"Amazing Battle in Conton City Son Goku VS Superman"

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"Amazing Battle in Conton City Son Goku VS Superman"

Post by GTx10 » Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:01 am

A one off short story. Enjoy.

The winds howled as the sounds of BANG, BANG resonated throughout the purple and pink landscape.

"Why does Kakarot get to fight Lord Beerus?" The Saiyan Prince pulls on his silver tights.

"Now, now Vegeta," Whis inhales the aroma given off by his soup. "You had your turn sparring with Lord Beerus, it's Goku's turn."

BAM, SLAM, BOOM! Blood flies from Goku's mouth as he reels back in anguish; Beerus wipes away the blood from his knuckles. "Wow Lord Beerus you're really trying to beat the Ultra Instinct outta me ain't ya?"

"The longer in takes for you to bring out that power the more likely it is you'll die Saiyan-"

The cool winds blow through blue hair, hair that belongs to Future Trunks, Supreme Kai is with him. Shocked, Vegeta runs towards his son while Goku gleefully flies toward the group, while tugging on his blue belt.

"Hiya Supreme Kai-"

"Who cares about him?" Snaps Vegeta. "What are you doing here Trunks?"

"I'm sorry to bother your training father but I need your and Goku's help. A man calling himself 'Superman' is wrecking havoc within Conton City. I'm no match for him and right now Goku Xeno and Android 21 are struggling against him."

Son Goku crosses his arms. "T…That name rings a bell."

"You know him Kakarot?”

"I'll explain on the way."

Vegeta's words are so hurtful. Supreme Kai thinks to himself but then looks at Beerus and Whis. "Lord Beerus, Whis it was a pleasure to see you. If you'll excuse us."
With a ZIP Trunks and the others disappear as Beerus and Whis eye each other in silence. Flames swirl around the ruined structures of Conton City as hundreds of Time Patrollers lie on the ground beaten and defeated. CRACK! Superman gasps as 21's tail squeezes the life out of him, Goku Xeno hovers toward the two, his red fur bruised and cut. "Now is your chance!" The Super Saiyan 4 glows golden as he reels back his fist. "Dragon F-"

ZAP! Blood shoots out from Xeno's right shoulder thanks to Superman's eye lasers. The spandex-wearing alien chomps down on 21’s tail releasing him. Superman slams his fist into the Andorid’s face sending her rocketing into a nearby building.
ZIP; Trunks, Supreme Kai, Son Goku, and Vegeta appear amongst the rubble and dead bodies. The four look up at Superman who glares back at them, Goku Xeno floats down toward the four, blood runs down his arm.

"Trunks you made it back, great. Yo Vegeta. Hiya other me."

"Yo Xeno!" Goku says. "You've got holes in your arm, Vegeta let me get a Senzu Bean."

"You left them with Whis you clown."

"It's not my fault we left so soon-"

"So I get to fight two Son Gokus?" Superman lands on the ground. "Sounds like a perfect death battle to me."
Son Goku eyes the white and black suited alien as an uneasy feeling runs down his spine.

"Let me guess you know him from somewhere?" Xeno walks up toward Son Goku.

"You too?"

"Enough of your babbling." Vegeta's hair glows blue. "Let me handle this."

Vegeta rockets toward Superman leaving a blue stream of energy in his wake. BAM, debris blows about wildly as Superman attempts to crush Vegeta's hand within his palm, in response the Saiyan kicks Superman back. A beeping sound grabs Trunks' attention, he gazes upon his wristwatch, the Supreme Kai of Time appears on the screen.

"Trunks you're back? Good, so did you bring Son Goku and Vegeta?"

"Yeah I did."

"Awesome! Let them deal with the super man guy, hurry up to the Time Nest with the Supreme Kai. I have something to show you."
Now in Super Saiyan Blue form Son Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Goku Xeno hover over Vegeta and Superman. The two Saiyans zoom toward the aliens and join in on the brawl. Son Goku kicks Superman in the back of the head while Xeno rams his good arm into the alien's stomach.

"Move!" Vegeta cups his hands. "Final Flash!"

With a BOOM the stream of yellow energy rips through the air and ground ultimately ramming into Superman. The ensuing explosion sends the two Gokus and the nearby rubble flying away.

