Majin Buu's relationship with the Kaioshins

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Majin Buu's relationship with the Kaioshins

Post by Master Tetsuo » Wed Sep 27, 2017 9:36 pm

Hello, I'm new here so go easy on me lol; Pardon me if this has been brought up before but these questions have been on my mind for a while.

Why don't the Kaioshins(Specifically Shin the Kaioshin of U7) have any reaction towards Majin Buu anymore? And does Majin Buu have God Ki? I mean it sounds plausible when you think about, and can he potentially sense it at least?

We know that Majin Buu absorbed Kaioshins in the past and in fact absorbed the(What I assume was the official Kaioshin of U7 at the time) Dai Kaioshin; Shin's master.
People that Majin Buu absorb are still alive, considering that Goten, Trunk, Gohan, & Piccolo all were inside Super Buu still living when Goku and Vegeta saved them...So we can guess that the other Kaioshin are still inside Fat Buu at the current point in time(DBS)? Fat Buu still has Dai Kaioshin's features and "kind" traits that make him tamed so his influence is obviously still there..or he himself is actually still in there.
Isn't it odd that Elder Kai & Shin never bring up anything about Majin Buu anymore? I mean..Majin Buu had a whole freaking saga that STARTED with Shin coming to Earth to handle Majin Buu because that was his biggest fear..It's like after Kid Buu was destroyed they saw that Fat Buu was still kind and decided it was best to sweep that under the rug and move on...During the Exhibition Match in Dragon Ball Super I thought they'd bring up the Majin Buu's past about how he absorbed the previous Kaioshin of U7 which is the whole reason why Shin became U7's Supreme Kai. I don't know if this is simply something over looked now but when you think about it Buu is more interesting than we thought.

Majin Buu absorbed the previous Kaioshin of U7. Why wasn't it ever brought up again especially since Dragon Ball Super has been dealing with plots that heavily involve Gods/Kaioshins a lot? Do you think it'll be brought up again? and Is it possible that Majin Buu has god ki/can sense it? He's been shown to adapt well to those he has absorbed and can mimic a lot of their traits and techniques.

I just think that Majin Buu should be a lot more involved with the plot in Dragon Ball Super at some point..Thoughts?

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Re: Majin Buu's relationship with the Kaioshins

Post by Lionel » Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:59 pm

I've personally given acknowledgements to the awkward arrangement of things with Buu living amongst people and interacting with the likes of the Z-Warriors when we know what he's capable of and his potential lack of control in the future with no one around to subdue him. The Kaioshins have every reason to take issue with Buu being allowed to gallivant about with an unpredictable mindset and the personage of their leader still trapped inside of him. Both they and the ones personally affected by Buu have no reason to trust him when his mental faculties and temperament are wildly unstable. Vegeta is a self absorbed battle crazed solitarian, but at least everyone doesn't have a reason to distrust him for the moment. You can't the say the same about Buu.

If there was any accountability or sense of consequential continuity, Buu would have brought before the Kaioshins to address their grievances. But then if you try to apply some overarcing consequences to people's actions then Piccolo and Vegeta both would be subject to the injunctions of public officials. The Galactic Patrol and Universe King would be ousted as corrupt do-nothings who are more interested in their position and survivability than maintaining order and justice. Ox King might be in a prison cell for his days as a murderous brute who killed anyone that came close to Mt Frypan. Launch would have been in the same situation. Goku would also likely face charges for assaulting police officers and habouring a fugitive, the same applying to Roshi. Yamcha would also be in prison, if not executed.

All of these little details about the respective backstories of characters makes you realise just how questionable their backgrounds actually were.

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Re: Majin Buu's relationship with the Kaioshins

Post by Muffin Man » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:20 pm

I don't think there's any reason for Fat Buu to be viewed as a threat: he literally had his evil side purged from him. He is no more a threat than Kami was.

However, I definitely take issue with the fact that none of the Kais care about what happened to the Dai Kaioshin and Buff Kai. They haven't even tried to lampshade the fact that they're presumably just trapped eternally inside Fat Buu. To quote Goku in the Buu saga dub, "they can't even die".

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Re: Majin Buu's relationship with the Kaioshins

Post by dbgtFO » Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:20 pm

It's just Toriyama sweeping, what he can, under the rug.
Clearly he always favored Freeza more than any other villain and so he's pulling no punches in making it all about him.
There's even no effort to acknowledge the arc's events and its consequences other than what you simply can't get around(Goten and Trunks' existence, Mr Buu, Mr Satan etc) and thus we don't have characters giving a fuck, because that would dare to take focus away from the new stories.
That's why we have the Kibitoshin fusion being undone just before the Inter-universe tournament, so not only the newly awakened Beerus, but also the U6 Kaioshin don't have to question this new Kaioshin and thereby acknowledge, that the Buu Arc was actually a thing.
That's why we have Freeza non-sensically mentioning Buu, but never getting to meet this supposed terrible foe, because that would be a waste of time apparently. At least the anime had the common sense to put Goten and Trunks in front of Freeza, but he still hasn't seen the other of the two guys, he was warned about.

On another note strangely this phenomenon also segues into the transition between the Future Trunks Arc and the current arc. 2 Zeno are threatening Universal Destruction, but no one of the gods gave a fuck about there inexplicably being a second Zeno. At least the manga had Helles question this fact and might have them talk about it before the exhibition's end.

From an In universe point of view you could even have Majin Buu get thrown out, because he has absorbed Kaioshin and is thus getting help from gods, which should be banned obviously. The fact, that Goku and co. would befriend a guy, who almost killed off all of his universe's Kaioshin, would draw even more anger from the other universes, but instead he just falls asleep like the terrible joke he is *SPITS*

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