[Idea] Prequel manga with young Roshi

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[Idea] Prequel manga with young Roshi

Post by Cosenza » Mon Jul 27, 2020 12:44 pm

Upon rewatching the Piccolo Daimaoh arc including the fillers, I had the idea of a prequel manga in a very distant past featuring young Muten Roshi and Tsuru as protagonists training under Master Mutaito.

The storyline would be about they joining the Mutaito training, growing up, maturing, and eventually having to deal with the apocalypitic Piccolo Daimaoh menace and Mutaito's death. There could even be things like Roshi doing the Karin training, he receiving the Nyoibou and Kintoun, his relation with Uranai Baba, etc. It sounds like a great story with a lot of potencial during an era of Dragon Ball barely ever explored before. Unfortunately, I don't have skill and / or patience for manga drawing, so I decided to simply throw this idea out there. The design for Roshi and Tsuru would be the anime filler one since it's much more recognizable than simple bald dudes.

-This is not the first time we met. A long time ago, I fought you besides my old master. His name...?
Master Mutaito.