Timelines one more time please (sorry)

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Timelines one more time please (sorry)

Post by TobyS » Mon Jul 29, 2019 3:41 pm

I (wrongly?) Recall that we all had to abandon the idea of the unseen timeline even existing because there were not enough time rings.

But I just came across this guys breakdown here and other than the bloat about movies seems to show there are enough time rings for those timelines to exist. And we need it otherwise there is one too many in the boxes?

((We can even chose to believe xeno trunks is the new duplicate trunks and a ss4 timeline is u12 guys timeline but that's entirely optional))


Can anyone confirm?

Also I'm only interested in the Super manga if there's somehow a contradiction...
Yamcha almost certainly did not cheat on Bulma:
He was afraid of Women, Bulma was the flirty one.
Yamcha wanted to get married (it was his gonna be his wish)
He suggested they settle down in the Trunks saga.
Alternate future Trunks is not a reliable source.
Toriyama wanted new SSJ Kids and not make new characters.