Team U6 if U6 won the previous tournament

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Hakaishin Liquir
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Team U6 if U6 won the previous tournament

Post by Hakaishin Liquir » Tue Nov 19, 2019 2:26 am

If U6 won in U6 vs U7 and Champa therefore got Earth, what would the team look like for U6 and U7?

Imo the U6 team would be:

1. Goku
2. Hit
3. Vegeta
4. Android 17
5. Gohan
6. Saonel
7. Pirina
8. Kale
9. Magetta
10. Caulifla

I chose these ones since they are the 10 strongest, but realistically, Magetta would get shafted and Cabba or Piccolo would join instead. Magetta is actually really powerful. SS Vegeta couldn't even dent him, even with a Final Flash, and Magetta even managed to have a beam struggle with it. In terms of strength, Magetta is only around SS Goku/Vegeta level, but in terms of durability, he's much higher. I think that they'd need to use SS3 or maybe even SSG to start damaging him.

The U7 team would be:

1. Frieza (if Beerus gets the idea to revive him)
2. Copy Frieza (they use the purple thing from the Potafu filler to clone Frieza)
3. A fusion of all the Namekians
4. Galbee (the alien that fought Mr Satan)
5. A Yardrat
6. Gregory
7. Bubbles
8/9/10. 3 Frieza soldiers

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Re: Team U6 if U6 won the previous tournament

Post by wolflonnie » Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:49 am

Ha, Beerus would've been screwed so hard.

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Re: Team U6 if U6 won the previous tournament

Post by DBZ Macky » Tue Nov 19, 2019 8:18 am

Beerus would've been screwed on one hand, but on the other, Champa would basically have nothing to worry about.
If Champa gave Goku and Vegeta the Potara as a last resort instead of Caulifla and Kale, then it would basically be GG for Jiren and the others.
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Re: Team U6 if U6 won the previous tournament

Post by Koitsukai » Tue Nov 19, 2019 6:32 pm

Buu (if there is no preparation for the ToP then Buu might not be asleep)

Copy Freeza
Broly (without Paragus, just Ikari)
That namekian that Moro killed
A yadratian
That Ginyu Force member that is coming for DBZ Kakarot
2 former Freeza Army members

U7 would be eliminated pretty soon, Vegeta and Goku would have to team up and go full power to take on Freeza and Copy Freeza (they would have no idea what that thing is without Jaco, so that fight might be a joy to watch)
Broly might not even get to go Ikari, Dyspo or Toppo would beat his ass and get him out of the ring before he can go crazy, and if he does then Toppo should be enough.
Moro was too weak when he showed up, and when he starts to grow stronger by absorptions and Jiren notices that, he would ring him out ASAP.
About 7-3 I don't know, he probably will have a nice fight against Gohan this week but I don't think he'll be enough for the stronger characters waiting around.

Goku would never get UI because his UI training would not be continued (pretending Vados isn't as friendly as Whis, based on Champa not being as "friendly" as Beerus), so Jiren would have no match, not even if Vegito were a thing (FT arc Vegito was already outclassed by E109). Actually without the Black arc (I guess with all the planet changing Trunks would not be able to get to the past and let's pretend that's the case to change up the things a bit), Goku and Vegeta would be weaker than their ToP iterations.

The only chance I could see for U6 to win would be if Hit does that Time Cage thing and Goku or Vegeta help ringing him out, buuuut, maybe Jiren would get out of the Time Cage faster when he perceives the saiyans were coming to get him.

With only one set of Potara, Kefla would not be a thing, Champa would prefer Vegito, so the girls would be fodderize.
Hakaishin Toppo and Jiren would be too much for Hit and Vegito Blue.

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Re: Team U6 if U6 won the previous tournament

Post by Berserker1921 » Thu Nov 21, 2019 4:52 am

Had U6 won the little tournament. The team would have been:

1. Goku
2. Vegeta
3. Gohan
4. 17
5. Hit
6. Kale
7. Caulifa
8. Cabba
9. Piccolo
10. Roshi

While the new U7 team:

1. Moro
2. Frieza
3. Broly
4. 7-3
5. C. Frieza
6. Cell
7. Darbura
8. Ginyu
9. Cold
10. ???

Moro: is the by far the most dangerous and strongest warrior of u7. He’d have to hide for a while, to gain energy. But, I’d imagine this would catch the attention of Jiren. Who’d most likely stop him before things got of hand.

Frieza: would do the same thing as before, screw around a bit. Take out some people here and there. And wait for the big warriors to tire out or be knocked out.

Broly: would be thrown out early for killing someone. But by some miracle he lasts. If Jiren doesn’t take him out or he doesn’t get disqualified. Goku, being the idiot he is. Would show Broly the other transformations. It’s probable but highly unlikely, we may see SsjBroly. But if we do. God Toppo or Jiren just takes him out.

7-3: will have Broly, Moro, and Frieza in his memories. The most useful would be the Moro power. He and Moro, could just drain opposite sides of the arena. Taking out the weaklings. But, once again, Jiren would most likely intervene. So he is out.

The rest are decent to Crap. U7 would win, with Goku, Hit, and 17 vs Jiren.

