Yamcha Gaiden extras

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Yamcha Gaiden extras

Post by Goe » Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:54 pm


Sadly, Yamcha Gaiden manga hasn't been released yet in Spain, but fortunately, I had the chance to read scans of the 3 chapters in internet.

However, I haven't find yet scans of the extras (I know there are some extras in that Yamcha fights Burter and fuses with Chaoz, but I haven't had the chance to read it). Can someone send links to that extras? I don't care if you send japanese scans, even I prefer spanish/english scans since I'm occidental.

If you can't, could someone tell extras storylines?

Thanks a lot

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Re: Yamcha Gaiden extras

Post by VegettoEX » Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:03 pm

The original Japanese version is available for purchase on Amazon Japan, while the official English translation is available from sites such as Amazon, RightStuf, etc. Any of these will ship internationally. Enjoy!

(You will not be provided scans/rips of recently-released, in-print, modern materials, and it is not appropriate to ask for such things here.)
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Re: Yamcha Gaiden extras

Post by Goe » Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:23 pm

Thanks but I'm a spaniard so I won't buy the manga in a foreign languaje. I'm waiting to october to buy it (it will be released in Spain in october).

However, I can't wait to know more about it. I love DB but I felt dissapointed with most of the modern products, and now I'm glad they have released a nice manga like Yamcha Gaiden. I love Dragon Garow Lee's drawings and the idea of a fan that thinks Yamcha is a loser and is reincarnated in him is humorous, so I'm anxious about know more about the manga.

If you can't send scans in this forums, at least I'd like to know more about the extras. Why Yamcha fights Burter? Why he fuses with Chaoz? What kind of thinks happens in the extras, apart from Yamcha fighting Burter and fusing with Chaoz?


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Re: Yamcha Gaiden extras

Post by Cold Skin » Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:19 am

Why does Yamcha fight Butta?

He doesn't. I have the French edition and there is no Butta anywhere, neither in the main story, nor in the extras.
You may have been misinformed about that supposed fight against Butta.

Why does Yamcha and Chaozu fuse?

This is an idea of Yamcha so that they can actually do something useful at the Cell Game, at least being able to defeat one Cell Junior.

What other extras can you expect?

Aside from the fusion story, there is one where Yamcha can't give up on the idea of having Bulma as his soulmate despite Future Trunks' recent appearance. He decides on who he should ask advice to in the Dragon Team and starts his mission to conquer Bulma's heart once and for all.

In a double-page story, Dragon Garow Lee explains, in the form of a manga, how he got involved in this project of a side story about Yamcha being more powerful and how he is grateful for how it turned out.

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Re: Yamcha Gaiden extras

Post by Goe » Thu Aug 22, 2019 3:04 pm

Thanks a lot for explaining.

In the japanese manga's cover, Yamcha appears fighting Drum and Burter, so I thought that fights would appear in the manga.

I still want to buy this manga once I can buy it in spanish. However, I feel a bit dissapointed because I wanted more of the reincarnated Yamcha. DGL had a good idea and there are some things to explode:

1. Yamcha, in the 21st tenkaichi budokai, could have a better fight against Jackie Chun, if he had trained with Mutenroshi.
2. Yamcha could have a better fight against Ten Shin Han in 22th tenkaichi budokai.
3. Once Vegeta is defeated by Yamcha and Goku, Z warriors don't want to go to Namek because all of them are alive. However, Yamcha knows Freezer and Vegeta will go to Namek to join namekian dragon balls...so Yamcha could return to Namek to join Nail to defeat Freezer. He may inform Goku too about that.
4. In Cell's chapter, Vegeta doesn't appear, why?

In fact, the idea of that guy reincarnating in Yamcha has a lot of potential... so I expected more of the extras, but I'll buy the manga anyway. At least the problem is not I don't like the actual content of this manga...the problem is I feel the content is not enought for me.

Best regards, and again, thanks a lot for informing.

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