Cell being created by Dr. Gero, and then his Computer?

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Cell being created by Dr. Gero, and then his Computer?

Post by Legendary Saiya-Jin » Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:14 pm

I had a thought: perhaps when Dr. Gero was constructing Cell, he was originally intending to make it a self-sufficient bio-android with no need for the artificial humans 17 and 18, but since it took too long, he handed over the task to his super computer, which decided to use Cell as a means of terminating 17 and 18 after they betrayed Dr. Gero, like perhaps he planned in-case they back-stabbed him since he did seemed worried about them from previous experiences and possibly programmed his super-computer to develop something to destroy them in case that happened; the super computer might have thought: "I will subconsciously follow my master's orders by killing two birds with one stone; Cell will be birthed prematurely to save lots of time (say, maybe years or maybe even centuries) whilst being genetically designed to absorb and execute the cyborgs as short-cuts for his maturation."