What Would Happen If C-6 Had Been Repaired?

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What Would Happen If C-6 Had Been Repaired?

Post by Steven Bloodriver » Fri Jan 22, 2021 10:47 pm

C-6, the Ancient Capsule Corporation Robot that Son Gohan had found and befriended in some of the more emotional bits of Anime Filler of when Son Gohan had been fending for himself in the Break Wasteland during the Saiyan Saga, what would have happened if Son Gohan had went right back to the Nemuria Ruins a day before Nappa and Vegeta would have arrived on Planet Earth and recovered the remains of C-6 in order to have taken them to Dr. Brief and Bulma at Capsule Corporation for Son Gohan to have asked for C-6 to have been repaired?

With Piccolo having been the one to have helped Son Gohan to have tracked down Bulma from Piccolo knowing how Bulma's Ki Signature felt like from Piccolo having been in very close proximity to Bulma during the 23rd Budokai? And I suppose that Son Gohan would have needed to explain to Piccolo absolutely everything about C-6 and especially when C-6 would have ended up sacrificing itself to have saved Son Gohan in order to have been able to have convinced Piccolo to have very briefly put his and Son Gohan's training on hold to have gone off to go have C-6 be looked at and repaired by Dr. Brief and Bulma.