What if GT was simply a post-28th budokai Z-saga?

Discussion regarding the entirety of the franchise in a general (meta) sense, including such aspects as: production, trends, merchandise, fan culture, and more.

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Post by Dayspring » Fri Dec 23, 2005 3:04 pm

Rocketman wrote:GT had great ideas.

A race through the galaxy with Earth on the line? Good.
I agree to an extent here. One final DB-hunt saga was perfect reminiscence(sp?), but it would have been waaaaaay easier for them to teleport those DBs using a wish from the Earth Dragonballs.
Rocketman wrote:A villain who's not after revenge on Goku? Good.
Uh, weren't they ALL out for revenge on Goku? ^_^;;
Rocketman wrote:Turning the Dragonballs themselves against the heros? Very good.

And then it all gets fucked up in the execution.
Agreed again. Personally I would have prefered it if the DBs grew in power from all the wishes, and then were treated like eggs hatching new Shenrons. The only evil would be a result of no Kami guiding them. I also think I would have prefered it if this saga was the result of not collecting the Blackstar DBs in time; that way we have a valid explanation as to how Dragons, all weaker than Shenron who's strength equals Dende's, have the ability to wipe the floor with SSJ4 Goku. ^_^;;
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Post by Great Saiyaman » Fri Dec 23, 2005 4:19 pm

Bejiita- Exactly, GT was a decent Anime on it's own. But it would never create such a huge fanbase on it's own. Also in comparison fo DB & DBZ, it's just simply nothing.
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Post by laserkid » Fri Dec 23, 2005 10:18 pm

Uh guys, I don't much like GT either but this isn't a thread about what we like/dislike about GT. It's a what if question. We need less opinion blasting and more general thought. ^^;

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