The Thoughts and Feelings of Future Trunks

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The Thoughts and Feelings of Future Trunks

Post by DBZimran » Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:42 am

A few years ago I read the side story of Future Trunks called: The Lonely Future Warrior!! Trunks. I just revisited it this week while working on a video version of the story to retell it to people who may not have come across it.


Video Version:

After having read it again and comparing it to the Anime and the Manga I really have to commend Aya Matsui for getting the character of Trunks so right. It actually feels like it is his thoughts we are peering into. The side story covers several character defining moments for Trunks in the series. It is well worth a read or even a watch of my video version.

Did any of you read this back on or is this the first time you are coming across it. Let me know your thoughts on this insight into the most tragic character story of the series.