Fox, Disney and the future of Latin Americans dubs of Future Dragon Ball movies

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Fox, Disney and the future of Latin Americans dubs of Future Dragon Ball movies

Post by Cure Dragon 255 » Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:53 am

Taken from TV Tropes user gjjones.

Anyway, in Latin America, 20th Century Fox's Spanish dubs are usually produced at Labo (formerly Laboprime) and New Art Dub (formerly Grabaciones y Doblajes, which was also used for Disney's dubs until the Turn of the Millennium) in Mexico City, while most of Disney's dubs were produced at Taller Acustico, also in Mexico. Would the merger also have an impact on future Latin American Spanish dubs in general?

I think this if this does come to affect future commisions of Dragon Ball dubs its going to be really bad. Laboprime has done a terrific job with the movies they dubbed and is the only studio that is able to afford Brenda Nava as a translator.
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