Master Of Self Movement/ Ultra Instict and some Ki Explained

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Master Of Self Movement/ Ultra Instict and some Ki Explained

Post by MrUnusual » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:12 pm

This is just an over-analytical theory involving ki, (primarily Goku's but the Ki of Saiyans and others as well), it's also meant to get an understanding of Goku's new state we saw in episode 110, let me know what you guys thing if of it.

The following Ki chambers are all used with Life Force Ki when the user is living. The Life Force Ki acts as a battery to support all of the other Ki chambers. Should the user not have any Life Force Ki, they are dead and that Ki is replaced with the user's own Spirit Ki which has no limit for the user themselves while dead, using the spirit Ki of another host is temporary however as it does not belong to that soul, it will also be temporary if it is used while the person is alive as that chamber is locked to the living.

--- Goku's Ki Chambers ---

Life Force Ki (Blue life force/Vessel Energy)
Life force Energy

Core Ki
Energy from the core of the body, used to create Energy blasts and flight (Can be different colors)

Blood ki (Crimson Energy with red fire)
Energy created from the body's blood to use the Kaio-ken technique

Blutz ki (Blue mutant Ki for Oozaru Transformation)
Energy that resides in the Stem and lower spine of the body, activated during Full Moon to turn the user into an Oozaru

Golden Ki (Golden Spinal Energy with yellow fire for Super Saiyan Transformation)
Energy that resides in the spine to transform into a Super Saiyan

Divine Ki (Sky blue Energy of Gods with orange fire)
Used to become a Deity/God

Spirit Ki (Locked/dormant Energy that belongs to a user's soul)
Resides in the user's soul. This ki can be channeled from other living beings to perform the Genkidama.

Temporary Life Force Ki
Controlled by Magic, this key is granted to someone who is no longer living so that they can the soul can enter a vessel temporarily and visit the living world as as person with Spirit energy alone is not permitted to be present in the world of the living

--- Ki Combinations ---

Golden Ki + Core Ki (Gold with electricity)
Energy from the spine, nerves and core used to become a Super Saiyan 2 (Utilizing the Super Saiyan Ki as a base ki)

Golden Ki + Core Ki x Life force Ki (Gold with electricity)
Used to transform into a Super Saiyan 3 (Utilizing the Super Saiyan 2 Ki as a base ki)

Golden Ki + Blood Ki (Red)
Used to become a Super Saiyan and use Kaio-ken simultaneously

Blutz Ki + Golden Ki (Green as a result of Yellow and Blue's combination)
Mutant Ki used to become a Super Saiyan Berserker

Divine Ki + Core Ki (White)
Used to become a Saiyan God from Base state, this is referred to in the manga as a "Saiyan Beyond God"

Divine Ki + Golden Ki (Teal as a result of gold and sky blue)
Used to become a Super Saiyan God (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue)

Blood Ki + Divine Ki + Golden Ki (Red and Teal)
Used to become Super Saiyan blue and use Kaio-Ken simutaneosly

Spirit Ki + Temporary Life Force Ki
The state in which a person who is no longer living can be present in the living realm temporarily, this ki can be controlled by Magical beings such as Fortune Teller Baba, Elder Kai, Bibidi and Babidi and was used in the series to resurrect Grandpa Gohan, Frieza and Goku himself temporarily

Spirit Ki + Life Force Ki
This can be a possible stable version of the of Goku's base form consciously using the Mastery of Self Movement with his own energy. When Goku used it the first time, he was using Spirit Ki alone with no Life Force Ki present

--- Goku's Mastery of Self Movement/Ultra Instinct Explained ---

In episode 110 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku absorbs and uses the Spirit Ki he collected from others as a temporary replacement to his own Life Force Ki and went into a Living Spirit like state as a result. In this state, his mind was calm with no thoughts, allowing the spirit ki to control his body on it's own without the use of his mind, which allowed him to use ultra instincts in his fight with Jiren while at the same time revitalizing Goku's own Life Force Ki and recharging it. The ki is temporary for Goku however because the ki being used belongs to the souls of others and once Goku's life force is restored, that chamber of ki is closed

How can I support my "Spirit Energy" having limitless power theory? Please refer to the following information:

- 17 and 18 do not get tired or lose stamina, there power seams to be limitless as described by Dr. Gero. It is possible that this is because they do not have a life force, it was replaced with their spirit energy after they died as Lapis and Lazuli, their internal organs were created in a lab by Dr. Gero and placed into them resulting in their souls being trapped in a shell with no life force so their bodies are just acting on pure spirit energy

- Goku can go Super Saiyan 3 as long as he likes when he was in the other world, this is explained by Goku when he could not at first understand why it did not last as long when fighting against Buu

- Frieza may have concentrated his energy while he was in hell, but when donating energy to Goku for the spirit bomb and then giving him some energy in episode 111, Frieza did not appear to be tired at all, which brings me to my next thing

- The Spirit bomb/Genkidama in episode 109-110 was as big as the one used to destroy Kid Buu, despite this one only being created by the power of 8 or 9 people and the one that destroyed Kid Buu was powered by the entire Universe 7. It's possible that this was due to Goku utilizing Frieza, 17 and 18's energy (with Frieza being dead, it's more like to be just his), with Frieza having limitless energy right now, he has lots to spare