Re-imagining Super Seventeen Saga logic.

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Re-imagining Super Seventeen Saga logic.

Post by Legendary Saiya-Jin » Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:16 am

Thought it might be interesting to explain my thoughts and ideas on this to anyone reading this.

Instead of having Hell open up, Dr. Myuu would have survived in the B.S. Dragon Balls Saga and maybe even have assisted Bebi in spreading to Earth. Or better yet: Dr. Myuu could have still died, but once Bebi got to Earth, he himself could have created the origins of what would result to Super Seventeen when he controlled Earth.

It says in the DB Wiki article that Bebi programmed Dr. Myuu, but I still suppose he might not be smart enough for that; I imagine with Gohan/ Buruma's assistance, they could have mutated artificial human Seventeen to become Super Seventeen or created the Machine Mutant replica to merge with?

It would be interesting to consider that perhaps Bebi's Tsufuru-jin intellect could discover the secret's of Dr. Gero's through examining Seventeen and create the ultimate machine mutant as a back-up in case Bebi died.