ROF and TOP arcs should they have just been in Z?

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ROF and TOP arcs should they have just been in Z?

Post by Tai Lung » Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:47 pm

I liked the power tournament (Anime) but I've been asking myself this question.
Some believe that Frieza's resurrection and tournament of power came somewhat late to the series and would have been better adjusted between the android arc and cell games.
that is, in the first return of frieza against trunks and goku, the galactic patrol, golden frieza, tagoma and sorbet would have been introduced.
the problem of the cell tournament is that the majority of characters did little despite the fact that it was a varied cast only goku and gohan fought with cell but if part of the universal tournament had been introduced (but not the gods or ui) perhaps including those of U6, the 9 participants would have had something to do and we would still have perfect cell as a villain.
clear that much of the PS would have to adjust to the time