Saiyans arc Nappa saves Vegeta's life, what is Vegeta's reaction?

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Saiyans arc Nappa saves Vegeta's life, what is Vegeta's reaction?

Post by nickzambuto » Thu Sep 23, 2021 7:33 pm

Much like the way Goku saved Vegeta in the recent chapter, and Vegeta responded by kicking Goku into the trash and berating him.

If somehow Nappa survived and narrowly knocked Vegeta out of the way of the Genki Dama, would Vegeta kill him? Hurt him? Thank him?

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Re: Saiyans arc Nappa saves Vegeta's life, what is Vegeta's reaction?

Post by Lionel » Thu Sep 23, 2021 10:59 pm

Conditions of the incident would likely be a determining factor in Vegeta's reaction here. In the Ginyu arc he was operating with the mindset of a practical survivalist in picking and choosing his battles along with making alliances that could maximise his odds for success. Vegeta was literally staring death in the face by a commando from Freeza's elite unit when he was rescued by Gohan and Krillin.

In comparison Vegeta from the prior arc was on a hubristic high. In his mind he and Nappa were only travelling to Earth on what amounted to a glorified milk run by obtaining the Dragon Balls and purging the planet of its population. If it wasn't part of Freeza's personal sentries or the Ginyu Force, he likely wouldn't expect to face serious opposition, let alone from a Saiyan of the lower rungs who had died one year prior.

Were the saving to occur under the conditions of some underhanded ploy being tried or attempted interference in Vegeta's duel with Goku then the Saiyan Prince might be grateful. Nappa grouping together to take on Goku beside Vegeta probably wouldn't sit well similar to when Jeice tried providing an opening to finish Goku for Ginyu. Really what it boils down to is does it flout the prince's Saiyan pride and classist mentality? If it were at the time of the Genki Dama then Vegeta might be relieved because by that point in time it had become an all out war for survival and Vegeta was faced with multiple opponents at once. It's a moment that he may feel ashamed of later on but under those extraordinary circumstances I think he could appreciate the effort.

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Re: Saiyans arc Nappa saves Vegeta's life, what is Vegeta's reaction?

Post by DBZAOTA482 » Sat Sep 25, 2021 8:35 pm

With Vegeta's ridiculous amount of pride, he would not take kindly to someone "beneath" him saving his life.
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DBZGTKOSDH wrote:... Haven't we already gotten these in GT? Goku dies, the DBs go away, and the Namekian DBs most likely won't be used again because of the Evil Dragons.
Goku didn't die in GT. The show sucked him off so much, it was impossible to keep him in the world of the living, so he ascended beyond mortality.
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I'm just about done with the concept of reboots and making shows that were products of their time and impactful "new and sexy" and in line with modern tastes and sensibilities. Let stuff stay in their era and give today's kids their own shit to watch.

I always side eye the people who say "Now my kids/today's kids can experience what I did as a child!" Nigga, who gives a fuck about your childhood? You're an adult now and it was at least 15 years ago. Let the kids have their own experience instead of picking at a corpse.

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