Is Baba the DB equivalent of DEATH?

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Is Baba the DB equivalent of DEATH?

Post by ssjgbunnyman » Thu Jul 23, 2020 4:33 am

Not a topic I bothered doing any deep digging into but a thought that crossed my mind while watching the last few episodes of Dragon Ball. Baba seemed to be deeply connected to the dead. We know she acts an escort of sorts of the dead but there's not enough evidence to support that this is something she does full time, after all one would think Death would have their hands too full to host a mini tournament just for kicks.

The only beings we've seen who can freely move between both worlds were those who hold very high status like the gods, kami, and so on but, for reasons I am sure Toriyama didn't really give much thought to, Baba can as well. If she is Death, maybe it's a title passed down after the previous retires/dies/etc.. I don't know I guess Toriyama never intended for a "Death" per se but I just if there was anyone who fit the bill it would be her.


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Re: Is Baba the DB equivalent of DEATH?

Post by theherodjl » Fri Jul 24, 2020 2:39 am

Doubt it. Baba's just a magic crone who has obtained some privileges from the afterlife. She has only ever had "domain" over souls from Earth and as far as we've seen, it has been a rather select few. Enma fits the bill of being Death more since all souls inevitably stand before him to be judged and sentenced to Heaven or Hell. And then there's Beerus, who is probably the best contender at being Death as he is the destroyer of U7. Its difficult to personify Death on a greater level than by being charged with causing however much death is needed as an official job description.
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