Looking to buy all the Japanese Dragon Boxes

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Re: Looking to buy all the Japanese Dragon Boxes

Post by Ryuji-Otogi » Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:30 pm

At this point, all I care about is having the show in 4:3 full screen. If you nitpick over everything else you’ll never be happy. I obsessed over that stuff for years and it just made me miserable. lol People even talk crap about the Dragon Boxes now. It’s a shame that there is no optimal release, and it’s quite a shame that there’s not an affordable way to own the whole show in full screen. Honestly the best bet IMO is buy the Kai blu-rays. I know, that’s not DBZ... As far as DBZ is concerned, if you don’t care about cropping then get the blu ray seasons or if you do care about cropping then you can always keep an eye out on eBay for people selling their Dragon Boxes at semi-reasonable prices. (Unfortunately a “reasonable” price for just 1 U.S.A Dragon Box with 40 episodes is like $150, LOL)

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