Raging Vegeta (BoG) > Ultimate Gohan and Gotenks?

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Raging Vegeta (BoG) > Ultimate Gohan and Gotenks?

Post by OWmyDragonBallz » Sat Mar 15, 2014 10:11 pm

When Vegeta rages on Beerus, Roshi states that he surpassed SSJ3 Goku. That very same Vegeta, Beerus later on admits has immeasurable latent power along with Goku. Why does that alone seem to imply that
Raging Vegeta > SSJ3 Goku > Ultimate Gohan? Especially when Gohan/Gotenks have fought him and their powers were not mentioned at all or had any impressions?

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Re: Raging Vegeta (BoG) > Ultimate Gohan and Gotenks?

Post by RedRibbonSoldier#42 » Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:06 pm

Gohan has a hard time staying relavent in the series. he made 2 grabs for the main character slot (saiyaman saga and the super buu fight) and was replaced both times by Goku

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Re: Raging Vegeta (BoG) > Ultimate Gohan and Gotenks?

Post by Cetra » Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:18 pm

For the minute it was like that. However, while it is impressive, it is nothing that cannot be surpassed as well. The Dragon Ball characters always break their own limits and for those who count GT, Vegeta and Gohan surely were already stronger at that time so reached a new dimension of power. Battle of Gods was more the "refreshing feelings and surprising with some moments" movie.
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