"Parallel Universe Timeline" Game

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"Parallel Universe Timeline" Game

Post by supacomboy » Mon Mar 04, 2013 2:49 pm

Hi Everyone,

Right now, instead of being productive, going work or studying or whatever I could be doing now, I came up with this idea;
Wouldn't it be fun/interesting to see if we could resolve impossible events by trying to "create" a timeline for a "parallel world" of Dragon Earth??

The rules of the game are simple:

Using the "real" timeline as a reference, piece together a new timeline/story, using existing media, i.e films, etc. to create a timeline where events in the franchise that are generally deemed not possible to have happened can exist. In trying to use these in a way to resolve plot-holes or inconsistencies in the movies that make them impossible to happen. As such, perhaps major events and battles we know of may not necessarily happen in this "alternate" timeline so as to accommodate movie events?? I.e, perhaps Cell wasn't created in this hypothetical timeline, and there for the other events that are tentatively placed around this time before the Cell Games can happen validly. I wonder how different the picture would turn out. Haha I for one am glad we had the Cell arc rather than a New Planet Vegeta/Brolly Arc, but it still makes for an interesting thought!!

For example, I guess it would be appropriate to work from DB Movie 01: Legend of Shenlong as a starting point to the alternate telling of the story;
This movie is an alternative re-telling of the first Dragon Ball story arc, roughly covering chapters 001-023, or episodes 001-013 of the original Dragon Ball TV series. Daizenshuu 6 classifies this movie as an event that takes place in an alternate world:
It’s about the same as it was on TV, up until Goku and Bulma meet. However, with the confrontation with the Gurumes Army, who are seeking the Four-Star Ball and so on, it’s probably appropriate to consider this the events of a completely different world from the TV show.
— “Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 6: Movies & TV Specials” (p. 16)
Could this be resolved with other movies that come after it to tell a different story?? What would happen from here, we could use the original story in places where it would fit, then work from here on. What would happen from here to the events of DB Movie 02: The Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle. From here did Goku & Co. travel to the Mǐfàn empire?? It may be possible that even here somethings may not be able to be resolved and would need yet another timeline!!......

Herms did an amazingly detailed and astonishing guide which would be good to reference for events and times etc;

http://www.kanzenshuu.com/forum/viewtop ... =8&t=19669