Vegeta and Hell

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Mad Swami
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Vegeta and Hell

Post by Mad Swami » Fri Feb 28, 2020 12:24 pm

In Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT would Vegeta still go to Hell? I kind of hope not because that means redemption is near impossible but at the same time that adds emotion to his death and what not. At what point would Vegeta be given access to OtherWorld as opposed to Hell?

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Re: Vegeta and Hell

Post by Koitsukai » Fri Feb 28, 2020 1:01 pm

I guess since the Namek DBs revived him when they were fighting Kid Buu thus considering him a good guy, he redeemed himself and should not go to hell. Enma also kept his body and sent him back against Buuhan, so I guess he shares the same perspective as Porunga, specially after that move from Enma saved the universe.

Matches Malone
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Re: Vegeta and Hell

Post by Matches Malone » Sat Feb 29, 2020 3:07 am

I think at this point in Super, not only would he not go to hell, he'd probably keep his body like Goku does. I don't know about GT though as he didn't do enough good to justify that due to the amount of events that took place compared to Super.

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Re: Vegeta and Hell

Post by Pantalones » Sat Feb 29, 2020 8:21 am

Well, he did qualify as a "good/pure-hearted Saiyan" for purposes of the Super Saiyan God ritual. Maybe that's just comparing to how (genocidally) bad most Saiyans were historically rather than measuring by the same standards that determine whether you go to Hell or not, but it's still a point in DBS-era Vegeta's favor.

Also likely a point in his favor is the "my Bulma!" rage reaction to Beerus lightly slapping his wife. The "old Vegeta" probably wouldn't be able to develop a strong enough attachment to another person to feel such a strong surge of anger in response to them being smacked. I mean, "old Vegeta" randomly blew up his closest ally just because he'd failed in battle against the strongest opponent on a planet... after completely squashing every other fighter who tried, so it's not like Nappa showed he was completely incompetent by getting trounced by a bunch of low-class-equivalent warriors or anything like that which "true Saiyans" would disapprove of. I guess Vegeta just didn't feel like dealing with dragging an injured soldier back to the nearest healing tank.

Plus he's the one who ended up coming up with the plan that stopped Kid Buu and saved... most of the universe... from getting blown up bit by bit when Buu inevitably went on a rampage again. And acted as a decoy for Goku to have time to charge, getting his ass kicked every which way but hanging on just to give the Spirit Bomb a chance. "Gave his life to save others" is the kind of thing people get a one-way ticket to Heaven (with body intact!) for in Dragon Ball, so I imagine the fact that Vegeta was willing to take so much punishment against Buu and risk dying just so Goku could finish him off for good counts a lot in Vegeta's favor, too.

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