Best looking Dragon Ball movie: The Path to Power or Super Broly?

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Re: Best looking Dragon Ball movie: The Path to Power or Super Broly?

Post by JulieYBM » Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:56 am

Yama'uchi Shigeyasu's directing for Movie #17 was really good but I feel like it was let down by Yamamuro Tadayoshi's bad character designs and animation supervision. Striking use of layouts and colors are a big hallmark of Yama'uchi's work and I feel like it definitely surpassed Nagamine Tatsuya's directing for Movie #20 in that regard. Similarly, the animation itself for Movie #20 was much, much better than Movie #17 for how it celebrated and trusted its animators to create exciting movement and drawings. It's a much better film as a result. I definitely wish Nagamine had employed more of his Yama'uchi-influence on scenes. Give us crazy colors for the ice in some scenes!!
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Re: Best looking Dragon Ball movie: The Path to Power or Super Broly?

Post by Gligarman » Mon Mar 04, 2019 7:20 pm

I didn't mind the character designs for super because it allowed the animation to be more fluid. I just wish they were consistently on model. I have issues with the 10th anniversary DB movie but it did have some incredible animation.

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Re: Best looking Dragon Ball movie: The Path to Power or Super Broly?

Post by Robo4900 » Wed Mar 06, 2019 12:19 pm

Both look utterly fantastic, but I'm a sucker for the cel-animated onto film look the GT era had, and the particular overall look and style Toei's Dragon Ball staff had going at that time, so the 10th anniversary movie has to win for me.

But damn are both great. These two movies absolutely showcase the very best Dragon Ball has ever looked, and I really hope Shintani moves over to the series when that picks up again.
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Re: Best looking Dragon Ball movie: The Path to Power or Super Broly?

Post by Neo-Makaiōshin » Wed Mar 06, 2019 1:39 pm

Easily DBS: Broly. this is the most colorful DB Movie, yet. The CG complaint is incredibly overblown, they only make up at most a bit less than 5 minutes of the 100 minutes lenght of the movie.
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Re: Best looking Dragon Ball movie: The Path to Power or Super Broly?

Post by SpiritBombTriumphant » Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:43 pm

MajinMan wrote:
Sat Feb 23, 2019 2:35 am
sunsetshimmer wrote:DBS Broly has interesting artistic style that is kinda retro, but i wouldn't consider this movie as even the second best looking movie.
Just Battle of Gods and Ressurection 'F' looked a lot better, although it might be my personal taste.
You’re crazy if you actually think that. A lot better than Broly? How?
The man has an opinion. Let him be. I like Yamamuro's art style, but also Shintani's. Broly wins simply because of the fluid animation. I haven't seen Path to Power in a while so I can't compare easily right now, but I think the artwork + animation quality would most likely make me think it's the better of the two.

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Re: Best looking Dragon Ball movie: The Path to Power or Super Broly?

Post by Akira » Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:28 pm

Is this just a direct comparison between these two films, or are any of them open to interpretation? Broly has some nice art direction going for it that I really liked in a lot of scenes, however, the last ten minutes of the film looked like they were trying to set a record for fastest animation in motion or something. I felt like young Gohan in the saiyan arc, trying to follow the action with my eyes, but the saibamen and Z fighters were moving too quickly for me to see. In other words, it was moving at such a frantic pace that I could not tell if I even liked those parts or not.

The 10th Anniversary Movie never appealed to me all that much. I've watched it two or three times over the years, but Curse of the Blood Rubies already was a retelling of the gang meeting up but going on an alternate adventure, and Mystical Adventure already incorporated some characters from the Red Ribbon Arc in its alternate version of events, so Path to Power felt extremely unoriginal, even though it came long after the Z movies and such. Not to mention it used GT style animation and colors, so I just never found much love for it. The animation in and of itself is really good, I grant that, but the overall package can't be carried by that alone for me.

Out of all the movies, I actually like the animation in the Dead Zone the best. It captures that same aesthetic as DB's 23rd Budokai arc and Z's Saiyan Arc, which is my favorite period of Dragonball Animation. I like the mood captured by its locales, and the shading in the opening scene when Gohan is kidnapped. The choreography of the fights is also really good in my opinion. Goku's use of the power pole and Kamehameha against those henchemen on top of the tower, and blows between Garlic Junior and Goku and Piccolo look extra brutal and punishing. Overall, this movie is the best looking one to me when everything is taken into consideration. Something that I think only World's strongest comes close to with its Roshi scenes, and Goku's Kaioken scenes, making it my second choice.

Everything else has some glaring flaws, like Movies 6 and 7 having the mouths all blacked out when characters are talking, to barely shaded characters and noticable coloring differences in many of the others, only Movies 12 and 13 come close to 1 and 2. Again subjective opinion, but that's how I see this.
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Re: Best looking Dragon Ball movie: The Path to Power or Super Broly?

Post by GTx10 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:48 pm

I choose "The Path to Power." The characters were consistently on model, shiny, and it embodied that 90's/80's era of "omG don't cry! And... I cried..." Style of Japanese anime. It's a vibe that doesn't exist anymore sadly. Broly is horribly draw during the Freeza vs Broly segment and Gogeta vs Broly fight is so fast that it reminds me of modern movie fights. (Basically, what is happening!) Path wins by a landslide.
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Re: Best looking Dragon Ball movie: The Path to Power or Super Broly?

Post by professorwho » Sun Mar 17, 2019 2:42 pm

Path to Power has the best cinematography and art direction, but lacks the impressive animation (movement) of Super Broly. Both are very nice looking movies, without a doubt, but I'd say best looking is Path to Power. But, as for best animated- Super Broly, without a doubt.

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