[FanManga] Dragon Ball Super Grand Tour (One Shot)

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[FanManga] Dragon Ball Super Grand Tour (One Shot)

Post by Trouser » Wed Dec 11, 2019 6:46 pm

Hello, everyone! I've started drawing my own continuation of the "main story" of Dragon Ball. I love GT, there's no lying in that, but right now it just can't properly fit in (Kibitoshin is no more, God ki, SSJG and SSJB, etc.). I'm going to (eventually) remake events of GT and make them fit better with everything we know from Super.
And, oh, I'm using manga (and movies) events because I like them more.

First of all, I want to start with small chapter about Trunks and how he feels about living in the shadows of his future counterpart.

I haven't done much, but I'd like to keep you posted. I'll be updating this thread as frequently as possible.

Here's second page (I've started with this one, because the first one is just logo, spaceship and of course outer space, so nothing special). Last panel is not finished yet (a little bit in the background is going to be added) but I wanted to show you something.
I'm using original manga as a reference (I'm looking on the pictures to get facial structures right). I'm trying to imitate Toriyama's style as much as possible but oh boy it's hard for me.
Hope you'll like it.

First page added.
I'm here to talk about Dragon Ball with other fans.
Also, I would like to get my english to get better, so please, don't kill me if I'll make some mistakes.