Goku Black Arc Recut in the style of the 2000s Funimation Movies

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Goku Black Arc Recut in the style of the 2000s Funimation Movies

Post by EditorGX » Sun May 17, 2020 3:28 pm

Hey all, I'm an editor/producer with a bit of time on my hands with the whole Covid-19 pandemic.

With all of my spare time I decided to spend it re-cutting the entirety of the Goku Black arc in the style of the mid 2000s funimation movies like coolers revenge and Bojack Unbound, nu-metal and all, this was the result.

I unfortunately wont link the project due to no wanting to break site rules, however its easy enough to find if you search for my username on youtube with "Goku Black Re-Cut"

Editing Process
I tried to stick with using mostly tracks actually heard in the movies, or using tracks composed for GTs dub, since Menza Music composed for both the movies and GT. Only non movie non menza tracks I left in were the supreme kai's theme, Gohans Buu saga theme, and the SSJ3 theme by Faulconer Productions.

The editing was made easy by utilizing the blu-rays 5.1 Surround sound audio, which had the vocals isolated to a single audio channel. However a few lines had to be removed during fight scenes, which I was able to do by replacing them with grunts and yells ripped from DBXV 2

I ended up having to make a lot of changes which mostly was just cutting down the arc to make it have more theatrical pacing, I didn't intend to make any kind of "better" or definitive cut, just something that's different. Especially since this really cant be used as a replacement for the actual arc due to leaving out a few important details that are necessary for the tournament of power arc to take place.

I've started to try and cut the tournament of power in a similar style though I feel this arc lends itself so much better to this particular editing style. So I might end up either cutting it in more of a DBZ style super cut, or dropping said project entirely.

Anyways I hope you all like it, or at the very least get some enjoyment out of the hilariously dated soundtrack.

The list of major changes I ended up making:

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Re: Goku Black Arc Recut in the style of the 2000s Funimation Movies

Post by Dbzfan94 » Sun May 17, 2020 4:19 pm

This is great! So much better than the actual arc in my opinion, especially the ending. Gohan Powers Up was perfect for that scene.

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