Need help finding old AMVs

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Need help finding old AMVs

Post by SeDan95 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 5:58 pm

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask for some help finding two specific AMVs I watched in the past, but can't find it anymore. I have some vague memory of them, so I might aswell give it a try.

1.) First one is a quite old AMV, I would say it could be 7-10 years old by now. It showed the events of DBZ in time order. The editing was nothing spectacular, as its an early AMV, it was just clips put together. It was quite long, I remember it being 8-10 minutes long, as it had multiple songs. I only remember 1 unfortunately, it was this one: 'Preifer broz. - Glacial Supremacy". The other songs were similar to this one, kind of the "epic instrumental" type. I believe it had the word "war" in the title in some way, but I'm not sure about that one.

2.) Second one is more clear in my memory. It was a more recent video, I would say around 2014-15. It was about Majin Vegeta, and the song was 'Not strong enough' by Apocalyptica. It was a very well edited AMV, with more professional video editing. I have found an another Majin Vegeta AMV with the same song, and same style, but it is not the same as I remember(and not as well edited as what I remember). I also distinctively remember that the AMV ended with the speech Vegeta gave to Goku before their fight, "He has stolen my honour, and his debts must be paid" as the song faded out.

If anyone know any of these AMVs, I would very much appriciate the help!

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Re: Need help finding old AMVs

Post by Gokitalo » Mon Oct 07, 2019 8:01 pm

Wish I could help more, especially since I was big Dragon Ball AMV person myself a while back. But well, maybe others might be able to recognize the videos with more information. Do you remember the web sites you saw these videos on? Or the names/screen names of the people who made the videos?

This web site might help. It's a big database containing information about all kinds of music videos, including some that are pretty hard to find these days:

You can also try poking around web sites like Daily Motion:

And Vimeo:

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