how is universe 1's Iwan based on the Indian god shiva ?

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how is universe 1's Iwan based on the Indian god shiva ?

Post by flashback0180 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:23 pm

found this gem ,

According to the official Toie site Iwan is based/inspired from the Hindu god Shiva ... /no01.html


He looks nothing like the Indian god , here's shiva


we already know Toriyama and Toyotaro used real gods to design dbz characters , like Ramushi based on the Hindu/Buddhist deity Ganesha


so how Iwan based on Shiva? I've been going through Japanese lore about Shiva , i couldn't find anything connecting the two .

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Re: how is universe 1's Iwan based on the Indian god shiva ?

Post by Ki Breaker » Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:50 pm

Shiva isn't that hunk of a man you see there, that's the changed image from centuries of little changes adding up together..
He's at the core, the yogi.. literally the yogi..
He had more of a bearded ruffed look long ago, something like this

Image Image

He was and is Also represented by a special shaped Rock, they call it shiv ling, which curiously seems to have the same size and shape as Iwan


Iwan seems to be a combination of these two, he has the traits of a shiv ling and sports a beard and hairy physique giving a nod to his previous portrayals
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