Retro video-game prices

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Retro video-game prices

Post by Yuji » Sun Sep 12, 2021 10:37 am

Anyone into the collecting scene will know that retro video-game prices have been booming over the past two years (for some organic reasons and for some less organic, shadier reasons), but anyone who is getting into collecting the old videogames can shed some light on what's a good price for the older games (I'm more interested in the SNES, GBA and PS2 titles, but anything will do really)? Generally you can get a good deal on anything if you're alert to eBay and Marketplace, but assuming you're just not lucky or you don't have the time to check every 5 minutes for new articles, can anyone in the scene give some good numbers?

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Re: Retro video-game prices

Post by Gerzo » Sat Oct 30, 2021 9:34 am

The PS2 games should be cheap no matter where you get them, I tried to get as many games as possible local as for me that was cheapest. I did see someone on Facebook trying to sell the three PS2 Tenkaichi games for $215 which is crazy in my opinion.

The SNES(I’m assuming you mean the JP version?) and GBA games will depend on if you’re going for Complete in Box, which can be pretty pricey. The GBA games have shot up to a crazy price at the minute. I’m trying to finish my DBZ game collection at the minute and wanted to get the boxes for Buu’s Fury and Super Sonic Warriors and it’s just not worth it at the minute. It’s so annoying because I’m pretty sure I only need the boxes for those games and the Apple Pippin game then I’ve got them all lol

Not sure I’ve helped much, I’ll finish up by saying I think the current prices will come down eventually

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