Popular Fan Animations

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Popular Fan Animations

Post by jamiljamtheman » Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:53 pm

In this topic I'd like to bring up and ask you, the reader, about your thoughts on how these kinds of videos contribute to the dragon Ball fan experience.

Specifically here, I'm talking about those popular fan animation channels on YouTube with admittedly clickbaity videos of fantasy dragon Ball fights--I know of UHG animation and MaStar media specifically, but I'm sure there are plenty of examples of that and of full on fan series all over the web.

Personally, I kinda enjoy this stuff. Sure, it's clickbaity, but the videos tend to deliver on the premises of the thumbnails most of the time. I also enjoy looking at the stuff that attempts to jump ahead of or "predict" key DBS moments like the Broly film or ToP fights, usually after I've seen the real thing, just to see what they come up with before the real things come out.

But I know at the same time that it's a touchy topic because some popular ones definitely trace and pull from the real animation--and in at least one case I'm pretty sure repurpose voice samples from the actual shows--but make money off their videos through YT or Patreon.

So what do I think these videos contribute to my fan experience? They provide me a place where I can watch more cool Dragon Ball fighting that looks good enough while I wait for the next Dragon Ball thing to come out. Plus, they provide a place where I can see fantasy concepts that haven't/won't happen in the real thing. For example (don't click if you haven't seen Broly):
They're not great, and mostly very silly and not the most polished, but I'll be darned if I say I don't enjoy fan animation fights.