Power Progression For The Rest Of The Cast

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Power Progression For The Rest Of The Cast

Post by Zeru14 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 12:34 am

One thing I've seen for years among the fandom, is people complaining about how Toriyama just stop caring about increasing the power levels of characters that wasn't named Goku and Vegeta. So I've been thinking how some of the cast, could've increased their abilities over the course of the story which would allow them to be in a more respectable place of power, than they are now.

-Between the timeskip Android and Buu Sagas, I would've had Piccolo train in the Time Chamber again, as he still had one more day, other than that he would visit Capsule Corp occasionally to train in the Gravity Room over the years. Also at some point during Super, have him discover the Red-Eye transformation, which would place him on the same tier as the non-god SSJ forms.

Kid Trunks and Goten
-After Kid Buu's defeat both of the them would pester the Old Kai to unlock their potential allowing them access to their "Ultimate" power, therefore along with Gohan the next generation would no longer need their SSJ forms, it'll be a central theme. Plus we'll get "Ultimate Gotenks", and of course over the years they regularly visit the Gravity Room.

Krillin, Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu
-During the 3 year timeskip, where they're training the for the Androids, instead of training alone, they all decide to train as a group, they go to Kami, have him teleport them to Otherworld, where travel down Snake Way to train with King Kai, Krillin and Yamcha learn the Kaioken, Tien unlocks some special abilities with his third eye and Chiaotzu powers up his psychic techniques, and of course over the years they regularly visit the Gravity Room.

Good Buu
-After watching Krillin or Yamcha use the Kaioken, Buu learns it via his copy ability, also his skinny form would be the shape he morphs into when he gets into serious fight.

Android 17 and 18
-At some point after Kid Buu's defeat, the siblings decide to train in the Time Chamber for two days to better protect their families and catch up, Krillin would guard the island for 17 while he's away, since the Androids never get tired or run out of energy, they can train for longer periods of time compared to anyone else who has used the room.

Master Roshi
-After Kid Buu's defeat but prior to Resurrection F, have him spend a day in the Time Chamber, that way his battle power would have some logic.

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Re: Power Progression For The Rest Of The Cast

Post by Lionel » Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:24 am

Some of your proposals I agree with, others look questionable. I would prefer if the theme of transformations being excluded to only certain species remained in-tact. It would feel all the more rewarding for the non-Saiyans to discover alternative means for increasing their strength, most of which hearkens back to the principle of using the resources on hand from the gods -- i.e God Ki, Kaioken, potential unlocks, ect. Some additional training regimens concerning the unique traits of certain members like Tenshinhan honing techniques indigenous to his species and Chaozu amplifying the efficiency of his paralysis arts are both appealing in concept.

Learnable techniques that can be universally acquired such as Kaioken could be meticulously fine-tuned with everyone acclimating to the effects. Raising the amplifiers past the original limit of x20 would be especially useful in bridging the gap between the humans/Piccolo and the Saiyans. Come to think of it -- a potential unlock after training with Whis should hopefully put most of the humans over the Base Saiyans, perhaps even in range of the weaker golden forms with Piccolo surpassing SSJ3 and coming up within the same general range as the SSJBs. An arbitrary multiplier of x100 Kaioken might be enough for him to surpass the SSJBs and fight on-par with SSJBKK Goku, if not stronger. The humans would surpass the golden transformations using Kaioken while entering the spectrum of the SSJBs. Maybe Chaozu's paralysis arts could start to have an effect once again on Goku and, this time, Vegeta? It would be one advantage that the humans could leverage over the Saiyans.

I'm mostly indifferent towards Mr Buu. Both the studio and Toyotaro haven't gone to any lengths to ensure some kind of role for him. If anything, they have been veering in the opposite direction by finding any possible excuse they can to relegate him to the non-combatant role. Personally, I wouldn't expect much to change with him in the future; not that these hypothetical power progression scenarios have much hope in the actual series.

The cyborgs' strengths always struck me as being limited to the artificial mechanisms programmed by Dr Gero. Giving the excuse of the siblings having "enhanced cells" seems like a half-hearted excuse to justify an impossibly high power increase through no viable training methods. To be honest, I really don't care for the notion of either sibling participating in the arcs for the long term.

Roshi should have remained retired, I feel. For him to have his strength increased to such levels seems contrived as he's had hundreds of years to sharpen himself yet the most he could achieve in the original manga was taking third place slot at the 22nd tournament.

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