Favorite Era for Toriyama Artwork?

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Re: Favorite Era for Toriyama Artwork?

Post by Ricno924 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:49 am

I'm at the point where I can appreciate and enjoy every era of artwork for specific reasons, to the point where it's hard to choose a favorite.

When I first started watching DBZ, I was all for the rigid, angular Cell Arc style that was most often marketed. I actually really disliked the rounder style in the Saiyan Arc while watching through it the first time. But as I continued through the series and it shifted to the more angular style, I came to appreciate what came before it for having more variety in expression and feeling more fluid and less "cookie-cutter", if that makes sense. Like, I grew to love Piccolo's face and range of expression in the Saiyan Arc, while everything that came after made him look very "straight" and unemotional in comparison. This goes for a lot of the characters, tbh. But at the same time, part of me prefers the pristine lining and muscular detail of the later arcs (and even into GT), though maybe not to the super clean-cut extent of Super.

At any rate, I appreciate the progression of art style throughout the story as, IMO, it looked like the characters were physically maturing as the style grew crisper. Probably not intentional, but it works for me. :P (And all that being said, I like the Dragon Ball artwork as its own separate entity from Z.) If I had to choose one era above the rest - for the anime, at least, as I'm not well-versed enough in the manga yet - I'd go with Saiyan Arc. Cell Arc is up there in close second.

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