Why Dragon ball super still keep long-running format ?

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Why Dragon ball super still keep long-running format ?

Post by Tcof » Mon Sep 02, 2019 2:44 am

Back in the day, become long running show and keep it relevant for years have big chance to success and grow. No matter how shitty it become, Pokemon still more popular than a thousand of good quality show. The risk just too high.
Obviously, long running show have their dis-advance would hurt the quality just to catch up the deadline: different writer, animators and many more. Seasonal show have more time and can planing ahead, keep the quality.
There are a lot of show did that. MHA, Noragami, Attack on titan...

Only few can make a explosion like AoT. But Dragon ball doesn't need to prove it's worth. It is dragon ball we talking about.
Just the fact a new seri coming out, A lot of people will eventually just check it up and bring it up, talking about it. It should be more focus on keep the audience's interest than anything.
it is 2015 then, thing change. People nowadays have a lot of thing to watch and don't sit down and can only can accept thing tv give them. We can access to almost every show at anytime through internet. We have too many choice. Therefore, we have shorter patience. A lot of people check a show through recommend and decide by one scene, one fight to watch it or moving on.
Keep the quality make it more rewatchable. Bring more new audience and keep the old fan. Make it better only will help the franchise grow, not worse.

Yes, bluray didn't mean much. But for example, Fate franchise is selling merchandise thank to the popular of the show. Adult have more and willing to buy expensive stuff. Some just for the sake of ''collection''. But you need to keep their loyalty. And, super sure lost a lot of that. We have no girl showing their skin and private part. But our muscle man can just sell as good. In fact, it still sell like crazy. And you can still aim at kid pocket. I can't see anything can hurt that at all.

So why Toei did not do that ?
Are they just not care at all ? Bandai still sell toy like crazy (Pretty much top selling of Bandai only below Gundam if i remember right). So the boss above probably see there no need to spend more money ?