Dragon Ball Z : Invasion Of Tradick (Full animated movie)

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Dragon Ball Z : Invasion Of Tradick (Full animated movie)

Post by Jackdaslayer » Mon Jan 13, 2020 6:59 pm

Just wanted to share this as it got past a million views recently!

It's a fully animated english dubbed DBZ movie, taking place just before the Saiyan Saga!

This is not traced, I storyboarded and animated it all myself. With an original voice cast, soundtrack and story!
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Re: Dragon Ball Z : Invasion Of Tradick (Full animated movie)

Post by FoolsGil » Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:04 pm

A labor of love, Mad respect for the time and effort you put into this. I liked the voice acting work, and the design of the new characters. I also like the backstory behind Goji's power (though the backstory involving our favorite God is kind of disturbing) and the twist for a possible sequel that's Goji's still out there. What has he been doing? Has he been training? Would Vegeta by Super want to settle things?

The only thing I have issues with is the pacing and the singular location. You had three well drawn minions, who were killed off in a mere three minutes, and they were all in the palace. And then the Palace blows up, and then the rest of the battle, with Tradick is outside. It gets meandering. Giving the minions more screen time, even to take time from Tradick wouldn't have been a bad call, and placing them on different locations of the planet would have given a reason for Raditz and Nappa to separate from Vegeta and the viewer could see other locations of the planet. Then Raditz and Nappa could regroup with Vegeta after killing the minions, and just in time for Tradick to get serious, right after he gave the backstory, in my honest opinion

Just my thoughts. Still very much enjoyed it, and wouldn't mind seeing more. Keep up the good work.
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