Cell Arc was about fulfilling destiny, or fighting it

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Cell Arc was about fulfilling destiny, or fighting it

Post by Bacon Skittles » Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:47 pm

I don't think this is a "In Universe" discussion as it's more about the theme of one of the show's arcs.

So in the "original" timeline we see a few things happen: Goku dies, Androids rise and kill people, Gohan loses his left arm in a fight against them, and in another timeline Cell kills Trunks. The main timeline of the series eventually sees all of these events happen despite Trunks trying to prevent them. Goku dies, Androids rise up (including more than before), Gohan's left arm is broken in a fight against Cell (an android), and Cell kills Trunks (2nd time for him.) Technically Cell is the one who started up the distortion in the timeline as he showed up before Trunks did (in this timeline.) So by having Gohan kill Cell it essentially "restores balance." Either way Goku is dead, which is the main factor of the "original" timelines.