Could a real destroyer god be necessary?

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Could a real destroyer god be necessary?

Post by LordNimeru » Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:33 am

Hey, I'm new here so sorry if I posted in the wrong section. So my question is whether or not a god of destruction in real life would be needed given the scenario that dbz ki powers were indeed real. So assuming that dbz powers were plausible in real life would there be a destroyer. The 7.5 billion people on Earth are already straining the planets resources tremendously and climate change is a very real thing. I realize that mass genocide of entire species or even a large chunk of the population would he highly unethical and that's the reason why everyone in dbs fears or hates Beerus(except for the Z fighters).
The population of Earth is increasing all the time and by 2050 it'll be at or above 10 billion. There is no way the planet can support 30 billion people in the next 1000 years if the upward trend of population growth continues. And if the Human race doesn't start colonizing other habitable worlds before that that could be a MAJOR issue. Assuming other planets also have this issue they will also reach into space to spread out their numbers. Space is incomprehensibly gigantic but there are only so many worlds out there that can support life. Eventually, there won't be enough fair worlds for trillions upon trillions of beings. So, in this scenario, should a destroyer god be appointed to clean up a little?