

Tao Pai Pai: Despite being a frightening assassin, Toriyama Akira aimed for the opposite effect with his funny name. Actually, the first character of his name (Tao) means "peach".

Pilaf and his minions: All of them are food related. Pilaf is a Turkish food prepared with white rice mixed with soup. The names of his henchmen, Shuu (left picture) and Mai (right one) come from shuumai, a Chinese dish.

Mutenroshi: The names of these characters have a meaning!


Toriyama Akira: Pictures and letters.

Techniques to draw colour illustrations rapidly.

An evolution in Dragon Ball colour illustrations can be observed. There is a surprising reason behind those changes. Toriyama Akira explains it to us!

At the beginning of Dragon Ball, my illustrations had a watercolour touch, and I used gradient for the shadows. But this process took a lot of time, and turned out to be an annoyance for a person working alone that, on top of that, had to finish a weekly issue. In the middle of all that headache, I was offered the opportunity to make a Kosuke-sama Rikimaru-sama: Konpeito no ryu OVA. After this experience, Ashida Toyoo, the director of the production, and I became great friends. He also drew colour illustration and used the same technique for animation; that is, making a clear distinction between skin colour and the part of the shadows. When I tried it I realized that, depending on the way I drew the illustrations, they had a more than satisfying result. I had almost never seeen TV or movie animation, I hadn't realized of that way of colouring. Consequently, using animation techniques I could make more colour illustration, and you can compare the results with the picture below.

Of course, I prefer giving my drawings a gradient touch if the situation and time allow it.[/spoiler]

Number 14:


Toriyama Akira's world.

The origin of the names of the rivals (3rd part).

Where do the names of the rivals that fought against Gokuh and his friends come from? Toriyama Akira loves naming characters, and here he will reveal the secrets behind them.

Piccolo Daimaoh: Toriyama loved the funny contrast between a funny name and a terrifying character. His name come from a flute called "piccolo".

Piccolo's henchmen: Cymbal, Tambourine and Drum are all named after musical instruments, as their lord, Piccolo.

Toninjika: The name of the boss of the rabbit band means "the rabbit that turns people into carrots". It literally describes his ability.

Suke (Picture non-available because he is invisible): The invisible man that fights for Uranai Baba. In Japanese, Sukeru means "being transparent" or "being invisibles", so that's where the name comes from.

Ackman: This character resembles a demon, akuma in Japanese, thought written differently. By the way, a character with the same name appears in a Toriyama Akira's manga called Go! Go! Ackman.

Gohan: It has been very interesting!


Toriyama Akira's letters.

The need of finding a colour balance.

Toriyama sensei's colourful illustrations hide a whole theory of color aesthetic.

In my first weekly publication, the gag manga Dr. Slump, I simply wanted to portray a light rhythm in the story. That's why the illustrations were also light. Nevertheless, I tried not to abuse flashy colours. It is not convenient to overload funny situations with flashy colours. If you know how to subtly combine coloured spaces with noncoloured spaces, you can create a balance that make the colours more vivid. Unlike Dr. Slump, my next work, Dragon Ball, was an action-adventure manga, so I had to contain myself from using too many colours in the illustrations.

I have to admit that I am somewhat confident colouring, but I am far from the skills they have in Europe (France, Italy and Spain, mostly). That's why my wife and I are always amazed by the unpredictable colour combinations and the subtlety of the tones that they achieve in those countries.

I prepare the ink mysel when I want to give certain nuances to an illustration by combining colours, but sometimes I use up the whole colour in the middle of the process. When this happen, it is very difficult to create the same colour again.

On the other hand, when the ink gets dry in the middle of the colouring process, some irregularities appear, and they can't be corrected. Hence the need of calculating where you have to start colouring and how to do so in order to prevent the ink from getting dry. Despite all of that, irregularities always appear, and can give a personal touch to an illustraiton.

What is Dr. Slump?

Dr. Slump is a comedy manga previous to Dragon Ball. The events take place in Penguin Village, where we can see the wacky adventures experiences by Norimakie Arale, a robot girl.[/spoiler]

Number 15:


Toriyama Akira's world.

Dragon Ball manga making of.

Dragon Ball was weekly published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. How did Toriyama manage to keep a weekly rhythm of 15 pages? We will briefly see how.

1. Create the plot.

Needless to say, the first thing was to create the plot for each weak. Toriyama just focused on the development of that issue, and not even him knew what was going to happen next. Actually, he hadn't even thought about the alien origin of Gokuh or Piccolo.

Sketching new character designs. New characters were designed according to their personality and skills. On the right you can see sketchs of Cell and supersaiyan 3 Gokuh.

2. Sketch.

Toriyama Akira jumped directly to the sketch, with no previous storyboard. He had the content of the panels in mind and drew them on paper, as he didn't like to make the same work three times (storyboard. sketch and inking).

3. Inking.

After the sketch, he had to ink. With Dragon Ball, Toriyama used to smoke a cigarette after drawing a page.



Toriyama Akira's letters.

The importance of lining.

A mangaka must build story and characters through drawing lines. This time, Toriyama Akira tells us the effort put behinds his lines.

This time I am going to talk about drawing style. At the beginning of Dragon Ball I used soft and curved lines to underline that Gokuh, as a child, was cute. However, some time during the middle of the story, with more intense battles, I consciously changed the style of drawing, looking for more sharp and angle lines, as I thought that that kind of lines suited better a more serious story. besides, I could heighten the sensation of speed in the fights, achieving the result I expected. The change in style had no disadvantages, quite the opposite: the time I used to draw was reduced. An unexpected advantage, I must admited.

Actually, since Dragon Ball became a series, I thought that the drawings of the panels had a too schematic style: I had to save time and could not be done any other way. However, when I had to make the illustrations for the covers of the chapters and the volumes, I tried to make more elaborated drawings. Sometimes I used a schematic style on purpose, but in way that was different from the one I used in the manga. Now that I have more time, I try to use lines more carefully.

The upper page is from the first chapter, and the down one from the Cell saga. You can appreciate that the lines of the second picture are way more straight.[/spoiler]

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (15/50)

Post by Dagon » Sat Oct 06, 2018 8:15 am

Is it ok for me to revive this thread?
I'm interested in a translation from a native Spanish speaker such as yourself. I can use Google Translate but it is not always accurate. I hope you continue translating this.

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (15/50)

Post by Nafno » Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:00 am

Dagon wrote:Is it ok for me to revive this thread?
I'm interested in a translation from a native Spanish speaker such as yourself. I can use Google Translate but it is not always accurate. I hope you continue translating this.

Thanks for being interested in this project. The hiatus is due to two reasons:

1. I despise spoilers. I love enjoying narrative without knowing a thing. Nowadays, society seems to think otherwise and they shove any minimal detail up your *ss, so avoiding spoilers is VERY HARD. That is why, since Broly's first trailer was released, I entered full bunker mode and I don't see Dragon Ball nor anime related media. I am here because a friend told me about your message.

2. My job has taken most of my time lately, which would have slowed down my translation, but not completely stopped it.

So, as soon as I manage to see the film (and sadly I don't know when will that be, considering that there's no official release date in Spain, and we can't even say for sure that is going to be released on theaters) I will come back with more translations.

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Re: "Dragon Ball: El manga legendario" Translation (15/50)

Post by TheRed259 » Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:16 am

Nafno wrote:As far as I know, these magazines were only released in Spanish and French
This collection has also come out in Italy and Greece.

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