Was Kaioshin's role as a creator a retcon?

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Was Kaioshin's role as a creator a retcon?

Post by Fizzer » Wed Mar 06, 2019 4:51 am

In Dragon Ball I always got the impression that the Kaio and Kaioshin were something like overseers/rulers of the universe who sometimes step in as divine protectors in the right circumstance.

Super seemed to reshape them as gods who create stars, planets and life, reflecting gods of destruction.

Was this a retcon or something that was always implied?

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Re: Was Kaioshin's role as a creator a retcon?

Post by Polyphase Avatron » Wed Mar 06, 2019 6:02 am

The only thing that seems to have suggested it before was the vague statement that Kami used his powers to restore the moon after Roshi destroyed it.
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Re: Was Kaioshin's role as a creator a retcon?

Post by SupremeKai25 » Wed Mar 06, 2019 9:29 am

Well they are still the same thing, minus the stepping in part. They are the rulers of the cosmos who oversee all creation from above and watch over their universes in Zeno's name. They are like the governors of the provinces that comprise Zeno's "cosmic empire". In addition, They also create and nurture new planets and species, hence why they are co-workers with the Destroyers. Before any creation, must come destruction. So I wouldn't say that they retconned their role in Super, they merely expanded on it.

Though they do not step in as divine protectors in the right circumstance, as they merely watch, they don't act. They leave that to their fellow Destroyers. And that's why Zamasu was such an exception and clashed with his fellow Gods, because a Kai should never have to step in to destroy. That is not their job.
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Re: Was Kaioshin's role as a creator a retcon?

Post by MKCSTEALTH » Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:13 am

We never really had an explanation of the Supreme Kai's responsibilities when he was introduced in Z. He was just known as being above everyone else. Being the parallel to a God of Destruction makes sense. Though we have only ever seen the higher deities destroy (including Zeno), I believe the idea is that they are supposed to work with the GoD and help achieve balance: fostering the good and destroying the negative. Hence why mortal levels are a thing and the "better universes" have deities that work together better

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Re: Was Kaioshin's role as a creator a retcon?

Post by Lionel » Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:50 pm

Well he knows how to create matter from simply thinking about it in is mind. Dabura demonstrated this ability also, but he's an interdimensional monarch who used his power for creating weapons and little else. We know Kaioshins are overseers who monitor the lower worlds. When a crisis emerges that threatens all of existence such as Buu, they feel it necessary to step in and thwart it. What that says to me is that they're protective of the universe, to an extent at least. They probably try to give as much autonomy as possible so sentient beings are able to make their own choices.

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