Help! Adding Subtitles to Blu-Ray Titles?!

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Help! Adding Subtitles to Blu-Ray Titles?!

Post by Takkun » Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:00 pm

Hi all,

Usually my posts on this forum are in regards to backing up DVDs and Blu Rays and this time is no different.. heh. So I'm starting to come around to backing up the Dragon Ball Kai Blu-rays I purchased a while back. Lately I've been backing up my Dragon Boxes using Handbrake, and separating each individual episode one by one. By doing this, I had no problem adding the subtitles to each episode since the program was able to read and find it on the spot, but when I tried doing the same with the Kai Blu-Rays the subtitles could not be found.

So what I came here to ask is if anyone can help me put with this. If there is anyway possible to add subtitles to Dragon Ball Kai (or any Blu-Ray title for that matter) using Handbrake, or if there is a better alternative to this problem I've come across, I would like to know please :D I know this may not be entirely Dragon Ball related, but I'm just a simple boy trying to make sure that I have this Anime Series secure and properly backed up.

On Another note: I don't know if this breaks the forum rules to ask, but is there a place where I can download just the subtitle files of Dragon Ball Kai? (official or fansubs)