Maybe Jiren should have won the ToP?

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Maybe Jiren should have won the ToP?

Post by DSB » Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:28 pm

Maybe Jiren does knock out Goku after he lost MUI. Freeza and 17 put up a fight and Jiren sees even a villain can trust someone to fight for a greater cause. Universe 7 still loses and gets erased [stakes!!!!]. Jiren is the one to make the wish 17 made because he learned that trust and friendship is important and also wants to fight Goku again. Also he gives up on his wish to get his master back because he believe his master wouldnt want to come back in exchange of infinite other lives [somewhat like the manga].

Wouldnt this have been a better ending? It would give Goku and Vegeta fuel to get better. MUI is proven to be unreliable. Broly thing is unchanged. Also Jiren doesnt get defeated and is till the top dog.

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Re: Maybe Jiren should have won the ToP?

Post by Lord Beerus » Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:06 pm

Jiren doesn't learn that camaraderie can be important aspect in the progress of a battle, and in life in general, if he wins the final skirmish against the universe that uses teamwork to win. Jiren saw the power of bonds through being defeated by a group of martial artista who had a mutual trust for each other despite not knowing them that well personally (Goku & 17) and have a great underlying resentment of each others existence (Goku & Freeza). That lesson can't be gained if Jiren were to win by him working alone. All that would do is prove him right.

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Re: Maybe Jiren should have won the ToP?

Post by theherodjl » Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:33 pm

Nah, Jiren didn't realize that both Zeno would erase the remaining universes if the wish wasn't used to revive all the universes that had already been erased so he would've just gone with the wish to revive those close to him who had perished by villainy. 17 made the wish to revive all the universes since he realized that Bulma would just foot the bill for his initial wish to cruise the world with his family but he was still unknowing of the Zeno's intentions. Everything just happened to work out with U7 winning.
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