[SPEC-SCRIPT] Dragon Ball Super: Avatars of Destruction

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[SPEC-SCRIPT] Dragon Ball Super: Avatars of Destruction

Post by DBFanTalk » Wed Jan 01, 2020 4:06 pm

Hi Dragon Ball online community

I appreciate that this site has created a platform for creative expression, allowing fans like myself to promote our craft and strengths.

The subject of this post is an animation script, for which I am requesting creative support: feedback and any input from the forum and public. I’m an amateur writer whose goal is to write for film, animation and comics. This script was written as a test to gauge my craft. Your help will allow me to improve.

The story is written in script format which is probably different from the mediums you’re used to. Script essentially is the blueprint for whatever you watch in film and television, and read in comic books. It is called a ‘spec-script’, ‘spec’ meaning ‘speculative’, because its purpose is for the writer to sell himself and get hired.

Why did I choose to write about Dragon Ball? Easy, I know the franchise and it allows me to play to my strengths and interests. I also wrote it for the fans, to engage their expectations about a sequel to DBS: Broly, and stimulate their imagination and creativity with possibilities worth exploring: the future of the series, making the supportive cast relevant again (e.g., Piccolo and Majin Buu), and proposing a story centred on the Angels, God’s of Destruction, Grand Zeno and Zalama.


When Earth's protectors are possessed by a vengeful God of Destruction, the remaining heroes struggle to save their friends - by defeating them in a tournament.

I encourage and am accepting of all opinions and criticism. I’m still learning. Please discuss the content and craft: storytelling, characters, transformations, battles and narrative progression.

What did you think about:
  • Interpretation of Zalama?
  • Climax?
Please see the link below:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Eh6-rH ... sp=sharing

Script Terminology:

A scene heading designates the beginning of a scene:

INT means interior, i.e. INT. CAPSULE CORPORATION
EXT means exterior, i.e. EXT. ROCKY AREA

Thank you