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Beneficial Proposition

Post by mrthefaraz » Sat Jun 06, 2020 7:16 pm

Dragon Ball Fan Manga Project Proposal - Any artists willing to draw it?

Hi, as the title implies, I want to have a stab at writing my own Dragon Ball fan manga but I can't for the life of me begin to draw it myself. I've conceptually kinda already plotted out the gist of what it'll be about in my head and I'll outline what that is on this post.

The tentative title is - Dragon Ball: Master and Student. The series, set post-End of Z (and will take into account all the narrative developments of Super during the ten year time skip), will primarily be about Goku training Uub and what his real motivations are for doing so. It won't just focus on the two of them though so a lot of sub-plots are gonna deal with say Gohan and Pan's relationship, Vegeta and Bulla's relationship, etc. Essentially, if something in the series can thematically be linked to the whole concept of 'master and student' at that point in the original canon, I would like to explore it in some capacity.

Now I don't intend on making this a literal passing of the torch story. As far as I can tell, Goku will be an active character for the entirety of the story, at least up to what I've planned so far.

I have already written a very rough 12 page draft of the first chapter of the manga, and hope to finish it and get it to about 18ish pages by today or tomorrow. I probably do want each chapter to be between 17 and 20 pages like your average manga chapter or traditional American comic book.

Here are some elements of the story I'll tell you about so you can gauge as to whether it piques your interest or not -

- Goku is now the literal strongest being in the universe, even more powerful than Whis. Before you say this seems way too far-fetched, keep in mind that everything in super up to this point has happened so far. As of writing this post, Goku in the Moro arc has kinda mastered the Ultra Instinct Sign form, so I'm just gonna assume that he'd master the complete version at some point before the end of Z during some new arc, so that takes care of him being stronger than Beerus. As for Whis, I do plan on interspersing in flashbacks to some supposed arc that took place during the end of the ten year time skip that involved the angels and resulted in Goku becoming more powerful or maybe equal to Whis. My logic here is, as far as we can tell, the peak of Whis' power is also Ultra Instinct. So if Goku gets radically more powerful (as he does in every arc), and has mastered the form, he could potentially close the gap in power. Keep in mind that he's not necessarily as powerful as the Grand Priest though.

- Also, the series isn't really gonna focus on how overpowered Goku is in his later forms, so even if you don't like that whole concept, you can sort of ignore it and still enjoy the story. Basically, Goku's motivation for training Uub is to do with how he feels as if his strength over the years has been unearned. He's had some time to think and he's been struck by the realisation that yeah, he's capable of so much when he's in his Super Saiyan forms, but why can't his base form ever be as powerful as all the people he's fought that haven't got transformations? Why don't people like Hit or Jiren or Beerus need to transform to get to that level of power? Even Broly, another saiyan, is immensely more powerful than he is just in his base form. He believes, that because of Uub's innate potential, he might be able to scale his base form with Uub as he improves. So if he can get Uub to God level and only train with him in his base, theoretically Goku without the need for transforming should be able to become strong enough to contend with stronger foes.

- Another plot thread that links to this is Pan's struggle to become a Super Saiyan. Despite her aptitude for training (and the fact that she's at this point already stronger than Goten and Trunks in my story), she for some reason is incapable of accessing the super saiyan forms. Gohan will be helping her to overcome that deficiency or circumnavigate it. So you can see how a lot of this story is focused on the characters having to shed off their over-reliance on transformations and instead learn to just fight better and more analytically.

- To compound all this, I plan on introducing the first major villain as someone who is very powerful, but not powerful enough to fight Goku even in his Super Saiyan form. Let's say he's 20 to 30 times stronger than Goku's base form. And this is where we can bring some of Goku's subtle selfishness to the forefront. The direction I wanna go with this is, Goku at some point asks King Kai if he knows about any really intensive places to get some training done. King Kai tells him about this barren planet, that is inhabitable in terms of oxygen and water and all that, but has 1000x Earth's gravity. No one lives on the planet though. Goku and Uub go there to train, and find out that the reason no sentient civilisation has ever developed there is because the planet itself is sentient and relies on all of its natural resources on the surface, and therefore kills anyone that could also consume those resources. So he is the villain, and the battle is gonna be very unique since it'll be about Goku taking on a planet-sized enemy, which doesn't happen all that often as far as I'm aware. So yeah, bottom line is, he would easily be able to take him on as a Super Saiyan, but refuses to for the sake of training, regardless of whether his or Uub's lives are in danger. After this altercation we might even have a bit of a falling out between Goku and UUb, the latter of whom is furious at Goku for being so careless.

Anyway, those are a couple of rudimentary thoughts about the plot. If you're a relatively competent artist and you think you'd be up for the task (there'd be no hard deadlines for this project don't worry, so you can take your time on it), feel free to dm me on here and we can talk about it. I'd love to take a look at some of your art and you can have a look at what I've got for the script of the first chapter so far. Again, keep in mind that it is still a first rough draft, so if the dialogue or panel layout descriptions seem a bit clunky I will try to iron a lot of those issues out later. And honestly, if you have any proper legitimate constructive advice on how to change anything in the script, I'm more than willing to amend it if seems better than whatever I originally planned for it to be like.

Appreciate it if anyone can help! (Wouldn't mind getting in touch with letterers, colourists, etc, either tbh).