How strong could Mr. Satan get?

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Re: How strong could Mr. Satan get?

Post by Mystic Tien » Sun Aug 30, 2015 10:15 am

What do you mean? He is already stronger than Beerus and Whis, he just acts, he doesn't want everyone to learn about his REAL strength. We know that he was really the one to train Beerus and Whis... Moreover his main student is no one other than... Yamcha! Yamcha already has shown his much superior strength by patting Beerus on back, which quite saddened Beerus, as him, just like Frieza and Vegeta did once, doesn't want to admit that there are people stronger than him in the world, let alone the ones who are also the students of Satan, and Mr. Satan himself is too humble and shy to admit that he is Yamcha's master, that's why he makes it look, as if he is weak, while we all know that he really is not.
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He almost got Videl killed in Battle of Gods tho.

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