Dragonball Tournament of Power Re-Cut in the style of mid 2000s DBZ Films

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Dragonball Tournament of Power Re-Cut in the style of mid 2000s DBZ Films

Post by EditorGX » Wed Jun 03, 2020 11:33 am


So while editing the Goku black arc in a similar style, a few of my friends mentioned they'd love to see the tournament of power re-cut in the same fashion. Goku black was easy by comparison as that arc lent itself more to the standard DBZ movie plot structure, as such this movie went through quite a few creative revisions. That said, I'm actually more proud of the final result here than with the Goku black movie.

I unfortunately wont link the project due to no wanting to break site rules, however its easy enough to find if you search for my username on youtube with "Tournament Of Power Re-Cut"

Creative Process

Initially my plan was to actually do two movies, a part 1 and part 2, where part 1 focused on kefla as the climax, and was more in style with the original funi DBZ home releases, and part 2 being more in line with the super era theatrical releases like BOG, RoF, and Broly

Eventually this 2 part idea was completely scrapped, as I found there was no proper way to really end the first part without it feeling jarring. And in a movie format, where things are much more theatrically paced, I felt Goku's use of ultra instinct on Kefla cheapened when it appeared the second time against Jirren. So I cut the movie down to be more like Z fighters Vs the Pride troopers, which I felt worked reasonably well and reminded me of movies such as Lord Slug, Bojack Unbound, Coolers Revenge, and Tree of might, where it was Goku Vs Main big bad, and Z fighters Vs the second fiddles.

At one very very brief point I considered making this a supercut in the style of Gurren Lagann, as I felt the scale of it all matched with the aforementioned anime, however I ditched that idea almost immediately, and only a small remnant of that can be seen in the final cut.

Eventually I settled on having %90 of the movie reflect the mid 2000s movies, and the other 10% I just did what I felt worked best for a theatrical cut.

I ended up cutting any instance I could of characters explaining what we just saw. Was redundant in the anime, more redundant here.

Re-cut a few scenes to either have character interact with Goku differently, or to make it so Goku was removed entirely, as to preserve a more tense tone, and higher sense of urgency to the threat that the TOP provided.

Editing Process
In my previous cut I tired to stick to mostly Menza created tracks and movie nu metal tracks, however I felt I exhausted the best of what those had to offer in my cut of Goku black, and didn't want to repeat creative decisions again for this project. So I compromised and stuck to using mostly Bruce Falconer tracks with the new metal tracks. However ultimate battle does make an appearance, thanks to the Nu metal style cover by Friedrich Habetler Music.

I decided to have only one instance of ultimate battle play, as I felt the amount it was originally used was a little much, and some scenes actually moved much slower and didn't match this high energy fast paced music.

Just like in the last project the editing was made easy by utilizing the blu-rays 5.1 Surround sound audio, which had the vocals isolated to a single audio channel. However a few lines had to be removed during fight scenes, which I was able to do by replacing them with grunts and yells ripped from DBXV 2.

I also ended up reworking a few fight scenes to make them have this constant flow to them, something I LOVED about the broly movie. Basically cutting out instances where punches would be held on and posed with for seconds at a time. While also removing bits of talking that felt like it was interrupting the action, rather than breaking up or pacing it.

Anyways I hope you all like it, I worked hard on it, probably one of my favorite animation based projects I've worked on to date.

The list of major changes I ended up making:

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Re: Dragonball Tournament of Power Re-Cut in the style of mid 2000s DBZ Films

Post by FoolsGil » Thu Jun 18, 2020 5:08 pm

What I liked:

-Changes in story: The original Zeno remembers the tournament, and not Goku. Good call.

-Condensing the recruitment arc.

What I feel needed improvement:

-The length: It was more of a supercut than a cut stylized as one of first 13 DBZ films. imho, 90 minutes or less is more in the style of the movies.

-You showed U2's Jimizu being utterly destroyed by Freeza, but then you showed him later fighting Goku before his fight with Caulifla and Kale. Considering how much he was in bad of shape against Freeza and was thrown off the ring, it seemed to be an editing error.

Not necessary, but something I would have liked:

You had your set pieces, and that was good. And before the set piece of just U7 v U11 you had the other universes wiped out. In my humble opinion, after every set piece, before the U7 v U11, there should have been the individual fighters who were being kicked out of the ring, except the ones who stuck out until the end before U7 v U11 set piece. As time went on you had more and more of the U7 team on the bleachers, but except for Krillin and Master Roshi you didn't show them being thrown out before the U7 v U11 set piece.

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