What is the single biggest win and loss for each fighter in the series?

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What is the single biggest win and loss for each fighter in the series?

Post by ruler9871 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:44 pm

What do you think is the single biggest win (and loss) for each fighter in the series and why? Here's my list:

Biggest W: Against 100% Freeza on Namek. To me this remains Goku's most impressive victory in the whole franchise (though vs Piccolo jr. in the 23rd TB is a close 2nd, and Jiren is 3rd). Goku has yet to appear more badass than when he went SSJ for the 1st time.

Biggest L: Against Goku Black for the 3rd time in a row. Goku got a rage boost from hearing about how Black killed Chi-chi and still lost. (His 1st fight with King Piccolo is a close 2nd for me).

Biggest W: Against God Toppo. This is easily the 2nd most impressive victory in the entire ToP arc, and Vegeta's best. He is the only character to beat a Hakaishin on screen. (Android 19 is my 2nd place for Vegeta).

Biggest L: Against Final Form Freeza on Namek. Freeza even made him cry in despair before throwing a punch smh. (His loss against Android 18 is a close 2nd).

Future Trunks
Biggest W: Against Mecha Freeza. To this day, no one in DB has had a better introduction than Future Trunks. (Merged Zamasu is a close 2nd for me, since he beat a guy equal to Vegito Blue).

Biggest L: Against Perfect Cell. He completely made a fool out of F.Trunks and took away his will to fight.

Biggest W: Against 2nd Form Freeza. This is the most dominate Piccolo has ever looked.

Biggest L: Against Imperfect Cell (rematch). Piccolo's relevance died in the very moment.

Biggest W: Against Perfect Cell. This should be self-explanatory lol.

Biggest L: Against 1st Form Freeza in RoF. That is the most pathetic Gohan has ever look. (Buutenks is a close 2nd)

Any thoughts?
zarmack wrote:The whole "Dragonball is only supposed to be light and funny" mentality that exist in a lot of the fandom is in many ways even dumber than the "edgeload" side of the fandom. You know, the contrarians who think DB should be a Slice-of-Life series, the folks who worship Pre-Raditz Dragonball uncritically, the folks who downplay and often flat-out deny that Dragonball is an action series, the folks who try to push that false argument that none of the serious moments in the series were mean't to be taken seriously, etc.

Dragonball doesn't have a single tone. It has both silly and serious moments, both humor and drama, just like real life. The idea that a work of fiction should be only all-comedy or all-serious is unnatural and frankly, retarded.