Gohan's Birth Date

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Gohan's Birth Date

Post by DragonBallLove » Tue May 07, 2019 6:57 pm

So, I'm somewhat confused.

I have been seeing Gohan's birth date stated as May 18. This have been stated in the always unreliable Wikia (now Fandom), and if that would have been the only source I'd gladly disregard it, but the likes of MasakoX and others have repeated the date.
At first, I though this case to be just like Goku's birthday, debunked by Herms and CTR last year.

Searching the web I found a 2009 discussion in the forum about the subject, and all the post coincides in the lack of exact date for Gohan's birth. But that was 10 years ago and there could have been new info revealed.

And lastly but not less important, I've seen references to Daizenshuu 7 and/or the Super Exciting Guide as sources, but I doubt the former as a source because it was released in the 90s and the 2009 kanzenshuu forum posters would have ample access to it at the time of that old topic. But the S.E.G. was released in 2009 too, so that could be a good lead.

So, do we have a true birthday for Gohan or is another "Goku's birthday" case?

Thanks in advance.