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Almighty Majin
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Re: Team U6 if U6 won the previous tournament

Post by Almighty Majin » Fri Nov 22, 2019 5:49 pm

I think if U6 won the tournament then the U6 team in the ToP would be:
Android 17
Android 18

I believe that after the tournament that Goku and Vegeta would explore Planet Sadala way earlier and would meet up with Cabba again and most likely encounter Caulifla and Kale much earlier than in canon. Goku and Vegeta would just train under Vados instead and take Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla with them. I am pretty sure by the ToP that the three U6 saiyans will have achieved god ki. I see Piccolo taking the place of Saonel and Pirina since he would be the strongest namekian in U6 at that point so he would fuse with any viable U6 namekian warriors and be on a level similar to potential unleashed Gohan. Gohan might benefit from Piccolo's power boost since he now has a stronger training partner. Hit and 17 would be recruited as powerful fighters that can also contend with god level opponents and 18 would be considered over the likes of Magetta and Frost due to being trustworthy and also not having the weakness to insults (plus the synergy with 17).

Team U7 on the other hand could probably be:
Future Trunks
Namekian Galactic Patrolman

My assumption here is that after team U7 loses and Goku suggests the ToP to Zeno, Beerus begins to panic and commands Shin and Whis to track down strong fighters. Meanwhile, it's very possible that when Future Trunks travels back in time he ends up on the U6 Earth that is now in U7 and is confused as to why he is on a barren Earth. I would assume Whis would investigate this and then Future Trunks would explain the Goku Black situation to Beerus and Whis. Beerus initially refuses to help, but then does so under the condition that Future Trunks stays in this timeline and train under Whis to become a fighter for the inevitable ToP. Once the Goku Black issue is dealt with (however it may be dealt with) then Future Trunks stays to train under Whis.

Meanwhile, Shin and Whis have managed to locate multiple potentially strong fighters in U7. I could imagine that Broly and Tarble are found and as a result of being saiyans, Beerus wants them trained as well. Tarble is especially targeted for being Vegeta's brother and is treated with the same treatment as Vegeta. Tarble will probably be similar to Cabba being reluctant to go all out or train roughly but will probably be forced into doing so by Beerus (probably as a way to release frustration of the U7 saiyans' loss against team U6). Abo and Cado are with Tarble so they can do their own training and power up their fusion who will be one member and then Beerus will ask the Galactic Patrol to borrow some prisoners/criminals such as Commeson, Watagash, Saganbo, 7-3, and Moro. They can also borrow the Namekian Galactic Patrolman and have him fuse with many namekians.

I could see the likes of Future Trunks, Broly, Moro, and 7-3 being able to push team U6 and I think Commeson and Watagash can manage to take some opponents.

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Tai Lung
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Re: Team U6 if U6 won the previous tournament

Post by Tai Lung » Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:27 pm

the U6 team would be:

1. Vegeta
2. Kale
3. Goku
4. Caulifla
5. Hit
6. Piccolo
7. Gohan
8. Maguetta
9. Android 17
10. Gotenks

neither cabba nor 18 seem necessary to me in this case and champa would be in favor of the fusion

the U7 team would be:
maybe Beerus stay talking Emma to revive some warriors

1. Broly super
2. Frieza
3. Cell
4. Dabura
5. Captain ginyu at the suggestion of frieza
6. Future Trunks (trunks stayed on that timeline with mai)
7. Jako
8. Cell Jr
9. Namekian fusions
10. yardrat

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Re: Team U6 if U6 won the previous tournament

Post by Lionel » Sat Nov 23, 2019 5:25 am

Theoretically a Team Universe 7 without Earth could win if they had the proper roster of unique and powerful fighters. Most obviously, as others mentioned, would be the likes of Moro, 7-3, a Super Namekian fusion, and Dabura. I'm not sure if Cell and Babidi are still available or if they've been reincarnated but if their souls are still lingering in the afterlife then they could be inducted into the fold.

Imagine someone like Babidi available to supplement Beerus's ranks. Almost everyone at the tournament would probably be susceptible to his sorcery. In addition, his own team could receive the Majinisation enhancement after Moro has absorbed enough power from the surrounding fighters to boost them. Team U6 might actually have its work cut out for them if U7 played its cards right.

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Re: Team U6 if U6 won the previous tournament

Post by theherodjl » Sat Nov 23, 2019 7:00 am

Champa would probably select his fighters from the U6 Tournament(out of favoritism and to antagonize Beerus) and then 5 of Earth's fighters with Goku & Vegeta receiving the Potara instead of Caulifla & Kale.

U7 might be in trouble here. If Beerus hasn't been obtaining some strong fighters of his own, he'd be caught with his pants down by the time Zeno announced that the ToP would commence and then he'd only have two days to craft a team. With Earth gone then the team he had from winning the U6 Tournament would not exist so he'd have to scrounge up whatever strong fighters that were alive or those that could be revived on a temporary basis. It might look like this.
1. Freeza(obviously)
2. Broly
3. 7-3
4. Super Namek
5. The strongest Yardrat.
6. Moro(revitalized with the Namekian DBs)
7. Merus
8. Jaco
9. Tagoma
10. Cell(if he hasn't been reimcarnated)/Dabura/Pikkon

It might look good for U7 but unless Broly is prodded into turning SSJ or Moro consumes enough Ki then everything lies on Freeza & Merus which won't be enough for the likes of Vegetto Blue or Jiren.
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