Help translating old dragon ball cards from japanese

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Help translating old dragon ball cards from japanese

Post by anubisj » Sun Nov 03, 2019 3:12 pm


So I´m compiling all cards info from a dragon ball card game that got mainly released in Japan and France, by Bandai. I´m not sure what it´s called in english, but there´s a french website with a database of all of its cards (I´ll post a link). In France it was released in 2009 I think. The thing is, while the french cards have the text displayed for you when selecting a card (and so I can translate easily), the japanese sets don´t have the text displayed; there´s just the image of the card, with japanese text in the card. The other thing is, the japanese sets contain many more cards than the french ones, so I´m asking for either:

-A website with all of the japanese cards´ text displayed, so I can just select the text and translate it (this would be ideal).

-Advice on choosing an app/program that can translate text in images.

-It´s a long shot, but maybe someone has already translated them, or could do it?

Here´s the link to the french site, specifically the database for the japanese cards of said game (there´s no description for the japanese version, just click on a capsule and it will show you the set, then you can click on each card to open it):

I know it says "super card game", but it´s not the latest card game, that is also being released in USA; this one´s different.

I´ll also leave a link for the french version of the database, in case someone´s interested (as you can see, there´s less sets for this one):

Thank you in advance, looking forward to any suggestion. :)