"D…Damn it Vegeta, why do you do stuff like that-" Son Goku slams into the nearby Hero Coliseum.

As the fire swirls and the smoke dies down a black shadow twitches amongst the dust annoying Vegeta. "You can stop hiding. I know that attack didn't kill you."

"I can't fool you Mister Window's Peak." Superman appears from the dust, his suit burned and torn. "I guess I don't have to hold back but please don't cry when I break your jaw k?"

Vegeta smirks then shoots toward the Man of Steel with a darting kick. Superman dodges the kick, grabs the Saiyan's leg and throws him into the concrete. Superman wails upon Vegeta's stomach, each hit causing cracks to appear in his armor, and then with a final punch the Prince's jaw snaps.
“Vegeta!" Son Goku breaks free from the floating capsule and soars at the Man of Steel, his punch slams into the concrete missing the alien. Superman hops backwards his giggling irritating the jolly Saiyan. Goku pulls his fist out of the rubble and looks over at Vegeta, he can't bare to look at the Prince in his bloodied and unconscious position.
FLASH! Goku's fist slams into a fist covered in blue spandex. What was that? He thinks to himself. I don't remember that fight-

"You kept your eyes off the ball!"

SLAM! Goku rockets into the mountains outside Conton City, the large Dragon Pedestal that houses the gathered Dragon Balls collapses on top of the Saiyan warrior.

"What a disappointment!" "Says Superman. "I heard great thinks about 'Son Goku' yet here I am fighting two of them and I am bored. Maybe I should've brought Kyptonite with me, make the fight more fair."

"If you think Goku's down then you don't know my student very well."

The Man of Steel looks back and is greeted by the peace sign giving Turtle Hermit Master Roshi. Future Trunks, Android 21, and Goku Xeno in base form stand next to the old man, who removes his heavy back shell.

"21 follow me." Trunks says as he and the Majin run and face Superman's back. "Hey Roshi look over here!"

WHOOSH! 21's exposed breasts cause gallons of blood to shoot out of Roshi's nose drenching Superman. The alien freaks out and attempts to wipe away the blood, that's when Trunks pulls up 21's top. "Use your candy beam."

"How could you Trunks…Wait…Oh okay!"

With a ZAP from 21's finger the distracted Superman transforms into a Bloody Mary. Goku Xeno looks on dumbstruck while Roshi cleans up his nose, his body shivering all the while.

"Sometimes I forget that you’re a dirty old man Roshi, hehe."

"I'll be taking that drink if you don't mind."

A man wrapped in blue and red spandex descends from the sky putting 21 and Xeno on the defensive. "Easy guys this Superman is actually good I swear. Oh that reminds me." The Bloody Mary begins hovering into the air. "I still have control you morons. I will beat you up even if I'm nothing more than a alcoholic drink-"

POOF! An opened metal case flies through the air, captures the flying drink and then closes as it hits the ground. Trunks changes the box back into a capsule and then tosses the DynoCap into Superman's hand. BOOM, boulders roll away as Son Goku appears bloodied and his Gi torn apart, he notices Roshi.

"Hey old timer! What cha doing here?"

As the dull winds flow through Conton City, Trunks explains to everybody what just went down.

"I'm confused." Both Gokus say at once.

"You clowns!" Snaps Vegeta. "Basically the jerk who broke my jaw was a evil version of this caped crusader sent here by someone. The reason you remember the good one is because you fought him in a Time Rift, something you wouldn't remember."

"Amazing father. " Says Trunks. "He is exactly right, although you shouldn't normally remember Time Rift events I guess some residual memories remain. Zamasu would have a field day with me for this. Also father shouldn't you thank 21 for healing you?"

"Yeah yeah good for her!" Son Goku pops up in front of Superman. "Are you as strong as the evil you? Could you show me your strength? I'm still raring to go."

Trunks steps in. "Wait! You guys can fight after I use the Dragon Balls to revive the fallen.

Some time later:

"Welcome to the Galactic Arena!" Says the Time Patroller. "Witness the fight of the century, Son Goku VS Superman.

"Well I guess if it's safe to go all out here then this might be fun." Superman cracks his knuckles. "Are you ready Goku?"

"Oh hell yeah!"

Like the blink of an eye, the two warriors fly at each other, reel back their fists and BAM!

The end.
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