Dragon Ball's depiction of evil in its villains: actually more true to real life?

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Re: Dragon Ball's depiction of evil in its villains: actually more true to real life?

Post by mfwlegend3 » Sat May 18, 2019 8:04 am

ABED wrote:
Tue Feb 19, 2019 10:41 pm
We've had this EXACT conversation. I have ZERO interest in doing it again, in large part because I believe your conception of self esteem to be way off base. The second article uses self esteem in that BS way they talked to kids about in school. It amounted to little more than "feel good about yourself".
but that is a HELL of a coincidence because I've had this exact conversation with someone and they linked to the same sort of articles, and made the same sort of argument. And they even used that same line about the idea that violence stemming from low self esteem is a disastrous myth.
I'm going to take a gander and say that this person is the banned zarmack user ban evading.That person got banned for using an alternate account and their posting style was nearly identical to rulers; diving their arguments with numbers and so on. Also ruler's account seems to have been created a day after zarmack got banned. I'll let the mods figure that out.

On topic though no. As ABED pointed out villains in this series don't really try to justify their actions as being for the greater good. The only exception being Zamas.

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Re: Dragon Ball's depiction of evil in its villains: actually more true to real life?

Post by Shintoki » Sun May 19, 2019 7:46 pm

what in the name of merciful lucifier did this thread turn into (please no politics talk)?. :|

To line up with the topic though: most are not. but some are

pillar: wants to be the king of the world to.....toys?.

red: starts a world war over a legend that grants wishses.
Piccolo: wants All lovey dovey stuff to disappear. and wants a free, anarchic civilization to rule over, where only the strong survives and everyone should be a Mazoku.!

Saiyans: pirates who formerly were independent but were enslaved to work under a space lizard. they wouldn't hesitant to exterminate entire civilizations and their planets if ordered. rebellion means death after all!.

Freeza: a mutant space lizard who enslaves and rules over an entire organization made of saiyan-like people. and he-she-it is meaner!

cell: made for the sole purpose of destroying/killing sun wukong.

boo: just some cosmic pink mud that takes over people and goes in rampages destroying worlds from time to time.

beerus: his job and hubby is to do all of what's listed above and take a long nap afterwards.

that's where canonical villain descriptions stops. as you can see, almost none of them resemble real life historical figures, beside piccolo and pillaf. with pillaf motive for villainy being generic as the word goes and it being special, while piccolo being a persona for villainy itself.

kinda balance each other.

there are some arguments to be made for zamasu, but he's dumb imo, exterminating all mortals (lifeforms whose job is not to be a God) and restarting the age of Gods (by killing Gods who may or may not be mortals) is Dumb. it's as if he wants to create a world with immortal beings who are only Gods.......oh wait!


but the the worst villain, (as in, most evil person, rather than who's the best vs worst villain subjects), is zen'oh. who wouldn't hesitant to destroy entire universe and their life-bags, for the sake of not being responsible for them, and it being boring. and even less/trivial reasons. for such a scale of a position, (being the omni-king and judger/maintainer of the multiverse), hiring a literal manchild to judge and maintain the entire multiverse sounds like most stupid, asinine idea ever. yet here we are with dragon ball!, where only the unexpected happens!.

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